Saturday, April 21, 2018

suncoast poker room closing

when im winning, i dont feel like updating the blog as much as when im losing. i spend more time at the tables (but move casinos more since i want to restart over for less so i dont give it all back) and am more tired when i get home. plus when im not losing, im not nearly as mad so i dont feel like i have something i need to get off my chest by blogging. im back to 16,000 and this is why i havent been posting for a week or so.

and the tooth will finally be fixed vince has me set up with an appointment for monday. its going to interfere with my move out time so ill need to pay a much higher daily price for a few days. we tried for sooner but the dentist was off last week.

and the suncoast is closing their room for good on sunday evening at 10pm, and must give out all of the bad beat BJ money of $21,000 by then so theyre giving it out 10am to 10pm friday-sunday. i was there friday and got a small piece of it, one $170 drawing. and one guy i invited on twitter i was in 25% with who showed up later also got me $42. they had both stud, omaha, and holdem going including even a NL game. usually its only $2-6. i got there much too early at 7.30 thinking it would only be 1-2 tables and all the seats would be full, but there ended up being like 60 people, diluting the worth of the drawing.

$170 drawings 2 per hour, and $2500 daily high hands. it will increase as it gets closer to sunday night closing.

out of food at home too, and i didnt think id need more but now since i wont feel up to moving out since the tooths not fixed yet and i was scheduled to do so monday morning, i feel i should add a few nights.still using from 2-4 aleve most days in the meantime. it comes and goes.

all the wins were on poker some days i made like $900 or so between the wynn and the nugget. i did win about $230 on live blackjack in the golden gate and $60 on live blackjack in el cortez. not too bad considering the last time i left the machine in the el cortez a couple weeks ago i only had 11,700 and then recovered over 400 in the wynn $2-5 later on the way home to where i never actually had below $12,000 once i got home.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

stud 8 at sams town.

i really would like out of vegas, but i shouldnt until my tooth is taken care of. what a horrible time for it to come up, right in california while im down to one of the lower points of the last few years. of course at that time it wasnt nearly as low as it is now (barely over $12,000) at the time it first started bothering me i still had almost $17,000.

Vince is now back from Reno and promised to take me to see the dentist on Friday, and if he could do it earlier, would probably be best. tonight he wanted to play stud hilow at samstown, and i didnt think the game would go but briefly we had 6 of us playing though most of the time not nearly this many. of course the $1 ante killed me since its high for stud and i mostly played stud without an ante in the early, mid and late 1990s. only the california players or high stakes players were used to playing with antes. but i left the game pissed while the others were still playing with only $20 left of my $100, saying i had to get out of there. hope it didnt embarrass Vince. i took the bus downtown. most of the money was lost on one big pot where i had AA and couldnt fold it as the lady who called my $12 bet on 3rd street had a low spade showing, caught the 10 of spades on 4th, an ace on 5th, i started checking, she started betting, and then got a low spades on 6th, i shouldve just folded. she had exactly what i thought, 3 low spades first 3 and made both the flush and the low by the end.

he wanted me to post it on twitter (and so did the floorman since theyre trying to do the game every Monday night and they need the players) but i was concerned MIB would see it and show up while i was there, so i didnt.

so i took the bus to the el cortez and the night got worse from there. i shouldve stayed on the bus to the nugget and played poker. but i felt like playing some VBJ. for a while all was well, in fact i recovered the loss at sams town. i kept playing when i shouldnt of however, partly annoyed by the 2 hookers or strippers or fremont street partly nude performers or maybe party pit dancers. i couldnt tell but the way they were dressed and how this girl was showing one guy her ass asking if he liked it and the way the girl with her was talking on the phone how she made $300 working and showing off a black guys picture with her cell to the whole casino she was live chatting with with a very annoying voice for 30 minutes or so, i was curious if she knew the 2 she was sitting next to. they came and sat at a machine close to a black guy and his wife or mother a bit older than the 2 girls were. but to see her bragging about making so much money and saying on the phone she is still working, set me on tilt because its so unfair how people doing something immoral to earn the money, (not sure what exactly) get paid so much better than people who do hard work for low pay. and how men cant earn that type of money.

so i played a long long time and eventually the big loss came up and i left with only $700 out of $2300 i came in the casino with. this is why carrying too much cash on me is horrible and why when leaving the wynn with $1169, i only took $369 of it home with me and put the rest in the box i originally went into the wynn to close out.

so i left the el c with $700 and took an uber to the wynn. and sat right down in the $1-3 and of course lost a big pot right off. had AA and bet $10, got reraised to $40 by a guy with well over $1000, and i just shoved my $110 buyin, what i still had which was close to all of it. flop comes KQT which i considered horrible seeing i put him on a big pair (which is what he had, JJ) turn comes A so i think maybe i am good. river blank. i knew he couldnt have one jack there unless he had two.

the flop scared me more than the turn since my read was he had a big pair. and i rebought, and at one point after moving to $2-5 when the $1-3 broke and still needed another addon, i was down to the final $300. i eventually somehow came back to $1169 after winning several hands, some of which i didnt expect. i decided to go and not try to double one more time to get even. so i won $460 in the wynn poker room, and more than that in the $2-5 game. too bad i played BJ, or id had a good night in spite of the $80 loss in samstown had i only played poker tonight.

although the 2 women into black guys and possibly bisexual too turned me off being so well paid, and too much tattoos and bling on them, i did see one girl in there who caught my eye who looked really broke and like she was looking for money or something. and i didnt see anyone with her. often in there i see panhandlers and usually they annoy me because its either a girl with a black guy or a guy, or someone with an attitude. but this girl i didnt see her panhandle no one, just looked like she was looking for money. now 2 other people they did ask for money. el cortez is full of them and i see the same ones get thrown out often. but this girl was very short and looked like she would really appreciate the help even if only $5.

i feel good knowing my laundry got done yesterday before i went for a ride with herbie to help him in some advantage play he gave me $50 out of it which i desperately needed or id not wanted to go for a ride in his car. but im in really bad shape. im sure when my tooth is fixed ill too feel a bit less stressed. of course once its paid, ill barely have $11,000 it is going to be very tough not to go below $10,000 and i thought i never would again. and my room ends on april 23 which isnt that far off now.

Thursday, April 5, 2018

How to be HAPPY while playing poker

There's no way to be happy while playing poker (when u are sweating the money on every hand) unless u are winning heavily of course while you're doing it.

i miss the old days (which will never exist again) in 2002-2003 of living in Butte MT when i first started playing online poker, beginning with Paradise poker, then Party poker, and of course pokerstars. when my rent was only $230 per month, it didnt take much in winnings to survive. (i see on craigslist rental prices in montana have gone way up since then). how i found a landlord to rent to me, ill never know since i had no job or credit and my total lifes savings at the time i arrived in Butte was less than $1000. i think the place was so desolate and he needed the money so he didnt ask much. i forgot what he asked, but i moved in rather easily but i did have to hookup the utilities in my name. funny thing, even this low of rent i left town, went to vegas not knowing i wasnt coming back, so i eventually got evicted and left unpaid bills.

That was a mistake, i had a decent setup without worrying about homelessness and i even lost a very old desktop computer by not coming back. and of course, my canadian birth certificate. they had poker in Butte MT too. live poker but it wasnt NL back then. it technically still isnt but it plays like NL with an $800 maximum pot size. but when i lived there, the betting was much much smaller.

the only city ive ever lived in that has zero hookers online and has no street prostitution anywhere but does have a live poker game on weekends at the strip club. (as far as i know--they mightve closed). i hear the dealer Derek later committed suicide.

How did i end up in Butte? well i was much younger in 2002 and i went to meet a girl from online who lived in Idaho falls. but i waited too long to meet her so even though she was willing to fool around, she had already met someone she had moved in with. she had been asking to see me for quite a while but i never came til it was too late. so i got back on the bus the next day in idaho falls and continued on north into Butte the closest place with poker.

i've not been with a woman in years since im old now, but i used to meet women when i was young. in fact when i was 17 and living on my own in KS in an apartment for $160 a month a couple miles from my moms house after i graduated high school a black woman at a laundrymat first introduced me to oral sex, her idea and totally free of charge. she was about 15-20 years older than me. and once i was committed to a relationship with Sue in Toledo (every relationship i had i felt committed to even if it only lasted a short time because otherwise id feel i was sinning). i refrained from cheating on her which is why i feel im an excellent catch compared to most men. most women pick and choose from things which dont really matter and all that really matters is will the guy love u and stick with u in the bad times. but i can think of at least 2 christian girls in their early 18-25 years who wanted to have sex i talked out of it since they were sinning since theyre Christians. most people wouldve considered me a fool for doing so.

i dont know why, but i seem to not use the restroom quite as often as i used to but i still cant have a steady stream just tiny amounts stopping and starting so something is still wrong, including my urine is much yellower than it was a few months ago. but im sleeping more hours in a row at nights now without continually waking up.

plus my tooth no longer needs advil like it did a few days in california. but i can feel it and its almost decayed away to nothing, though its not visible and needs removed and possibly the ones by it. its so far to the back left top side i cant tell. i can still tell the problem when drinking very cold water instead of a little bit warmer water. and i definitely cant eat ice cubes or ice cream. it definitely still needs done vince said he could next week when he is back from reno and tahoe.

at one time tonight in the wynn i was down to $13,500, the lowest id been in ages and certainly in 2018. but i recovered a little, only being out $179 for the night plus Uber fees and im still at $14,000 instead of $14,200.

so in closing, to be happy at poker, u need low cost of living, (rent or the equivalent) and it would nice if a good online site existed still but none do nor will they ever. the cash games are unbeatable on almost all sites and more bots than ever before in percentages left. only thing possible to win at is tournaments and very little. i sure miss putting in 12-16 hour sessions for very low stakes with very little montly living expenses and could talk and hang out with a woman i felt like understood me and was as different as i was. No matter how much Lorna from baton rouge or Britni from Portland used me for money. (or was her name Ruthe Pohl?)

losing steadily, and being an extra $5 hour winner and $2000 more total yearly winner a month ago than i am now doesnt make u happy but very stressful and im an idiot, picked back up a bad video poker habit out of frustration with not winning. were i not to have lost $412 on video poker in the wynn, id actually be up for the day. u see i lost $319 in the $1-3, went to play video poker, then returned and bought in the last $304 in the $2-5 and eventually left with $856. this is like the 4th video poker loss this week, the worst being over $400 in planet H the other day.

rich guys can always relax and be happy at poker since they can afford the massage absolutely every session they play since theyre not trying to make a profit. no one can beat the game for the $120 hour the massage cost in the long run. and if anyone has never read a book by Terri Blacklock, u should theyre quite good.

Sunday, April 1, 2018

I killed the golden goose

its been a disappointing ending to the month of March, and im only in the $14,000s instead of the $17,000s i was briefly in once while in california. at this rate ill be totally broke within 6 months.

around the first 2 weeks of the month i was up over $3500 for the month of March and when its all said and done, i won only $2600 for March at the rate of a measly $11 per hour. it was over twice this.

and im questioning every bet i make recently, feeling like im doing it wrong, and ill give u a few examples. Plus vince isnt in town he went to reno for 3 weeks with his girlfriend. this is why ive not heard back from him about the tooth.

and one guy at my table tonight, there with his sister and his family asked me if i still had a slot machine bounty. so i realized he was from the AVP forum days and he said he was Jcuse downtown rounder from there and his blog was called in the grind. he lost more than me on that table. i mostly lost on the other table. i cant even find the blog now that AVP forum no longer exists. no matter how much u search with the words poker blog, inthegrind, Jcuse or downtown rounder, no trace of it on the web.

i've done way too much in the way of good advertising for the nugget, mentioning its the best game in vegas on multiple sites and posts so now the game isnt so good, ive found more grinders playing lately and tighter tables than there were a few months ago. so i spoke and said too much i fear. People i dont even know (or at least know that i know) are making some monster laydowns on the river against me that are good, such as when the board was TT7QJ and i rivered JJJTT and he folded his 10 face up.

then the other night a guy in the poker palace NLV whod just given back most of his $1000 winnings was on tilt and went allin blind preflop. i called him with only Q6 when everyone folded to me but i convinced them since i never had to show that i had QT of hearts so id feel like less of a donkey and not ruin my image and he won with A9 high, no pair. but it cost me $260. still doesnt Q6 have a slight preflop edge over any 2 cards?

then i refused to participate in a $57 allin blind hand from everyone with no betting and checking to the river when the game was going to break in a few hands being the $57 stack wanted to do it. i was UTG and folded my Q7 of spades then they all went allin blind, turning them up 1 at a time after the river. the winner won with a spade flush, J4 of spades in his hand. wouldve been out of the hole and couldve left.

the final hand i participated in a $100 blind hand, same type which i lost, in a desperate attempt to get even since that definitely was the final hand.

and then tonight i shoved my A2 of spades on the flop into a $20 bet and call when i shouldve just not called the $8 preflop raise UTG but with 5 callers i felt obliged since i was tired and wanted to find a pot to win. then the flop comes 863 with 2 spades and i thought id either assure myself of seeing both cards, hitting the flush or the ace, or getting fold equity. of course he called with KK and i missed totally. took my last $200 and i quit.

then i called a shove earlier on the flop of 89T with 2 diamonds one heart and i had QT of hearts. he has AA and i missed. again i wanted to be even for the night. u see i wasted about 8 hours online at home before going to the casino and it was too many hours into the day to be playing.

and i didnt buy nearly enough food in walmart either, seems my $70 only got about 10 days supply instead of a months supply. but ill make sure to go their new hours to avoid such a long ride out to a much further walmart.

it sure was a lot easier to win in california than it is here, and i think in detroit too since if i went home down $100 or so i had no expenses so it wasnt that big of deal. so i took less huge losses. plus $300-500 losses are much bigger percentage wise when u have under 15k than 20k or so.

Friday, March 30, 2018

a bitter disappointment after reaching the final table

Same as i always agree to chop the blinds preflop no matter what in a cash game (it doesnt matter if i have a BBJ hand or even if im playing HU with a guy) i always agree to pay the bubble in tournaments too, and i feel both of these are pretty standard in most poker rooms. in fact always chopping in cash game BvsB situations should be required by management to prevent angleshooting and arguing.

so even though ive got 160,000 in chips and am either the biggest or the 2nd biggest stack, with 4-5 of us over 100,000 and the rest as low as about 15,000 to a few others about 50-75,000 i of course said sure when the rest of the table (or at least a few) said lets pay all the players instead of 8 when we made the final table.

alysia chang brought me there from the stratosphere and i went to hang out in a tourney with her and see who did best. she had already busted out early and i was very short on chips at the time, at one point with only 1500 chips. somehow i recovered with several pieces of pots in a very short period of time to about 45000 in chips and never looked back.

id given back a little but still had over 130000 when the blinds were at 5000-10000 and the bets 10k 20k. first let me say the orleans has a very good structure. late into the tourney the blinds go up extremely slow increments which keeps it from being a crapshoot late into the tourney, which of course i never knew before, not being a tourney regular. for example 2000-4000 2500-5000 3000-6000 4000-8000 5000-10,000. u will notice this is much much slower than most who just want to end the tourney.

then this hand happened. i had AA37 single suited. and i reraised to 30k preflop, then it got capped at 50k. flop comes 885 with 2 spades and ive got the ace of spades but no mate for it. he checks i bet he check raises. and i got to call its a limit game too much invested. and he did not have an 8.

turn comes 4 of spades, river 6. and he bets both streets and then wins with AA72 with 72 of spades. scooped the whole pot, left me with only 36,000. which i lost in the next few hands, busting me in 9th, on the bubble for only $20 profit. just making it to 8th wouldve made me $108 profit instead of $20, and first paid over $1093. so i was quite disappointed. i dont see where i shouldve quit raising preflop or folded with so much in.

used Uber pool to go home and now im fixing food and quite tired.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Back in las vegas

how much money would most of u be comfortable moving to vegas with (to only play poker without any other income, or without a way to replace it if u lost?) and how large a percentage of it would u feel comfortable having in front of you in chips at one time?

when i was young age 21 to 30, believe me i often went broke, and i had a lot of it on the table when my total bankroll was under $500 a lot of the time back in the $1-3 and $1-5 STUD days with no ante. i see many 2+2 posts of guys who come to vegas and try to survive, pay rent, and never go broke with far less than $10,000 too, though its not the wisest thing to do. but no one is wise when theyre that young. why do u think the youngest people vote more liberal?

and of course back then i was satisfied with very crime ridden housing and living conditions, which id be terrified to live in nowdays that ive become old. but of course i didnt see it as no worse than sleeping outdoors. i waste way too much on rent and it puts enormous stress on me but if i was living in a very bad area of vegas for $500 a month instead of the $1400 or so per month i normally pay nowdays, id never be able to sleep peacefully. and since i do have decent housing i spend way too much time there, never leaving and getting in as many hours as i should because i hate to see the place go to waste without me being inside, as much as its costing me.

im very worried about my future. im not winning nearly enough to support myself and ive only got 14,400 left and it will drop a bit more once i pay a dentist. and 14.400 is worth only about a third as much as it was in 2003-2010.
-----written before i left----

i couldnt cook anything in my hotel room without buying dishsoap first so i stopped at CVS pharmacy near the wynn on the way home when i left the wynn stuck $300. i reopened a safe deposit box there. the other day when i first got to town i bought a months or at least a 2 weeks supply of food at walmart but i didnt realize the one at charleston and decatur is no longer 24 hours and neither are a lot of others. they all started closing at midnite. so i had to go way out and it cost me a shitload extra in uber fees, and then i forgot to buy dishsoap. and i would swear i put 2 microwave containers in my shopping cart and when i got home i only had 1. so when it got used once i could no longer cook in it without dishsoap. i did remember to buy more stainless steel spoons so i have 8 instead of 2 so those wont need washed continously. im down now to only 14,100

i had AK and a new asian guy had just sat on my immediate right and was one of the only 2 deepstacked guys in my wynn game tonight, not as many $500 buyins as usual. i had been winning too, was in the game for $158 (one $38 addon when low) and had finally won a big pot off a new guy from los angelos who was playing loose, in fact i was in seat 3 and seat 1,2 and 4 were all from los angeles. flop was 228 he had 10 10 and i doubled up with AA. so i had $317 in front of me and had given back a little when the ak hand occured.

flop was A78 with 2 hearts, he checked and i bet $55. which was about the amount in the pot preflop. one guy calls and he check raises over $500 allin. now usually people are on the flush draw and i thought maybe hes seen me fold too much so i felt obligated to call. the other guy finally folded face up (in turn however) JQ of hearts which surprised me. i lost though the asian guy had 777. i was hoping he had a missed draw or AK or AQ.

not being sure if i was playing good or bad i left and then wasted over $100 more on the video poker where i often won in the past when losing in the poker room but not tonight.

i still have not heard back from vince as to when would be the proper time for him to take me to the dentist since they are legally required to make sure u have someone with u when u undergo IV sedation. not only do they have to drive u home from the dentist they have to make sure u are okay and hang out til the procedure is over.

i shouldve bought some pills too for toothache but i forgot which kind did the most good, i think it was either advil or aleve. sometimes it dont bother me and sometimes it does and it will only do it more and more til i get in to see him.

i wouldve kept playing but i feel my roll is too low to take big swings and i hate putting more than 1% of my roll at risk or losing more than 2% a day. it's because unlike for most my money is irreplaceable and im much older than most of the players who depend on it for income.

Friday, March 23, 2018

getting ready to leave Lake elsinore

I started buying in for a lot more than $40, and its because im no longer at the high water mark since leaving Vegas, and ive been trying to get back to the high water mark, so i feel emotionally stuck every time i sit down, and its sure affecting my results. i think i was winning a lot more when i bought in $40. probably because i was seeing so hands with a 60-40 edge for $40 each. IMAGINE THE EDGE IF SOMEONE COULD PLAY 100 BLACKJACK HANDS AT 60-40 EDGE OR BETTER. u see a 60-40 edge is much stronger than many think it is.

Plus i needed to wash my laundry so badly tonight, i couldnt play well with it being on my mind. i was in too much of a hurry to win a big pot so i could go do it. and also im tired of not having my own place with a refridgerator that actually works correctly, not freezing the food or spoiling the milk. and i want a full size freezer and microwave. living in extended stay americas has spoiled me. and ive not gotten a single 40% off email since and i did finally get one 30% off, but they always want to try to force u to book immediately even though u dont have to use it immediately they fix it so it will expire within 48 hours which is bullshit. because of this, they lose a lot of business because i will ignore it instead of saving it for later to use. if its less than 40% off its still too high. i remember once late last year i got 50% off coupon, and its the only one i ever got in my life but i didnt need it at the time. i either already had a place or was with Ray at the time.

then i was hungry too but ive used up so many comps eating food in the past few days i think ive hardly got none left. (although i finally ordered chicken tenders and fries for $9 after losing over $400 and quitting to go to my room, and to wash laundry upstairs) i still had enough but do the math, i usually get in less than 6-8 hours of poker per day here so im not even earning $10 per day in comps and im spending more than this except for the first few days where i just let the comps pile up before i started ordering food a few days later.

i just took the clothes out of the washer and put them in the dryer so its slowly getting done. at least all i have to do is walk upstairs to the 2nd floor of the hotel. and thank God the vending machine worked tonight to buy the detergent. the last time it didnt but the front desk clerk managed to get my detergent.

how did i manage to lose $420 tonight? for the first time since coming to live at Lake elsinore, im finally winning less per hour here ($18) than at the golden nugget ($19). and yet the blinds being $2 and $3 theyre higher here. but ive never won more in higher blinds game than i do in $1-2. i once was winning $31 per hour here, but with such a small sample size its fluctuating pretty wildly. these results are for 2018 only, the nugget 2017 yearly was much less.

so i bought in for $220 when i sat and i feel this was my first mistake, not buying in for the minimum. but i needed the money since i was still over $400 off my high water mark about a week or so ago. (right before i sent my mother her gift, i was over $17,100). when i buy in for more than im emotionally comfortable losing i cant play my best. unlike the vast majority of players, the smaller my buyin is, the easier it is for me to take it seriously and play my best poker without being stressed over the stakes. Plus id rather be playing video Blackjack, which of course doesnt exist here. i even went to Cuahilla in anza yesterday morning and checked it out, the dealers angels is gone and the new machine is an interblock VBJ but at least its 3-2 unlike some of the vegas ones. of course its still using 8 decks and shuffling every hand. i spent over $120 in uber fares there and back, but i did recover it while playing the machine checking to see if it gives points. it does but very little. i got $25 for signing up as a new member.

i hate it when the staff allows a lot of things at the poker table. mostly when they allow players to ask for setups, etc. or when they allow players to talk on the phone while at the table. but another thing that bugs me that isnt banned by any poker room to my knowledge is letting people wear sunglasses at the table. why? i guess because it always makes u feel the player is staring directly at u and not the guy next to u, or the TV behind u, because u cant fucking tell. even if u arent in the hand, u feel this. its not actually helping them win and is why most people dont wear them except the ones all those of us make fun of on 2+2 for wearing them. (they think they should only be worn in much higher stakes than usual).

so i see the flop with AT of clubs i think i made a small raise preflop in early or mid position. multiple callers (maybe 4 i cant remember) and the flop comes Th5h3c with one club. i bet but i forget how much but a decent amount. 2 guys call including the guy with the glasses. theres 2 hearts on the board so i worry about draws instead of just better made hands.

turn comes 5c so now theres 2 flush draws and mine is ace high. plus ive got top pair with the ace. sure i lose to better made hands, but i sure dont want to give free cards as many cards as could hurt me with the wrong flush, straights i wouldnt see coming and overcards to my top pair. so its best to bet so im allin. after going allin i ask him if he could remove the sunglasses so i could get a read on him to know if im ahead so my face wont give my hand away. truthfully though, they were tilting the hell out of me and i wanted to see if he was one of the regulars or not ive played with. i hate the way when someone wears them i never know who they are but they know who i am. he doesnt but calls after the others were wondering why id need a read on him once im already allin. all he has is the smaller flush draw in the other suit and a pair of  threes with his 34 of hearts. of course, it comes in for him on the river and im busted.

still feeling like i played it correctly by getting the money in with way the best of it but feeling like a great injustice was done and he didnt deserve to win and wishing i could pay someone $100 to physically force him to take off the glasses, i rebuy $300 and im now on tilt. then i started shoving or calling raises or raising looser than i wouldve been had i not been stuck. and when i finally quit to wash clothes i was down to $103 of my $520. this was after folding JJ on a board where im still wondering if i was bluffed. i feel the guy who won that pot is one of the better regulars who play here and couldve been making moves since i looked like the donkey. i often got KQ suited too and whiffed every time after making a raise preflop. the way they take the rake in california u should raise more than normal preflop but its better to just shortstack and get it all in. and if u cant shortstack then u need to have everyone covered with $500-1500 and the roll to support it where u wont play scared. (no middle sized normal vegas sized buyins of $300 i mean).

i found out tonight one of the pit bosses here on the night shift is reading my blog along with a couple of others here. and i need to get out of here before too long. no point is wasting this much on motels if im not going to earn $30 per hour in the long run. i dont feel i can go anywhere other than vegas because ill need dental care very soon since this one tooth is feeling very sensitive to temperatures. because i found the cheapest IV sedation for only $250 in vegas, which is where i last went with vince in vegas about a year ago.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

well u cant win $30 an hour forever

several times, i've ran my roll up quite well here in california, only to see it start going down very quickly if the cards arent running my way. especially now that im unable to play anything but poker. (sure theres sucker games but the odds are less than vegas, so im not tempted). i ran myself back to $16,300 from $14,900 in the commerce and then it quickly started disappearing and i ended up coming to a different part of california with only $15,000.

the other day, after paying for friday, saturday and sunday nights hotel and after some bad luck on friday, at one point i was down almost $900. but then i managed to recover. in fact less than 24 hours ago, i briefly had over $17,100 at one point before i mailed my mother her gift. she turns 76 on march the 25th.

but today, after buying $50 worth of bitcoin online, more hotel expenses renewed, and then 2 horrible sessions, one a drop of $180 last night where i found myself losing patience no longer able to fold 99% of hands preflop as is recommended, and then a drop of $300 right now, i had to quit and return to my cave of safety. (my hotel room).

im back to only $16,400 again from $17,100. i had more than this almost a week ago when i first hit the $16,800 mark since leaving commerce. i feel like im getting basically nowhere. my phone still shows even with this loss, ive won $3000 for march but ive gotten nowhere near $3000 of the money back i blew at hoover dam. And i dont feel i belong here really. i wish Ray would come and id be willing to cover the cost of weekly car rental if he preferred to fly, but if he wont, guess i need to return to his house.

theres a guy who spends lots of time on his phone and he was in seat 10 next to me. i accidently seen his paypal balance was over 1.2 million when he was making a payment to someone but i kept silent. he most likely got the money by growing weed. how else do these guys much younger than me get the bankroll to play so wild?

anyway he kept straddling but ONLY when UTG never anywhere else (which is all this particular room allows). i got tired of seeing so many limps for $6, and then me having to fold for $3 more because if i limped, he might raise. finally i took a stand with K9 of hearts after not seeing a hand in ages and losing my patience to wait, because i feel like im "not playing aggressively enough". i made it $62, he shoves his remaining $50 more on top, everyone folds to me and i called, turned out hes got AA in his straddle but how would i have known this? i never showed my hand and swore i had a big pair because i wanted to try it in the future against other players where its not a cold deck setup of AA.

then about 10 minutes later i got K9 suited again. theres tons of $6 limps (man is this common in this game) and i shoved again, on the button this time. and again a guy has aa. different guy. i left, and im so glad i know God and am afraid of violence. it keeps me from losing it completely like so many do today who u only hear about on the news once its too late to save them. going to my room and listening to soothing gospel music on utube relaxes me. writing relaxes me too.

i dont want to just sit in my room, but i sure need to be able to sit back and fold again, almost every hand. i wish i could find a bigger game or different game but theres no list for it today and the PLO dont go today. nor do i want to play the 6-5 BJ here with california rules.

plus im coughing a lot though i no longer feel sick like i did 2 days ago. but the flem deep down in the throat i feel like i keep choking on and it just wont come out. so its making me miserable too and probably the others at the table uncomfortable. not one person said a word today but it did bother one old man yesterday. not only that my teeth are feeling sore at times around cold liquid or ice but i cant tell which ones are the sore ones. i was surprised tonight to sleep about 6 straight hours before waking up to use the bathroom, its been a while, i often wake up every 2 hours or less.

the ONLY legitimate reason to not leave california was the $30 hourly rate i was achieving in the first 75 hours or so. but its down a lot now, but i still think it could be over the long run since thats only 10 BB per hour which should be achievable from everything i read and or heard from pokerdogg.

whenever i do have a stable address, theres some things mom is planning to send to help me with getting citizenship that agsweep says might be of assistance.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

why am i still here?

when i left vegas, i had a little bit less than $15,000 left and being the lowest id been in quite some time, i didnt feel like i was doing well at all, and its kind of why i left. mostly was because of the $3700 loss at Hoover dam about a week prior.

and when i left the Commerce it was after 2 awful days where i went from $16,300 to $15,200 (and once i paid the Uber and hotel charges upon relocating) was left with $15,026.

since then ive been playing pretty much exclusively $2-3 NL with a $40-300 buyin. and my records show ive won about $2000, and some of this went on hotel and other expenses. but im still back up to $16,545 so ive found out something i never knew before. that is to say even with the huge $5+1 upfront drop plus $1 on the river, the rake is still beatable if the action is really loose. you would think the huge drop upfront would make the rake unbeatable, but im winning pretty substantially for the small sample size of 7-8 days. i mightve spent much more time in california had i realized this in the last 15 years. i also thought the cost of motel rooms would make the games unplayable. I'm paying $63 during the week most of the time and $90 on most weekends.

I still however would rather be where Ray is at, but im too lazy to take a long flight, spend hours getting to the airport, or pay well over $100 in Uber fares to get to an airport. then too i worry i wouldnt be allowed on the flight though i think one TSA employee told me my id would still be good til late this year. thats why i wish i could convince him to drive or fly here. he could use his credit cards so it basically wouldnt cost him anything. it would be good for him to have a vacation and he would win more here too i think.

yeah when someone doesnt have a place to go to, or a car, its hard for them to voluntarily pack up their bags and move out without nowhere to put anything and high expenses at 11am, this is why i keep renewing the room.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

it never rains in southern california

let me tell u a few things about the cardroom and the motel next door im now living out of in the san diego area.

1. there is a laundrymat on the 2nd floor, which im in the middle of washing clothes now and yes they were able to sell me detergent also. i have to wash clothes more often now since this smaller suitcase barely holds 12 shirts and 2 pants and only if theyre clean and folded.

2. there is a big size grocery store within 3 blocks but the fact they charge 20c for grocery bags via state law reminds me of why i despise enviromentalists so much. enviromentalists have caused a lot of poverty and homelessness in this country, killing jobs whereever they go. Thank God our current president cares so much about the poor.

3. no more commuting with uber paying multiple fees. like for example the $76 it costs me to get here from the hotel i was at by the commerce.

4. the minimum buyin in the NL game is $40, the maximum is $300. the blinds are $2-3. the drop is $1 jackpot, $5 on the flop (if 7 or more players) and $1 on the river. this would cause many of u to think it must not be possible to beat the rake, but im up over $900 in the first 3 days of playing. (although of course a lot of that got spent to live). often by the time theres only 1 table left in the middle of the night, theres multiple stacks over $1000 on the table. and no one folds preflop much. for example i raised it to $33 with AK suited and got 6 callers and the winner had 78 offsuit on a flop of 77A. i avoided trouble of course by buying in $40 the first time, and slightly more once i started losing

5. overall ive quit the game up every single time since coming here, but i have made additional and bigger sized buyins to do it sometimes.

6. last night i watched the security tase a guy who was creating a problem at the bar. they called the cops and held him til they arrived.

7. i have a refridgerator in my room and there is a freezer in it, but no microwave. the front desk has a microwave though u can use. the hot water works very good in the shower compared to most older hotels. the hotel will give u a free breakfast every morning 6-9am but its basically just fruit and a bowl of cereal.

8. ive ran into at least 2 people who know of who i was from my blog and have played with me before in vegas at the nugget. i would swear the black guy from the trooper video is playing in this room too, on a regular basis. though im not comfortable asking if he is him.

im still not getting in nearly enough hours per day, a true professional must play at least 50 hours a week if he wants to grow a roll same as he would on any other job. and once i get ahead i just want to walk back up the street to my hotel and quit. although i've tried to refrain from hitting and running til i get up at least $200 or more, because if i quit too soon, i wont ever be able to have really big winning sessions.

how do u best get around the huge rake they take upfront in california? for any of u who regularly play in california, do u notice the often small size raises of like $6 or $9 preflop much more often than in vegas with these sized blinds? it seems people do it so the pot wont be too short once the upfront rake is taken out but it sure makes me keep folding my BB. i would think a good player could take advantage of this by limping early with the intention of check raising, but then u get screwed big time if no one else raises or only 3-4 see the flop. im specifically looking for advice on hands like JT QT, etc in late position where raising to steal is kind of pointless if it dont succeed. unlike in vegas if u get 1 caller and he folds on the flop to your continuation bet, u just paid a huge drop u wouldnt have paid in vegas.

there is also other and bigger games here with 5'/5 blinds, including omaha,  but i cannot mentally bring myself to play games with more in blinds than i absolutely must. i just dont feel ill be able to play without the stakes stressing me out. its only when i am losing a lot can i play those games and still play my best.