Sunday, May 22, 2016

how splash pots effect the outcome

has anyone of u ever opened a bitcoin wallet that is NOT coinbase or circle financing? ive been told its not a good idea to withdraw from gaming sites to them, but to first have a wallet, withdraw to it, then to those sites to ship it on to your bank. i dont know which to open or where. recommendations of good wallets?

instead, my bitcoin is sitting in bitzino, but i dont wish to blow it all on BJ either. theres over $150 sitting in there, with $177 more enroute.

the last 2 days been good at poker. a $659 win, and a $1081 win. this did wonders for my hourly, which dropped to $34.98 per hour (which i referred to as $34) now its back to $38.60 per hour which im calling $38. i've still got $700 on bovada too. glad i canceled the $400 withdraw after the 12 day wait with no luck.

still need to see a doctor, especially since im now feeling like i need to use the bathroom like every 20 minutes, for a microscopic amount. seems to be common once over 45, but its often caused from getting diabetes. hopefully its from drinking so much water.

i think Grump would be well aware on how u need to change the way u play during the splash pot. most of them were reduced to $100 from $300. but trips on the board still brings a $300 splash pot on the next hand. i'm in my favorite seat, (seat 2, right next to the chargers, by the wall where i can lean back without no one seeing my cards or behind me) and the loose asian regular who likes to shove in seat 1.

several limp preflop, and im in the cutoff, button is on seat 3. i pay close attention (swore he didnt see his hole cards) and he shoves about $80 allin. i come allin over the top for $25-60 more with the ace-ten offsuit. i would prefer it be HU. now in the mornings, a lot of older men dont adjust properly to the splash pot, either by folding too much, or not shoving. this is why 2 guys in particular shove blind, which of course isnt good either. 2 got in behind me with about the same amount of chips. lucky for me the board comes Q6789 and i won the pot, which put me at $715 in front of me. the shover had 9-5 offsuit so he didnt look.

so close to an hour later theres $100 splash pot this time. seat 4 is the button, and after many limpers sure enough seat 1 shoves. i didnt see him look, so i try to get it heads up by making it $428 (covering everyone) with QK offsuit. ive still got over $400 more behind, and i really dont want callers. lucky for me everyone got out but seat 1. flop comes K53, then 46 for another 4 card straight. he shoved before me so i waited for him to show, (i didnt want the whole table seeing how weak my hand was for $428 betting). he shows KA, which surprised me so i folded face down, convincing most of the table i had QQ instead of KQ. maybe he looked or maybe he got lucky. shortly thereafter i went to eat. at least he didnt start with more than around $100.

the holiday inn is a really nice and cheap room option on weekends. in the week, im still getting lots of comp rooms, mostly next door. room here good til tues morning.

nice to have clean laundry again for a month. $45 covered pickup, delivery and all the work.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

"tour busses leaving shreveport"

quite worried about my money on bovada, since i dont do nearly as well online as in real life, i will lose it all if they dont process the withdrawal. they always approved it in 72 hours before, then u wait for processing. i went with bitcoin because its supposed to be much quicker. they must be out of money or bitcoin, its been 96 hours plus now and still not 1 email. pretty much is the case with all of 2+2. only checks are getting thru and those might just end up bouncing on everyone. doubt they have enough cash to even pay 5% of their customers when they all withdraw at once.

found out today 100 points earned on table games at samstown gives u a free buffet, which is quite easy to earn. ive got 32,000 table games points earned this month alone there. actually won $1,500 today there playing BJ. so this puts me back to over $16,800  its about time i finally had a $1000+ BJ session in this town.

not sure yet if ill leave town tomorrow or where i will go when i do. lost 6 of the last 9 poker sessions, but still $35 hourly overall. i would like to find lower rent again like i had in reno, and i really need to do laundry bad

me and a friend did some reasearch and some phone calls and their is 0 tour bus to anywhere from shreveport. nothing to biloxi, tunica, lake charles, coushatta. nothing. all the tour buses only come from tx to here, or from atlanta and florida to biloxi. u would think there would be at least some kind of bus tour for people living here to take a vacation too. it doesnt even need to be a casino destination, but i find 0 type of any tour bus going to any type of city that leaves from shreveport, nothing but greyhound, amtrak and the airport. id really appreciate being proved wrong.

update--finally got my Bovada bitcoin withdrawal. but i only did $94 instead of the whole thing, just to test it out to see how quick. the real problem i thought was how the cashier on bovada wont let u copy and paste the bitcoin address, but must type it in, so i was terrified of an error, but there didnt seem to be an error. went thru fine. typing one out by hand without mistakes isnt easy. now im ready to try a much bigger one. yeah they sent it while i was in the middle of this blog entry.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

im wondering if i try to bluff too much

i'm always thinking i can get away with bluffing because i get to stay in so few hands, and usually when i first play in a new location i can. but sometimes theres players who still give me no respect even when folding tons of pots.

the thing is, when this dont work out, it will cost me quite a bit. i was winning $353 at the high water mark today and quit to go eat cashing out $159 profit. since there was a long wait for the free buffet certain hours of the day, i spent some of my samstown dollars to bring food to this room.

the one guy wanted to straddle as often as possible and tried to get the table to accept the button straddle, but one old guy objected. he says his room in pensacola dogtrack allows it. so id been folding most hands and didnt wish to fold to him, since he was doing it continously. had a2 clubs and limped, sure enough he made it $16 on his straddle when it got back to him. one guy calls, i made it $71. he called, the other guy folds. flop comes Q79 only 1 of my suit. now what would u do?

i know he isnt likely to have nothing at all. i shove he calls his other $120 with nothing but a8 and won. what a horrible call, shoving is fine, but calling?

then i later went to bluff another guy i shouldnt but at least i still beat him with 2 pair higher than his. by bluff i mean the board is 10JQK8 and none of us have the straight.

i think my good friend and colleague RobVegasPoker will be able to understand why Shreveport is such a better casino destination than Vegas. no resort fees, no parking fees, much easier to beat for significant money per hour instead of peanuts, free daily buffet, and very good rules for BJ and great comps. ive played very little BJ at samstown compared to the eldorado, and 75% of my $10,000 plus in BJ losses since coming to this area was not in samstown. yet i asked tonight about having my free room extended 1 more day with no play in the past 48 hours, yet they still gave me friday just now without charge. so i dont need to check out in the morning. what a relief. i only hope the rest of the general public is as smart as him to also understand, for if so, casinos will learn the importance of good service.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

plans still unknown

well i was to decide today where to stay for the next week (or month) and i looked at 3 places yesterday with the help of a friend with a car who owns rental properties and works as a CPA and owns his own plane. one of the places he showed me was the one hes renting for $880. its totally empty inside of furniture, etc, and is 3 bedrooms. but its in a neighborhood i wouldnt feel comfortable living in, which describes the vast majority of town.

the other 2 places were weekly rentals not owned by him, or any connection to him, with decent kitchen facilities and fridges, which i wouldve moved into today or left town, but theyre $410 weekly and $340 weekly and almost the same price times 4 for the month. a whole lot more than the $700 place i moved out of last week without the working fridge. i really dont wish to pay this much, although my friend thinks i should easily clear $6000 per month in the poker room.

the only reason i didnt have to decide today is because when checking out of my 2 free nites in the eldorado, i didnt expect sams town to give me 2 nites free so soon seeing how little ive played there compared to the eldorado. yes ive been told by customers they comp rooms more liberally than the eldorado does. but this morning i checked, and sure enough i got free tues and wed, so now im good til thurs. one of the places i looked into renting yesterday looked quite appealing.

which means 100% of someones BJ play should be in samstown, not the eldorado. better rules, (surrender and not needing to double ur bet when playing 2 spots). so i played 3-4 hours, winning $650+. never once betting over $70 each on 2 spots. in fact the one time i bet this, i didnt win the bet. pushed one and surrendered one. and i paid for a room here, i could often get it $49 nite 4 days a week booking it online with my sapphire card. no resort fees.

the eldorado buffet selection is quite large, and really nice, i especially love the taste of liver which is part of the meat selection. cost is $20.99 except im sure an awful lot of us getting the free 1 meal per day. if most of u who play everyday in vegas were offered the buffet free, most of u would do it instead of having to pay to eat somewhere. im sure a lot spend big money paying for buffets often. i never did since i eat little.

the roll is continuing to grow since the last big drop on live table BJ from over $19,700 to just below $14,000. a few big wins lately brought the hourly back to over $40 per hour, for over 311 hours for over $12,000 total in poker winnings in shreveport. so im over $17,000 now.

but for awhile yesterday i was stuck close to $500 of $1325 in buyins. one hand i got the mighty grump. 2-4 of clubs. i called $15 to see the flop. then the flop comes KQ5 with one club, and all 3 of us were deepstacked. so i called $25 on the flop. might be loose. then turn is 8 of clubs, he bets $70, i again call. were he to check, i would strongly think i should bet the turn. i asked him if he would show if i fold, (which means everytime i ask my intentions to fold are 0) and he said no, which means he is strong. for if he says yes, i can then shove allin. turns out he flopped top set. he's the buddy of the broke guy who reads the blog who asked me to go feed the fish with him. (outside, the catfish with crackers).

on the river i hit the 6 of clubs. he is first to act and bets $100, with $350 more behind or so. since i know hes strong i worry he might beat me. so instaed of shoving with my runner runner, i only call, missing lots of value. how would grump played this one?

never got around to writing the women back who wrote me on craigslist. first i didnt answer because i assumed shes a hooker and all it said was i can come hang out with u now. this was when i lost so much on blackjack the first time. so when i finally wrote, and only so the forwarding wont expire, did i learn shes married, nice pictures of her and her family on facebook, she mightve lived in the same motel as me, i dunno, the ad no longer online said i lived in the ramada. seemed they get along, so no idea why she wrote. lots of spelling errors and very short in the 2nd email. just that shes married, to be discreet, her facebook page, and to not write there. seems legit, no setup, i see multiple comments from mexican family members on facebook. white girl, good looking, her husband works construction. seems to travel often but always return to this area. i only asked for an affectionate women to hang out with willing to french kiss who isnt going to ask me for lots of money. no idea why she wrote, they dont seem to be having any issues. its puzzling me, but im not comfortable pursuing it for fear of violence.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

$1 million dollar lawsuit pending, thanks to my attorney PPP

false advertising makes people quite angry as RobVegaspoker can attest to. (resort fees) even more so than all the people who havent been to the eldorado shreveport in 3 months are complaining how much they hate the new $2 chips. (this part of the country its not common like it is elsewhere). im not used to the 10 max games on the eastern half of the country when 9 max is so common out west, but its this way all over the NJ and surrounding areas too. both 10 max and $2 chips are very annoying but not so much as resort fees. i heard one guy livid about this at the table today who just got back from somewhere in MS where he got charged $47 for a $19 room.

now first im happy to report in shreveport and bossier city, resort fees do not exist. my sapphire level at sams town today i found out will give me $49 rooms no resort fees many times sun-thurs. about 50% of the time at least. its a little bit cheaper than the eldorado next door. maybe they comp rooms easier. i lost here only about $1200 on BJ compared to over $3500 next door in the eldorado in the last 2 days. the wifi is better here too and both include a fridge inside the room without u needing to ask for one like u must in vegas. (still dont understand why people pick vegas to travel to for poker). even if u prefer BJ, the rules are better here. no 6-5. and it wasnt a struggle finding a host on duty who would comp it off like the previous 2 nites next door.

this morning, in sams town, i went to play a little BJ, since it has better rules than next door. surrender is allowed unlike the eldorado, and when u move to 2 spots, they do it like they do in atlantic city where u do not need to double the bet. come to think of it the Taj poker room will be open in 4 more days. the $5 tables were going unlike the $10 ones going next door, and much less crowded too. so i thought id do better. but i ran into more bad luck, and lost over $1200 more this morning. is why i said i was under $15,000 on twitter. the loss from the day before in the eldorado was bad enough. for at one point, after the big win i told u guys about of $1200 in the poker room on the previous blog entry, i was back to $19k of the $19,700 i once had it up to since i left my room monday morning in the Ramada. (where u got the shitty fridge for $700 month). way way out in east bossier in a safe neighborhood.

i wouldnt lost near so much had i stuck to the 1% rule. 2 spots of $80, or $75 now. but once i was down over $600 i went with 2 spots of $320 each (after waiting for the running count to be +7 or more unless it was very late in the shoe then +5 might be sufficient.) and of course, after a few multiple pushes, they lost.

the main reason to stick to the rule of 1% is these big bets probably look funny to the floor since im originally betting 1 spot of $5. im not sure if they think im counting, especially since i play differently in plus counts than minus, as far as surrender, insurance, 12v3 15vs10 etc, but they will see lots of normal sized $5 $6, 2 hands of $6, 2 hands of $12, bets, then suddenly a huge bet to try to get even on extra good counts. if i kept the max bet smaller, to 1% and then just started over if it lost, then it wouldnt look so much like im counting or do they not assume this? im never had them shuffle on me here like the trop did in ac once, and it was the only place in ac to do it.

i did worry when +10 late in the shoe in the eldorado when i had 2 bets of $800 to get me even out there and i took insurance knowing the true count was over +3 since it was over halfway finished with the shoe, it might look funny. for i had 2 poor hands.

this morning i got delayed getting into the promo and its really best to play the whole way thru 10-10 when the splash pots end unless u wish to eat the free buffet ive earned daily. but i was busy today. i had to check out of my room in the eldorado, and into my room here in sams town. even after this much in losses, i couldnt get 3 nights free in a room. i really couldve stayed the ramada up til the 7th checkout, but i was just tired of cabbing it there each day with the shitty fridge. so i gathered my things today in a cab and officially moved out. i made sure to tell the desk about the fridge too, but i dont think they care. how its up full blast and wont freeze or keep milk cold. but im sure all they see is a white guy complaining. every staff member there is black and ive no idea whose in charge.

a funny thing happened upon leaving the Ramada with my luggage. i got my cab in the eldorado and texted 1 of the 3 black drivers i usually use. this avoids me needing to ever phone for one. she arrived in 25 minutes and to be fair to her, i didnt get in the other one which showed up sooner, (not one i texted) for this wouldnt be right to her. so this driver knew i was going round trip to grab all the stuff and bring it to samstown. she waited outside while i packed the bags and when i got back i seem her talking to one of the tenants who i noticed had poor teeth like mine. nice looking woman otherwise. the girl wanted a ride to the horse track slots only casino not far away like 2 miles opposite way. not sure what her and the cab driver been talking about while i was getting my things out of my room and speaking to the front desk as to why i wasnt going to renew. but when i got in the cab, she asked me if i wanted her to hang out with me at the casino and that she would enjoy someone to keep her company. seemed like a meth whore though, probably lives with a blue collar guy in the ramada long term. said her fridge worked fine. white girl. i could tell she wouldve needed money too. i think the cab driver must of mentioned the $4000 loss we talked of.

i wish i had an email for her, but i doubt she gets online, and im not going to ask in front of the cabbie. she agreed with me it might be a hooker when she drove me to the boat. i just was too busy to bring a stranger to my room, and certainly too broke. im afraid when people do drugs, they will set me up and let a guy in my room. not who u can trust for a relationship. i remember when i first met claudia, and talking to josie on the phone about being afraid to sleep in her house the first time. i wanted to know if i would be safe over there.

now the subject of this blog is poor customer service and customer fraud. so i wished to find an app for live BJ tracking like i have for live poker tracking. 273 hours in and still $40 per hour. over $11k won in shreveport from poker. i not knowing the best way to google search, went to the app store and typed in Blackjack. but there came up 100s of apps to play it on ur phone, none to track it.

so then i typed in the words in google search" app blackjack tracking wins and losses. " well no apps come up dammit. just articles telling u to use an app but not mentioning or linking to one. except something for $14 i wasnt sure if it was one. so i tried to comment on the articles and then it ate my comment and wouldnt do it unless i signed up for an acct and validated my email. (why companys get no feedback, too much hassle).

then to top it off, i get the same email from priceline once more, ive gotten multiple times, 4 star hotels for as low as $15. now of course u can type in any city and the price is never this low. so much lies and BS u would think Trump is the one writing the emails. these places need sued and ive got the worlds greatest attorny at my fingertips. the one i listen to the most whose gave the best advice (he told me to track the results on my cell). which i do religiously now.

a non poker medical vacation in wasilla would be a nice break but id need to double the roll before i could afford it.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Tonights loss

at one point today (which started off at $19,300+ i was up to $19,700+) this was after an early BJ win of about $250 and later to follow a $125+ $1-3 NL win. when i left to take a break, this was when i was over $19,700 and this figure did not include the $400 enroute from Bovada. it never does. it might not come for some time, but lets hope this wont be the case.

after 3 or more hours, i came back to sit back down fresh with $120 standard buyin, and there was only 1 game with no seat open and i was 3rd on the list. so i told them to find me at the BJ table, where theyve came and got me before. well, maybe one shift went home and the staff changed but no one came to get me, except one player did see me and mention they started the 2nd game. by then i was already out $900 and let him know this. I am not sure if he went back to the pokerroom or left the boat, but he didnt come to get me.

one thing i did wrong when down close to $900 was go to the cage and withdrew $3000 of the $6500 in safekeeping. this is what enabled me to bet too high. early on, i didnt bet too high, and never bet more than 2 spots of $90. i got stuck quite a bit fairly early because on a running count of +7 or more i had 2 bets of $65 each on one spot. the dealer had a deuce showing, and i split my 99. i end up getting 3 nines, so i had 4 bets out, and a double down on the other hand. so i ended up losing 5 bets on this one hand. Not 5 units, but 5 bets. it was a $10 table.

after this loss, i showed discipline starting back over with 2 spots of $20 each instead of doubling the bets again (where the total wouldve been over 1%) but the loss was only $300 or more at this time. but i continued to lose. at least on every hand where she turns over 16 and then drew.

i didnt make the 2 bets of $485 each to get unstuck til over 90 minutes later. and it was in the middle of a shoe id been doing much better in. but the bets both lost. this is when i quit. this is also when i posted i was out twice what i was really out. (just below $2000 instead of just under $4000) and that i was going to sams town to play the VP to relax.

why did i post something not true? because in my eyes it would be true soon as i left the restroom, sat back down and bet 2 hands of $985 each to get unstuck once the running count hits +10 or more. u see, i fully expected i would lose as poor as i was running, but i knew once i did, id still be at $15,700 which is better than the $13,400 the last huge loss.

and once i lost this, i was going to put $100-200 in the VP machine. ive tried to avoid this much more so than BJ due to the 97% payback.

what caused the evening to go differently is finding an open seat in the poker room and i figured it would give me a better shot to get even. especially with the size of many of the chipstacks, so i bought in for $919. many hours later i eventually cashed out $2127, which brings my hourly back to $42 hour for 263 hours of play. and even though i once had over $700 more on me, im still very relieved. now sleeping very shortly for some time to come.

one of the players who sat lost $5000+ in the game. for over an hour he raised 95% of hands preflop to $50-200. this is why there were so many big stacks. i called him 2-3 times rather loosely but i knew how weak he was.

i shouldnt move out of this area, but i need to become more stable so i can find a long term dentist and doctor and i miss living in reno. so i made plans to go to reno by first traveling thru vegas. i will head this direction beginning may 6 on the plane. and i miss the much better paying VBJ in the Biltmore. at least they still have $1 min bets, which helps me out betting much less. good live BJ shoes in reno too for $3 in 3 places. i miss the missisippi straddle too, instead of the button straddle, and the fact its done in a different order there. i could live here too, but i need to settle on one place and not travel.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

how do u best abuse this type of promotion?

since i had the huge loss on live BJ in the eldorado and diamondjacks (both same day totalling $5400) i have had a few winning sessions in which ive recovered close to $1500 in all. not once did i bet more than 1% of the roll, so im using good bankroll rules. i never wouldve lost the money had i followed the rules, for i wouldnt been betting 2 hands of $1000 each without a $200,000 roll. plus i also discovered the $25 and up tables in the shreveport do offer stand on soft 17, though im not playing them due to the higher min bets and no mid shoe entry signs. but when the roll will afford it maybe i should.

hourly is down to $36 an hour as i hit the 243 hour mark. wasnt doing well today in $1-3 tried to bluff the wrong guy with the big stack whod just recently sat, and liked to straddle. it was bugging me too the last 2-3 hours i was on the boat, no working internet on my cell. i didnt recover it til i got in the cab and off the property. my initial total buyins of $385 had grown to $570. then i lost the entire thing on trying to bluff this guy. called his preflop raise with 88 in multiway pot. flop comes J34 with 2 diamonds. he is last to act, and bets the flop once we all checked. everyone folds to me, and not being sure i dont have the best hand, i call. wouldnt u?

turn card is 6 of diamonds, and he bets $45 when i check. not being sure if he is weak or strong, i check raise to $125 and he calls. so im hoping no more diamonds. river comes 2 of clubs. i shove all in thinking hes worried i turned the flush or at least beat his 1 pair. i have him covered by $33 and my river bet is over $350. he turns over 44 for a set of 4's and thinks. eventually he calls. i think i took way too much risk, shouldve been happy with the days win. i lost another hand too when i called $15 preflop with 68 of spades. the flop comes 379 rainbow 1 spade. guy bets $10, 5 of us call, guy on end makes it $105. only i call. should i? turn comes 6 we both check. river comes 2 we check, he wins with a9.

Grump seems to know about how best to take advantage of various types of promotions. hes blogged this more than once. the new promo 3 days a week 12 hours per day, i feel will break the jackpot drop of $5+2.

if there is $20 or more in the pot before the turn card is dealt, and the turn card is either 4 to a flush, 4 to a straight (no gutshots) or trips, the next pot is a $300 splash pot. (which of course will encourage wild play on the following hand) however it will force players to buyin for less if they wish to take full advantage of this (so they will be less likely to fold on the splash pot).

in the time i was at the table, it took place twice for $600 total. which is far more than they were dropping. it didnt start til this afternoon. today was the 1st day. wont the jackpot fund be rapidly deleted, and yes kristi too can join in.

would never have increased the roll today if i wouldnt played BJ. and the poker loss was so huge the increase was very small. im losing over $400 of the bovada money too. while waiting for the withdrawal to be approved i lost too much so it was canceled by them since the requested amount of the withdrawal was no longer left in. so once i log off tonight, i must do it once more. in the meantime im in some $2-4 or $3-6 PLO8 live tables.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

is Bovada as safe as it used to be? lets hope so

I had heard of the delays with VISA FF withdrawals (my method of choice) thru 2+2 for withdrawals made mid march but i've also heard reports the situations improved in april. still its illegal for them to send money to our banks, so maybe the govts been cracking down too much and it wont get better. so many new states are close to allowing online poker, (cali and PA) they might be getting ready to close. so now that i won $1221 in friday nights $30 PLO8 mtt on bovada, im not comfortable with my new balance. that too much a portion of my lifes net worth and i feel keeping more than 2% on there isnt too smart. remember the old days where so many kept 95-99% of their entire worth in lives on FTP, and lost everything and spent the rest of their lives in homelessness and poverty when FTP went under til they eventually got it back? they thought it would be safer than a bank where the govt wouldnt see it. and look how it destroyed them.

a few hundred is one thing, and im happy playing with less than $200 on there. $1355 is something else. big difference in my psycological comfort level. for that matter i wonder how safe it is storing bitcoin on or any other site or even a wallet.

yes i got lucky to win this, i quadrupled up before late registration closed at the 15th level (wtf) and then tripled up once more to being 2 out of over 70 left. 27 were getting paid and i slowly started coming down as the field got smaller. at one point i was 23rd out of 33. somehow i made the final table (once the bubble broke it went extra quick) and then was back into 2nd on some big pots. slipped to 3rd but somehow made it to 2nd then a hard slow fight i somehow won even though HU isnt my strength. this is why i insist on playing on this site when im somewhere i cant play on stars. no one knows my new ID there by the way.

yeah i wont use checks. i dont stay put long enough and i desperately wish to move on may 7. tired of a shitty fridge and weak wifi. where yet i dont know. but im back over $18k now, even without the online cash. 235 logged hours and still $40 per hour. dropped $2 per hour today but the 2 previous days were quite good. a lot will need to be spent soon for medical care, rent, and maybe travel.

Vince paid me and hes working on putting it up and running. somehow ive lost my last spoon too, and its too much a hassle to remember it when in walmart 1-2 times per month. need to either live closer to a store, or closer to the casino instead of so far out where its better.

luckily today live BJ came thru for me for over $600 worth. or id dropped today. lost $450 poker, then later recovered over $120 of it. at 1 point early on, was out over $100 on BJ. most of the win came in the final shoe for over $300. played 3-4 hours. i am still limiting my max bet to 2 spots of $90, (under 1%)

i will say this, without the option of Bovada my life would be worse. i dont think this will continue forever

Monday, April 25, 2016

overdue update

it's hard work to update this blog regularly, and im not going to include the sheer number of hand histories Rob always does, because thats too boring. plus i was hoping cdizzy11 would do the work for me, but i guess shes not interested. i will say im happy to still be a small amount over $16,000, as i now approach 198 logged hours. it wont mean anything til it hits 1000 hours, but pokerdogg did once tell me i would have a general idea at 200 hours. it slightly went up $1 to $41 per hour. (after 3 straight losing sessions which dropped it down from $49). the reason i do worse in good games than bad ones is people are harder to read who arent regulars.

i've got to lower my sights. 2000 hours per year, $25 per hour would be $50k per year, and as far as i know, im pretty sure ive never had a $50k plus year in my life. i dont know if ive ever had a $40k year either.

after my last $25 deposit on bovada (the 1 made since the withdrawal in NJ) im now back to $94. and holding about $30 worth of bitcoin on too. neither of which count in the roll, so this is extra.

i got the host to give me a free room fri and sat in the eldorado hotel, (and this morning when i didnt wish to leave the BJ table to pack my laptop, etc at 10.55am i got the floor to extend it 1 more night). so im good a few more hours til monday checkout, then ill return to the other place further out paid up thru the 7th. this saved me a few cab fees and let me play more sessions over the weekend. i'm surprised its still simple enough to find $5 BJ shoe games here during those hours which pay 3-2. u wouldnt in vegas, as most readers know. i will let u know that even though theres no wifi in the poker room, the wifi works good in the hotel rooms. no resort fees either.

Proof that i've recovered my discipline in BJ (after the bad session earlier in the month where i lost $5400) --which is how i got the weekend free when theyre like $200+ instead of $80 per night--is the fact that even when down to less than $200 of the $700 i was in the BJ game for, and on a good count too, i still never bet more than the 1% rule. which happens to be 2 hands of $80 each. in fact i only bet that much once. i got lucky to get a very good shoe after id been playing over 3 hours, in which the running count went up rapidly to between plus 10 to plus 20 in the first few hands, and stayed quite good the entire shoe. i managed to win several hands of like 2 spots of $20-45 each and this consisted of lots of hands since only 2 of us were playing then.

i did manage to finally meet cdizzy but as u can see from her inability to write up a trip report or comment, theres not much of a story. she has a guy whose deeply commited to her she brngs with her. he's more of a threat on the tables (plays more aggro) than her, yet they both won big. she succeeded in livening up the game by using her tongue. in fact the day after she was gone, one of the old men were still talking about her to the dealer as to how flirty she was.

still worry about my teeth, its been feeling odd lately.  would like as many teeth as possible done at one time instead of just the one removed. lots of small cracks need repaired too. while knocked out with IV, best to do it all in one sitting. been doing research for lower priced  IV sedation dentist than the $2500 one near atlantic city, or the $800 one near MD live. i havent found out the price of the one in town because they dont list it online to look it up. but here is what i found from google search of the words $300 iv sedation or $400 iv sedation.

the middle one looks like the best for fast emergency service. id got this done in toledo were it not for the 2 month wait which was in reno too. its why u need the dentist trained, so u dont need to wait for the oral surgeon.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

the benefits of using poker income phone application

i'm glad i paid the extra to be able to filter my results via poker income phone application. im learning a lot thru it. still up over $7000 in under 3 weeks worth of live poker since coming to Shreveport, but because i didnt stick with it, i still have over $3000 less than i came with. but hey, thats a good monthly win rate and the months still not done. and ive been overly lucky with promotions. some of which count in the hourly win rate (like money won in splash pots) and some which do not, like the value of drawings, etc. such as the $500+ pot ive won at least twice when they do the $100 splash pot every morning at 9am. several people limp all the way around for a $6 straddle, i being last to act shove of course my $120 buyin (just like i did with aa one day which lost) with ace 9 offsuit, get called by 3 limpers (all with weaker hands of course--and i knew their hands were weaker or else theyd have shoved). which brings the pot over $500 with the $100 added.

then i won $750 when i got called for deal or no deal, and who knows what i wouldve got had i been willing to gamble. actually $705 after taxes were removed. then a few days later i won a bose cinemate 15 home theatre system from best buy worth $599, which i had shipped to vinces house who will give me $300 for it. it had to be shipped to me of course, but he will sign for it then pay me once it comes, might be up to 21 days to arrive. thank God for vince, sure saves the hassle of knowing who to sell to, and shipping it to them.

win rate for shreveport alone went up slightly again today to $57 per hour from $55 per hour, with todays win of around $700. this is for 133 hours total, which vook or pokerdogg thinks is quite unusual to still be so high after so many hours. but ive been lucky. today i didnt win any $300 for quads or splash pots, etc, but i did win with a 2 outer on the river with QQ against KK for $500+ when i didnt know i was behind on a flop of JT2 when my Q hit the river. remember the other day i mentioned 2 times i won big pots with 1 outers. plus most of my sessions are always mornings and afternoons instead of nites. this makes winning much easier because those players dont make moves on u like the younger players who play later in the night. my phone records show my best days for winners are fridays and wednesdays. this is from multiple casinos, over 800 logged hours since last october. (right from when i lost the records). records show total wins of $18 hour for all types of poker combined. this includes heavy losses in foxwoods, and PLO various places. shreveport has been helping massively in making this grow, so did phoenix. shows the location of where u play poker is of primary importance, instead of how well u play (like most would think). shows heavy losses in foxwoods, and more normal losses in toledo, delaware park, greektown, etc. shows i did less well at the nugget ac than i thought, but better in borgata than i thought, but insignificant sample size. best by far in NJ was harrahs (highest hourly) then the trop. by the way when i return to NJ, the taj room will be reopened. must first send my documents to stars. shows i dont do well in PLO high, no records for plo hilow. couldnt find it live. shows i did do okay for $43 hour in 2 sessions of $5-10 or $10-20 limit hilow. very short session.

mainly, what it shows is that its worth paying extra to use the filter. it would be worth paying $2.99 too for bejeweled not to be showing ads ever again but the principle of the thing keeps me from buying this.

so on the way home tonight in a cab stopped in the store, which is doing monopoly pieces. bought $30 worth of groceries. i thought only mc donalds had monopoly promotions. i need to find out what hours the vision center is open in walmart for eye exams. i seriously wonder if infection in the head (bumps on head often come and go) is causing rapid deterioration in eyesight, if its a cataract like grandma got when old, or if an infected tooth is causing it. plus theres a difference place advertising free exams if u buy 2 sets of glasses for $69 once examined. for the first time in my life i bought bottled water in large quantities in the grocery store. ive been doing this all the time lately in the casino due to worries over my health, but never in the store. this is why i too paid $9 for the best bottle of medicated shampoo.