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Thursday, October 23, 2014

well am i like Rob vegas poker or am i different than him?

Rob wouldve enjoyed playing at my table at Planet H tonight. i was doing good early on there, til the game got filled up with locals instead of tourists, and i include the guy from Chicago as a local, since he was a winning player who plays an awful lot more poker than a real tourist would. What wouldve interested Rob was u guessed it, blogger material for him.

u see, the girl on my immediate left, and the guy with her on her immediate left who wasnt really her BF, were both bartenders at the MGM itself, (he probably knows them). and they chatted nonstop to each other for hours (and the Chicago guy). she talked the whole time about wanting to fool around with other female employees, and made it clear she was Bi, so of course Rob wouldve been interested. and this girl wasnt ugly like so many straight out lesbians are. Id been far more interested in the girl on the OPPOSITE end of my table, at least she didnt have tattoos and was interested in men. i dont think she was taken either and ive seen her at a poker table before but no idea her name.

Later on Koala and Alysia finally showed up, after their lunch date at circus steakhouse, but as u can see on twitter, alysia didnt sit at my table. and for all the wrong reasons too its very sinful in Gods eyes to judge people for how they appear to look, for as the Bible says, man looks on the outward appearance but God looks on the heart. i certainly would never refuse to let a girl be my girlfriend just because she wasnt good looking. i dont her to be ugly looking, but she dont have to be good looking either.

i miss the old days when i was in my early 20s and in high school. back then women thought i was attractive, and even gay men thought so as well. i wish i had a picture to show u, other than the ones mom has on facebook, i know exactly which picture im thinking of. (the one of me in the old wichita singles newsletter from 1987).

when u pass 40, and start needing glasses (i worry terribly about my eyes when im old, if i need glasses now, grandma almost went blind due to cataracts til she was operated on, it does run in our family). but thats when u start looking ugly to women. also most women like much bigger and fatter men. men like Vince in other words. the only women whose ever said i looked good in the last couple years was Josie. and im sure she only said that to be nice. Im not even sure if claudia thought so.

they say its men who judge women for their looks, but thats not true for me--im not nearly as judgemental as most. i only care about whether a woman is willing to commit to me and tell me she loves me. her values, beliefs and ability to establish trust is much more important than what she looks like. the other really important quality a woman needs is to be 100% straight and not into women. nothing is cool about bisexuality its gross. and i know Jesus is able to change hearts and minds. I certainly dont have any attraction to men.

and another thing thats made it really hard on me to be accepted is not having a car (even women without a car want this--which is being selfish and unrealistic) and that i dont drink, when most all people, men and women, want to sit around and drink alcohol when out on social occasions. it makes u not fit in. but i grew up around nothing but Christian people and in a private Church school, so i never was around any bad influences. not til i was an adult and homeless a lot, and by then, i was already settled in my ways. no one starts drinking unless its before they are in their 20s. after that its too late to pick up bad habits like alcohol and drugs.

but anyway--lets get back to rob vegas poker. im not like him in that i cant relate to how he isnt turned off by women into women instead of men. but we think exactly alike on the button straddle. u see these 2 players on my left kept doing it for $10 continually, and i was so pissed off by the guys comments he likes it the way that doesnt protect the integrity of the game instead of the way that does protect it (the way the golden nugget and wynn and the Peppermill do it).

the #1 priority of all casinos should be to make sure no seat has an unfair advantage over any other, this is quite important and yet so many places allow just that when they do the button straddle wrong. sometimes u cant move seats. i lost several pots calling the guy down, and as soon as they sat, i knew i shouldve got up.

id have lost big at Planet H, but as koala was declaring he was going home on his next BB i got dealt AQ clubs UTG and made it $6 (following grumps rules for raising). i was still down more than $125 before the start of this hand. the french guy id move away from to have position on check raised me to $25, and one other guy was in. i only called preflop.

flop comes AA3 with 2 diamonds he bets $25, i min raise to $50 (wanting it to look like i had a big pair, and wondering where i stood). he calls, other guy folds. turn comes black 6. he checks, i bet all my odd chips, $107 worth. he check raises me allin, and i begin to worry about AK but of course i cant fold. what hand do u think he put me on when he did that? Koala said he knew i had an ace i dont think so.

river comes Q and i wait for him to show first as he is first to act and had raised me allin. he turned over AT, and i won with the boat, i didnt even need the Q, but i sure was happy to see it. i was afraid if i showed first, he would muck and id never know if he had ak.

this was hours after id moved to Koalas table and the other players had left. so i left the table with $208 profit after being down quite a bit. big difference. and later i won a bit at the wynn too and left when i got too tired in a cab.

which is why my roll keeps growing and is now over $15,800 instead of over $15,500. But im out of money on Bovada now and need to see about redepositing. Also i seem to have burned my tongue eating a peach pie that was too hot.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Koala's arrived in town

and this blog needs badly updated before i fall asleep, hopefully before 4.30pm. didnt realize it had been so long between entries.

am happy to say im finally over $15,100 (and considering my rents been paid up thru nov 11th--am actually better off than i was the last time it got that high in reno years ago). it didnt get that high due to me winning at poker, i lost $191 at the wynn the first time tonight, and then lost $200 more the second time playing with Koala. all the winnings came from about $627 on the VBJ at slots of fun, and $90 on table BJ at the tuscany, when i won 7 $15 bets on one hand where i split 77 against the dealers 4 4 times, with 2 double downs. i didnt get any good hands at all, so luckily the dealer broke.

Vince wouldve picked up Koala yesterday afternoon at the airport when we were out buying food for my fridge, but he wasnt ready to arrive in vegas yet. And he wont be renting a car til later on.

Met Koala at slots of fun, and he was unable to check into his room so early. and i offered to get him in early thru my host, but he preferred to wait til 2pm. Also offered to get us food at the wynn, but he wasnt interested.

we did play poker for a few hours though. he won $131, and wanted to make sure i knew exactly how much. i went on tilt late in the session because i wanted to book another profit to keep my hourly rate over $15 an hour but it caused me to play poorly the last orbit (which Koala told me in advance it would be) and i gave away my entire stack in 2 badly played hands. This is a great example of why u shouldnt mind leaving a game a small loser.

and ill see him again (or at least be calling him) when i wake up sometime in the middle of the night. Shortly after this blog post is finished, im going to be asleep.

i still wish i could depend FULLY on poker to supply ALL of my wins without having the steady wins at the VBJ tables, but ill gladly accept the money til things start running badly again. my phone still shows over $1500 worth of wins at the poker the last few days in spite of tonights loss at poker.

and yes i did play a bit at Planet Hollywood. One of the shift managers in the poker room told me via twitter in a DM that Chris says even though my PLO tourny no longer exists and has been cancelled, im still welcome to play cash games and other tournies, including the weekly freeroll. Its actually one of the BETTER rooms in town in way of great games and action and younger players in the game. and a much wider range of tourists.

in the middle of the night, getting a cab is extra tough. i was told by a cabbie between 2am and 4am is shift change, and its much slower getting a cab then. is this true? any cabdrivers read this blog? how do u recommend fast service during those hours? theres like 50 cabs parked a few miles away not doing anything but waiting an hour in line for a $10 fare, and yet i cant get one at home for nothing without a very long wait.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

hopefully this will be the last time i need to buy houseware items.

it would be so nice, if i had someone i could always BORROW AND RENT items such as dishes, silverware, pots and pans from everytime i have a place to live, and then just return them to every time i need to leave town so they dont have to be repurchased. most people store something like this in a vehicle and thats why they keep these type of items for the long term. that, and they dont move around nearly as often.

But i wont be moving (or going out of town) anytime soon. (sorry to Ray because i really should go there and get right with God). i had to agree to stay much longer than just 30 days to be able to move in (at the special price im getting), and they are going to debit my bank card for a little bit over $1000 on the 11th of every month for the next few months. But this is a fairly nice place, convenient to the strip, nice TV, linens, fridge and microwave included, wifi, etc and its 100% safe in my opinion.

this will save me from nights like i had friday. when i started off the day winning $1001 at VBJ early in the morning, and then going out and losing $350 in the $1-2 NL game at the stratosphere, and then getting on the 108 bus to the airport, and deciding to give it one final session to recover at the hardrock before i returned to reno.

where i proceeded to play poorly (both before and after a bad suckout for a $500+ pot where all the money went in with me as an 80% favorite) and didnt know where else to go or what else to do when dead tired since i had no room. couldnt even go to vinces because i knew id lost his keys and worried he wouldnt wake up to let me in. Lost over $700 playing there, and then another $175 on the video poker machine 100play.

when i arrived at the airport around 1am, i found out the earlier flight to reno wasnt til after 8am, and the only earlier flight that interested me was one to Philly at 6am. and without a pillow, i didnt really want to sleep there all night, plus i worried someone would steal my cell phone from where i had it plugged in charging if i slept. (why does a new iphone constantly need charged all the time? is there a way to lower battery drainage and still use it?)

so i searched online and called expedia and finally got a room at an outrageous price for one night. had to book it over the phone instead of the web since it was after midnight.

anyway my hourly rate is all messed up, and the ONLY reason my tracking is messed up has nothing to do with the fact ive been losing. its because i have a new phone, and the old tracking program is only for android phones. so i cant really transfer the old hours over to the new cell. all in all i love the new cell, much better for games on the phone, and also i no longer need wifi while in the venetian since Sprint gets such a good signal. still sucks in the nugget however.

ive been advised NOT to use poker Journal, where i first downloaded and stored a few losing sessions with a negative rate of minus $70 per hour. so i switched to the recommended program poker income pro. it now has 2 sessions logged with a small win for the night. but my messed up logins have nothing to do with the fact ive ran bad lately. after a steady period of new sessions being entered ill soon have a definitive hourly again. the cost of this program, after a few trial sessions, i think is $10 if i remember right.

Right now im in the middle of a $14 triple up sng on bovada, and im really pleased with the quality of the wifi where im staying and the fact its totally free. But ive only got $83 on Bovada to work with, (but another $42 if i reach the money--which i just did 15 minutes later). if i could depend on a steady monthly check of $1000-2000 from this site, it would be nice.

the good news is i will now be in town long enough to see both Koala and Nick. the bad news is if i dont get this tooth fixed soon, i wont live nearly as long as either of them will. and i really think i should see a regular medical dr and have him take a good look at my health too.

at least now i wont be dependent any more on playing VBJ to earn free hotel stays, and comp dollars. i got tired of being dependent on it to cover my losses at $1-2 NL, and my bills. hopefully now things will get back to the way they were before i started winning so much on the VBJ. $6000 to $14,000 is quite the swing.

tonight i took a bad beat and felt quite pissed i didnt leave when my $112 was up to $408, but instead played another round or 2, and left with $217. (then moved to Omaha). the game was good, some new asian sat that was buying in big and bluffing, but it made the game too high variance. i won over $100 off him by calling his bluff to begin with, and not more than 1 or 2 rounds later lost big when he rivered me, where i was again calling his bluff.

the final hand in question i had QQ and he had 10 4 suited. he calls $15 raise preflop and flop is 347 with him getting a pair and a flush draw. river comes 8 to put a second flush draw out, and he raises to $60 and i call. (i should shove, but id have just lost more). how bad is not shoving there?

river comes 10, putting the backdoor flush up and i call his $100 bet. is that a bad call? (dont be results oriented). i called because i knew he was bluffing the turn, and my read turned out to be right.

but at least once i moved to the omaha i still made a good fold. early on i laid down AAJ9 utg because i had no low. flop comes J99 and 2 guys are calling or betting. on the river, one had A9, and the other guy had JJ. folding that preflop saved me quite a few bets.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

a nice new cell phone, and a $13,200+ roll. now whats next?

Good thing Vince lets me use his address, or id have a bit less. got $75 voucher from hacienda lake mead and vince and i cashed it tonight for $20 gas.

also bought me a stronger pair of reading glasses, i really worry about not only my teeth, but how my eyes will be when i get old. ill need a nurse.

ive still got $92 on bovada too, won a little bit on there earlier, but $32 of it is currently in a live game so it might not remain that high.

was really nice how i arrived at vinces house just about 20 min before the fedex man showed up with the Bovada check.

i win at everything anymore--except $1-2 NL. my hourly is now in the $13 range. i win at VBJ ($500 earlier at slots of fun, and $68 at the hacienda) win on Bovada, win at limit hilow omaha, omaha at suncoast, PLO8 venetian, etc. win at tournaments. still cant beat anyone HU though, lost $40 to Victor at the Plaza and he is not someone u want to play, even though i got all the money in twice with the best of it then lost.

and i dont believe for one second the tahoe biltmore got rid of their VBJ machine. if thats true, id never be able to move back to reno like i want to do.

i dont want to have to depend on NON holdem games to make my living, or depend on VBJ to make my living, but neither do i want to live where VBJ isnt available. i want to diversify. ive had some winning sessions at $1-2 NL in vegas recently, but the games are tougher here than reno, and ive had multiple sessions with a $100 loss earlier i had to climb back from. ive been way above average on all forms of VBJ lately. i almost took a $1300 loss, had i lost my 2 bets of $228 each this morning when stuck. but i won those bets one of them with a double down.

this is a really nice phone but i still cant find a way to really go back without closing the page entirely, and ive also had issues trying to download apps from the apple store. and ive lost Vinces house keys too. For a while i was worried it wouldnt charge after fully dying, but i then later discovered i didnt have the charger plugged in properly.

and of course, the old problem still, of not being sure where i want to settle, and where i can rent cheaply a short walk from a poker room i can win at regularly, without being in an unsafe neighborhood or dependent on a car.

but having all this money sure does give me options.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014


considering i have no credit, and unpaid past phone bills, id have a very difficult time getting a nice new phone without paying a fortune upfront, and to get on a good plan. so im lucky to have someone like Vince in my life.

we stopped at a Sprint store today, (his carrier) and talked to them about adding me to Vinces plan (and id have unlimited everything, and the fastest service)--and since i waited too long, ill have to change phone numbers. no way around that, and since my new phone will not be an android no way to transfer my contacts and poker records i dont think. but its supposedly a lot nicer and more powerful phone.

got it for $50 (worth $400+) and ill owe $75 a month for the monthly service, and $36 upfront to activate service. Bill will go to vince in his name, and ill be paying $75 to him every month, for a period of 24 months since they made him go with a contract since hes on a fairly new contract already now. at least he trusts me not to do him wrong, and we will pick up the phone in person Friday. they get it thru the warehouse and NOT the local store, or id have had to pay twice as much today.

so ill be giving Vince $161 friday, and then $75 a month for 24 months thereafter, and ill have much better quality of a phone, and much better quality service.

even if im not in vegas its still very easy to pay vince, since i just transfer my bank acct to his. we have the same bank. he's not been doing well at his job, and he would like to get back into dealing.

monday night, Vince and i played the stud tourny at the Plaza, i bought him in, and he got $20 and i got $40 when they chopped, 3 others were also in the chop, one of whom got $30 and one $40 besides me.

i shouldve held out for a lot more money, i was quite a bit in front, but dead tired, yes i definitely took the worst of that deal. a lot of gypsies were in it.

still not doing too well at live $1-2 NL, and have less than $70 on bovada after having a check of $700 sent to vinces house enroute fedex now, but at least im still a little over $11,300, and will have more once the bovada check comes.

of course, theres the big looming expenses friday of the phone and tooth expenses coming up too. and also im thinking of taking a 1-2 week vacation to a state none of u would ever expect that has no casinos where id be going. a complete nongambling vacation. to fly out saturday is like $300+ including luggage and theres a nice motel for $55 a night with great pics on craigslist if u commit to a week. there is also a transfer, its not a nonstop flight. takes about 8 hours to fly overall including wait time. It's one of the places ive always wanted to visit, not including siberia or israel.

Pretty much all of my wins have been at VBJ, the $1200 loss notwithstanding, im still way up at it overall. my host even commented as much and cant understand why. of course, i know why though. its because unlike 99999% of the players i know how to win. i may bet too much, but i know when the odds favor me, when they favor the house, and when to variate from basic strategy.

i've found a church where im planning to visit soon, and its right next to the sea (only less than a block off the ocean). nice quite peaceful place, close to God, and im also looking up dentists in that area now using the painless wand technology and ive found at least 2 and im sure a certain friend who grew up and knows the area intimately can help provide a recommendation in case my tooth goes bad while im on vacation. the other church id love to visit is about 50+ miles from the airport, but i can get there on public transit on the #10 bus.

and of course, i still play mom scrabble at times on facebook. was reading her post today on her wall describing Gods feelings on homosexuality. i just got done beating her by 20 points in a game she was ahead the entire way, when i scored a 7 letter word on the last hand, with the help of this site.

i also think Alysia Chang and vince should hook up, they both share a love for non holdem omaha and stud type games, and for skiing.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

several thousand in big expenses looming that need paid very soon

First off, a quick reminder why theres some long waits for certain comments to be approved. email is messed up as far as being notified these comments exist.

and now i no longer have a phone. its still used for tracking my hourly (and when i get a new phone i dont think that can be transferred over) but unless im at a place with wifi its basically useless now for anything else. sure took a lot longer than they said for it to go off. Vince is planning to see about adding me to his plan.

on the way home from the suncoast, (where cooldave and i hung out after we left the Venetian) Vince and i grabbed some food and stopped at the BOA to deposit money. so my new balance is $11,100.

the day before, PokerJohnny and i played a tourny but we both busted out early.

turns out Dottys in Laughlin is open now, but only the hotel, they wont have their gaming license for the old Palms (renamed Laughlin river lodge) til nov 1. im sure the hotel room rates will go way up too. I just hope they dont drastically reduce or remove the 5 VBJ machines no one ever played.

sad news is while typing up this blog post, (since im tired) and want to fall asleep, i lost both the $50 sng and the $130 sng, so now im back in the $700s on bovada. but the good news is the laundry at Vinces house is completely done. Are the games at southpoint really as loose as 2 readers claim?

Sunday, September 21, 2014

dont play poker when u know u arent playing ur best

well i feel a lot better now even though i paid a cabbie some money for my safety (lots of bums sleep near the downtown vegas BOA atm) and i still have my daily $8 bus pass. but at least that money's off my hands where i cant lose it back on the VBJ. of course, im still carrying plenty to work with, but far less than i was.

also while downtown i played a little bit in the Golden nugget, and my friends from out of town visiting can find me playing there monday and tues nites if they look. (or morning, etc). i have both those 2 days FREE and another $75 in promo chips. i was really surprised i could use that code i posted a long while back on RTP more than once during sept, and im wondering if anyone else even bothered to try to use it.

now i did manage a small win of $36 at the Nugget in the $1-2 NL, and im still holding $17 an hour overall. but i was up $201 in the game once, (and briefly over $11,300) a guy makes it $20 on the button whose not been playing loose, and for some reason (maybe being tired?) i put him on a big pair and not an ace.

so the flop comes A34 and i have 77. i check, and he bets $30 and so does another guy check. it seems to me he is just hoping we both fold. other guy folds, so i bet $140 expecting him to fold a better overpair. he shoves with AJ and i fold and feel stupid. and thats the lesson for today.

earlier when i wasnt nearly as tired, i won $153 at the wynn playing very well there. and of course $900+ more on the VBJ elsewhere. my host told me im now ahead about $800 for the month on the VBJ. gotten about another few hundred in free rooms there besides.

and depending on how i do in the $50 double or nothing sng im in now on bovada, ill have either $650 or $750. i have won the previous 7 sngs however, so i got a shot.

i still need to spend a lot for a new phone and dentistry, and i dont know why this phone isnt turned off yet. every day i get a text saying my phone will be shut off sept 7 2014, and how to port it out to another carrier. and yet it still works. and of course i paid NOTHING this month since i knew they were closing down.

would really like for someone to explain to me--why i'm having so much easier time winning at all forms of poker now, than i was back in the mid 2000s when most people claimed the games were easier. seems to me its much easier to win NOW than it ever was in the past.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

its a good thing i got off the bus at the wrong stop

well im still not sure what to do to settle down more, but i dont really want to settle in los angeles. it would only be a stopping point to go to biloxi phoenix reno jacksonville pensacola, toledo etc. why? because its where the amtrak starts out that goes to all of those different places.

i seem to be doing ok playing poker in vegas. am still holding onto a $17 hourly rate, and im back to $9017. won $164 in the $1-2 at the V, and then another $174 in the game at the wynn.

ran into AKgal in the subway next to harrahs in the casino Royale, and invited her to the Venetian. she started off not doing well, then later did quite well on a big pot, and then we walked to the wynn. also won a tiny bit on the VBJ at slots of fun before i checked out of my room. ended up later paying a $5 tip to someone in the VIP room to let me check into my new room early at a different casino when the front desk wouldnt let me. had i not got off the bus at the wrong stop, id have already been in the venetian and never ran into her. but i accidently passed my stop where u take the bridge outside TI into the V where i usually get off.

booked the room for 1 nite thru with the $20 coupon in the email they sent me which greatly reduced the cost and made it quite affordable.

and of course still got the $706 on bovada and im wondering if i should move into vinces for real this time or change my address back to vinces so i could withdraw like $500 and add it to my roll before anything was to go wrong playing too high. it could be used to fix my tooth possibly without lowering the roll.

as long as i dont lose on VBJ in vegas, theres less of a need to go elsewhere. even though im sure both reno, biloxi and toledo are a lot better fits for me. i did notice the value place in pensacola and jacksonville were not in the right part of town to be convenient to the busline to the casino.

i do miss my apt in reno and would like to get back into another one where i have my own mailing adddress and own way to cook food and store food. although i would like a place a little nicer. what i dont like is theres no way in hell it can be as close to the poker room as the place in reno was. Only if i went back and got one of the regular lease monthly apts complexes in reno to be willing to rent to me could that ever be possible.

anyway i walked to the ABC store and spent about $15 for sandwiches, drinks, fruit etc for my meal, its healthier than mc d and somewhat less than the nearest buffet. but yeah i need my own kitchen. i didnt have that at vinces but its still a nice option to have.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

trying to figure out where to go

well its almost time to leave vegas, or to get a stable place to stay if i didnt. my room here will expire sunday morning. was briefly up to $7973 this morning, before i later went back and sat in the $1-2 NL at the nugget again and lost $115.

felt myself starting to play bad, and was down to my last $35 when i got KK and made it $10 in EP. got 3 callers. flop was AQ2 with 2 spades, and i had the red kings. everyone checked to the last guy to act he bet $20 and i went allin. only me and him stayed in, and he did NOT have me beat on the flop, but he made a flush on the river.

at one point i was up over $150, and earlier in the night before Herbie came by id won over $400 in the game. (that was the earlier session). i won a big pot with AA, and then gave it all back the next hand with AQ with a queen high flop of Q42 to a guy with 222. he also lost the main pot to a guy who rivered a flush, but won the side pot.

i've been needing to go by the bank and deposit part of the $2500+ ive got on me since ive been winning lately, but since i didnt know for sure the bank downtown was open INSIDE on saturdays, i didnt want to have to walk up and do it at the atm with that much money. too many bums nearby at times, and not good enough security outdoors, plus id have to take the money out of my sock beforehand so ive still let this go but it really needs done.

and that tooth still needs done too, it is starting to bother me to chew food at times, and i felt a small fraction of a piece break off. actually the dentist had told me before than 2 of them need done.

speaking of my safety, had a weird experience in the elevator. probably was in no danger since nothing happened, but still it freaked me out all the same.

i get in, am alone, guy opens the door back up to get in and doesnt press any buttons, and claims hes going to the same floor i am. then he asks me how my days going, and im afraid to tell him and worry if he heard me talking about needing to deposit money--or that hes trying to find out if i have money. him forcing his way in made me nervous, then at our stop i dont get out, dont want anyone following me to my room, and just stand there and he says after u, and i just stand there, he looks at me, then finally gets out and walks down the hall. im too afraid to leave the elevator, ride up to the top, then back down, get off on my floor, no one in the hall, and go to my room.

ive still got $442 on bovada, and i wonder how much ill have on there when they finally get shut down and ill be out all the money.

and i dont know where to go. the casino at the Tahoe Biltmore finally emailed me (as id requested) to tell me the VBJ has finally been repaired. ive still got 180 tickets for the $5000 drawing, but thats nothing now the drums filled up now with 1000s of tickets. and ive looked at the Value Place weekly or monthly deals in florida in pensacola and jacksonville and they are in the opposite areas of the casinos not near the bus id need. those are nice safe places to live since they use interior hallways instead of exterior but theyre always in the wrong area, except for shreveport.

i cant find any good deals in CA near the casino thats not regular monthly apts, i havent already stayed at, and all the ones in phoenix didnt quite pan out, nor does the one in albq work cause i hate living where the casino dont stay open 24 hours 7 days. biloxi might work but i dont know. i did see one craigslist ad i liked there, but i doubt theyd rent to me or that id be able to afford to pay upfront.

if i could ever learn to fully trust  Rays sincerity about becoming a Christian id give Toledo more serious consideration and also if i could figure out what happened on the last trip there as to whether id be in danger if i returned.

and i dont know where id live in reno if i returned either. im probably better off living with Vince here in vegas, but i want my own place if i can a short walk from a casino thats 100% nice area and safe and not a shithole.

was really disappointed to lose most all the $25 promo chips and end up with only $25 in real money out of the $150 in chips. did anyone else ever try to use that redeem code for it i posted on RTP a couple months ago? doubt u could if u didnt get the email.

also i hate the way i cant read facebook messages on my cell anymore, since it now requires u to download messenger for phone if u arent at a laptop. and the golden nugget is really ripping u off on food, what u used to get for fries a year ago for $5.99 is now $8.99 without fries.

i used a $10 comp for it and i wont be up til very late tonight closer to midnite but id like to see grouchie and SI. i forget what grouchie looks like but i sent him several twitter messages while playing last night.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

When u are in a hole, the first thing u need to do is QUIT DIGGING

So thats what i decided to do once my roll dropped to $6200-6300. i quit playing VBJ, and havent touched it since leaving the Hacienda with so little. my last loss was at the Hacienda in lake mead, where i took the cab to from Laughlin, before i went to Vinces. i still had $7300 when i left Harrahs laughlin, and $7100 when i arrived at the Hacienda. my room there cost $89 with taxes, and all the rest was lost on the VBJ there, which was quite a disappointment, cause it was the good kind similar to the one in Jean with $1 minimum, with the exception of it hitting soft 17.

i still need to go to los angeles (or back to reno) but im waiting til AFTER sept 12-13 when i get my free room for fri and sat and my $150 worth of promo chips at the golden nugget. In the meantime, ive just got to make sure i dont drop anymore. $6000+ will be a lot more than i had the last time i was in the los angeles area, and enough to get started with.

not only that, i no longer have a working phone anymore, and even worse, my tooth is starting to bug me again, not just the one that needs removed, but the other one with the hole thats also rotting away is starting to increase the size of the open hole.

the only good news--the pair of pants i have looks nice that i bought new at Ross.

i made a special trip to the orleans to play omaha sunday nite (anything to avoid me playing VBJ) paid for a cab (not the best idea) but i dont like being on side streets in vegas late at night. won $72 in the $4-8 game, but no sign of alysia chang, nor did anyone dealing seem to know anyone named alysia i asked. so yeah i did make an effort to go to her instead of expecting her to come to me.

the only good news i can say about my VBJ play is that once i finally started showing discipline after getting worried about losing so much (i lost only $100-200 at the final few hours of my session at the hacienda when i started not overbetting on small plus counts). what i mean is i limited the amount of the total MAXIMUM bet on all 3 spots combined to under $100, and waited til the count hits +10 before ever betting more than $100 total, instead of when stuck.

takes more discipline to play that way since the count hardly ever gets that high, but it certainly cut back on the losses as far as the amount of the losses. had i been playing that way the entire trip since leaving reno, it wouldve cut back on the big huge losses at palazzo and the pioneer. and of course the winning sessions couldve also been smaller too.

im sure if id had that much discipline, id still be in the $8000-9000 range.

anyway--i went to the stratosphere tonight, bought in only $50 to be safe, and managed to never ever lose the initial buyin. eventually was up $58 when the game broke up a few hours later, and it was a miracle it didnt break several times sooner everytime it became 4 handed. so yeah ive been making sure no more big losses at poker or VBJ.

ive got plenty of money for $4-8 omaha without ever going broke, if i could just be convinced the orleans game would be beatable for $10 an hour or more over the long run. im not sure it is though. also the weekly across the street directly from the poker room seems very nice and safe, 100x more so than the budget suites on tropicana would be. but its a lot more per week, over $250 once taxes are included and fees.

but one thing i really wanted was a nice close walk home and back, just like i had in reno, in a fairly safe area of town that avoided using buses. that is what was so nice about living in reno, never needing to ride a bus at night. Had the apt not been so lousy on the inside, and nothing worked well, as u seen in the pictures posted on RTP by Nick, i wouldnt have wanted to move. but with all the money i deserved a nicer place--and the proper thing to have done wouldve been to just rented a better apt in reno. but of course, seeing PPP (and playing the dealers angels machine) meant more to me.

and now for one final piece of good news. im now at over $380 on bovada from my last buyin weeks ago of $20-30.

i wouldnt have nearly as much, had i not been playing candy crush same time as bovada. for me playing candy crush caused the screen to pop up suddenly and me to accidently hit FOLD on a hand of aa95 suited preflop. turns out id have lost the hand, went broke (off that buyin anyway) and wouldve left the game.

instead, a few hands later, since i still had $23.50 left of my $30 buyin since i folded, i won an allin, had about $50, then 2 hands later doubled up again plus a little more from a 3rd player or so, and quit the game with $138. so this is now a new high on bovada since i made that one cashout in reno.