Sunday, July 26, 2015

Finally in vegas

and still holding onto a roll of $15,500 after a small win today at the wynn and also on a machine. and i had a small win at the commerce before i left of the $600+ id lost the previous day, and the $1400+ id lost in fresno on the way to los angeles. getting off the train enroute to LA wasnt such a good idea and i probably shouldve just went back into reno from Crystal Bay and got a plane straight into vegas.

Feel like i need to see a doctor because of a bump on my forehead that feels infected thats driving me nuts. last time i had one it finally went away, but i worry its affecting my eyesight and i worry its coming from my itchy scalp.

Forgot what day Koala arrives, and i should be seeing Benny Profane this afternoon if im not asleep. I saw stealthmunk and alysia chang this morning at the wynn, but only briefly because they wouldnt let him sit at my table because another table was short and AC couldnt sit there either and no they werent both there at the same time. i was surprised he wasnt in the $10-20 PLO game and i didnt think the game would go since i figured it would be built around him. i did see his bank account balance online on his Ipad of over $400,000 but he claims he owes it all out. i expected him to look far different, and i didnt recognize alysia chang either because shes far better looking than i remembered. The guy i was originally sitting next to at the Wynn was the head coach for a major team in Syracuse.

this is why i seriously need a doctor, to see about any infections and about my eyesight and to make sure im not developing untreated diabetes. anyone had any experience with the doctor on call they send out to the hotels and how overpriced it is? at least then id have time to tell him ALL of my concerns instead of being rushed in and out of an office since id be the ONLY patient. i dont want to waste a ton of time sitting in an urgent care waiting room with 25 others.

i'd never been in vegas if all the motels in the commerce area wouldnt been sold out yesterday for about 20 miles all around when i badly needed sleep. the special olympics took all the available rooms all over town, and the only thing i could do was leave the area. id have preferred to play a little more PLO mix and visit lake elsinore casino where ive never once played. but i had nowhere to go. i didnt even get to play any 20-40 stud. mightve been the only thing that got me to vegas with 15k instead of 10k though.

the real mistake was getting off the amtrak in fresno. wasted money on hotels, (including having a room in fresno and los angeles both the same night since i got the 9pm train out) and just barely made the train when my black uber driver dropped me off as it was saying last call.

the day before i dropped a little the first day in fresno, and played again the following day, where i think i did much worse and probably played worse, losing about $1400. but one hand i got it in good with a set and he had a flush draw for over $360, but then he sucked out after the money was allin on the flop. then another hand i was allin for $120 preflop with QQ to another guys AJ. i was really surprised by 2 things. one u can straddle half ur stack from ANY position (even the blinds) which is similar to the rules at the peppermill.  and 2, there was almost no tables going except pit games. (which i played due to no commission and broke about even).

rob's Vegas poker atlas showed 47 tables. only 2 of them are poker tables going however, much to my disappointment. one $1-3 NL game which didnt start til noon, and a $4-8 game. later on the next day eventually there were 2 games of each and an omaha but later in the day, the vast majority of the time theres only 1 NL game if not a weekend. i even played a tourny the first morning for something to do and didnt miss the money by very much.

after leaving reno and moving out of my room with about $15,800, i went into Tahoe, and briefly had it up to over $18500 on the VBJ. left the biltmore with still over $17,500 after some drawing saturday night. had i not gave back about $700 id have stayed there longer. my landlord in reno said he would gladly rent to me again anytime. if i drop too much i might need to move back. at least i can finally win at the Wynn. they removed the even money machine at the encore that played 7 hands at once and thats just as well. i hope ill also still be able to win on the machine at the El cortez and i hope they havent removed the machine from the Hacienda in Lake mead. maybe Benny will be able to find a new location thats added one.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

What should i do with all this money?

Probably will be in Las Vegas before too long to see stealthmunk, Cooldave and Koala and Vince and Carmen and Flush Draw, etc. But possibly will be in los angeles instead. the games are a lot better in los angeles.

its not an easy trip from Truckee CA to Las Vegas. theres no plane, unless u first go to reno or sacramento. no train that goes straight thru, u either have a long layover in SLC where u board an Amtrak bus (much nicer than a greyhound bus) or a long wait in emeryville where u then can board a train to los angeles many hours later. or deal with multiple buses going thru stockton and bakerfield and i HATE buses.

a much nicer trip would be to blackhawk where i can ride in a private sleeper car all the way for less than $400, which is easily affordable, or to be out in the open with everyone else, for less than $200. But i have no friends there. None of the people reading my blog play there regularly.

although my bankroll is MUCH higher than it normally is, im still not as well off financially as most poorer people even though i have more than a years rent in the bank. the reason i can say this is i do not own a car, and even about 90% of those who are poor have one. i wouldnt even be surprised if about 25% of the homeless with almost no money at all have one.

what should i be doing with all of this money? fixing my teeth and having them cleaned? seeing a dr and finding out why my eyesight is going bad? finding out if im developing any unknown medical issues such as diabetes? Taking it out of the bank and putting it in a safer place such as a casino safe deposit box or a california cage casino account? should i be staking people such as Ray, Vince, flushdraw and Carmen? playing with at least a $300 buyin every time i set down in $1-2? Playing $2-5 and $3-5 NL instead of $1-2, but how much do i buyin? i really wouldnt have the slightest idea, and because im undecided and dont want to make any more rash decisions, im staying where im at and sticking to this VBJ machine in tahoe for now.

ive already made 1 rash decision. i moved out of my apt in reno and the landlord claimed that i was a good tenant with my rent, and would re-rent to me again anytime if i ever went back into reno. and as far as that goes, i might have to go back, simply to use the airport to fly somewhere else.

i could even afford to fly back to Baltimore and pay $1800 a month for the candlewood suites 60 day commitment program near MD live if i wanted to. then id have a place under 1 mile away, a nice kitchen in a safe place for about $65 a night instead of $100. i dont like committing to 60 days. all the extended stay americas in Phoenix for $903 a month near the casino are the same deal, a 60 day commitment. so if i needed to leave the area, id be stuck.

So many friends id like to see in vegas, but the games will be tremendously bad i fear. much worse than Reno, incline village, los angeles, and Phoenix. Koala, stealthmunk and i can play a little bit of $1-2 NL at the nugget, the poker palace, the redrock, GVR, southpoint, the hardrock, the orleans, the wynn, the Nugget, Planet Hollywood, Boulder station, Sante Fe and possibly elsewhere in vegas, but i just worry the action is exceptionally poor. it would be nothing like Blackhawk or NH for action.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Blackhawk CO

well, to avoid having too much cash on hand (and blowing it at the tables or in the machines) ive deposited $1000-1200 in the atm 4 times now in the past week. and ive got a better idea now of a good city to go to and get cheap hotel rooms from gambling. more than 1 casino and more than likely tables going 24 hours where im not banned anywhere.

and this morning i am at work. yes im sitting at the laundrymat washing my own laundry. nothing else to do at this time of day (ive been awake since 1am and the game at the peppermill last nite broke up extremely early). before 2 am and i even sat in the $3-5 for about 30 minutes til it broke too. made a little over $100 in it. also yesterday i as always lost in the $1-2 pot limit mix game at the atlantis and theyve added more games to the mix for 23 games total.

but me and the poker manager did crack the BBJ there yesterday in the $1-2 while i waited. he got $500 i got $250 and the rest of the table got like $35 each. had they not just changed it to $1000 from $10,000 id got much more.

was disappointed to only make it to 18th in the freeroll sunday but at least i got paid something.

am pleased to see how well stealthmunk is doing in the wsop main event. 10th place out of 27 remaining and they will play down to the final table tonight.

Played a bit of table BJ at the Peppermill and at one point was down $400, then up $200. i still left up but only due to winning over $300 on big split, not from table BJ.

ive been told rooms can often be got very cheap in blackhawk CO. the isles website on poker atlas claims $29 sun-thurs. my only worries are weekends. that might eat up any profit. also the gates is offering $5 per hour cashback up to 40 hours a week. then theres another 2 casinos outside CO springs offering good deals on rooms too, including some free ones. thanks to Herbie for causing me to investigate this. would like his advice about weekends staying awake 48 hours isnt an option. im guessing bus into denver (shuttle).

because of this, i think CO works out better than NH. plus it $123 on amtrak is all, or $309 if u take a sleeping car which is nicer. i am so damn sick of going into the peppermill and finding no game in the middle of the night. and also of playing shorthanded.

lets pray i make it out of the laundry room alive. only me and some weird homeless guy not washing any clothes, just trying to sleep. might be drunk. not a soul around, nor an employee. im worried because i have a laptop on me, plus $400 in my pocket nothing smaller than $100 bills. its the laptop that might suggest id be worth robbing.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Making moves and bluffing

i'm trying to get my sleep hours fixed so i can be wide awake for the noon tourney sunday (and to be awake enough to still be awake many hours later on the final table). so i really dont like being home now to take a nap (at 3.45pm in the afternoon) when i wont be able to sleep at this time tomorrow.

I thought that by playing late last nite, (instead of going right to sleep when i arrived back on amtrak about 5pm last night). thats why i went to the casino about 4-5 hours to play first yesterday. (before i took the cab and bought food, pants, socks, and deposited my 3rd $1000 in the atm within a week). i could sleep like say 11pm to 8am, and then play like 9am to 9pm and then wake up about the right time sunday.

instead i woke up too early this morning. about 6am, and looked at bravo live and seen a game going, so i went to the Peppermill and started playing. shouldve went back to sleep, now i feel like i need a nap at 4pm, and i feel being tired kept me from playing my best.

im lucky to be winning anything at all. but i did quit with $191 profit still after once being up $421. Puts me back in the $15,000s again and keeps me at the $13.25-$13.50 an hour mark.

Early on in my session, i initially bought in $200. started losing while playing 5 handed, and eventually was in the game for $313 after rebuying. i lost with a flush to a bigger flush. One guy from cali, whod player a lot of poker i think, reminded me of WEC and he also had spend time in a camper for 7 months in the past and visited some casinos. he had about $2000 in front of him, so i assume hes an experienced player. he played a lot of hours just as i did.

while being down and after a lot of having to fold, id learned which player might lay down his preflop raises. so when a new player sits and straddles $4 UTG, on my BB, and this one regular young kid in late position raises to $13, and one guy behind him calls, i decide to make it $60 with 35 clubs hoping for either all to fold, so i could show it. instead the $4 straddles tried to shove allin, but the dealer ruled it a string bet and that he could only call. (thank God). and then the kid making it $13, sure enough, folds. and one other guy on tilt calls. not the ideal situation.

flop comes 334 and im thrilled. i shove, the straddler calls with TT, and the old man gets out. comes runner runner QQ and my hand holds up. then soon afterwards i win a pot with aa against QQ

the new player cant stop talking about it, goes and rebuys and is on tilt about the hand.

many hours later, right before i leave, i'd just given back about $80 and am thinking of leaving soon. I'm looking for another situation to win a pot that no nit would ever win. (a pot that shouldnt be mine).  i see the flop with 88 in a pot where one guy made it either $7 or $10 and i think i was in early position.

there are 3 of us, and the flop comes AT6 with 2 diamonds. we all check. turn comes 7, putting 2 flush draws on the board. i check, original raiser puts small bet of $15 out there, and the mexican guy calls who plays a volitale style. he was up a lot once and has given it all back, and im assuming he is on a draw, and the original bettor has a pocket pair between TT and AA, but not a set.

i decided to bet $75. (was that dumb?)

im expecting the guy who i think has me beat to fold, and the mexican guy to call with a draw, that id be a slight favorite over.

he folds, the mexican guy calls, and river comes offsuit 5 which looks like a blank. so i check, giving him a chance to bluff at it  (he did once before and i won by calling) and knowing i cant get a hand better than my 88 to fold. he bets $55.

i call, and he had 34 of hearts (no draw whatsoever on the flop) but on the turn he picked up a 4th heart for a flush draw. and rivered a straight.

i still feel i read the situation well, (first guy folds and 2nd guy called with a draw). so should we not second guess the play due to the poor results? anyway i left. good nite everyone.

i only hope i do as well as stealthmunk in tomorrows event.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

HUGE WHALE found swimming in north Lake Tahoe

At first, i didnt realize when this guy sat down that he was going to be such a whale. in fact he looked a lot like John from cali who used to do rideshares and lived in foxwoods part of the time, and ripped me off of $193 once on a $30 room i sold him at Palace station about 5-10 yrs ago. (by running up tons of charges to my credit card which i never got from him). But it turned out he wasnt him.

turned out the guy bragged about working  for $9 hour plus tips (man it must be nice to have a job that pays tips) because he rebought more than once, but he was getting lucky so much he seldom needed to. but he was obviously loaded with money and didnt care. and the suckouts he was putting on everyone was insane. im sure he was earning at least $300+ a day at the nice restaraunt he works at.

hands like a2 offsuit calling huge reraises allin preflop for $500+, and $50+ preflop calls with hands like 85 offsuit. total bluffs being made after the flop on boards of 772K with hands like 10 5 of clubs, and no flush draw. one time on a flop of K54 he calls a huge allin bet with A6, and runner runners a straight, and the guys friend next to him looked it up on his phone (friend of the guy who lost with a set of 5s) and found out he was like 4% only to win. and he made about 4 of these suckouts and had his stack up to over $1000 before losing it soon after. and remember, the max buyin in this $1-2 NL game is a measly $200.

i didnt even know at first id be able to play $1-2 NL. id never been there before on a tuesday night, seeing its only 2 months in the summer the room is 7 days a week instead of 4. turns out tues and wed nites are $10-20 omaha nights and that game starts up first.

i seen one hand with aa9j and almost didnt look at the flop since i had no low, and certainly didnt raise. flop comes 229 with few of us seeing the flop and we all check, turn comes 2, and one guy bet $20 and i called, not liking it, and the river he checks and i check too. mistake? anyway it won and i left $55 up. turned out i got a seat without even having to play an entire round, and i feared the game would start out short and id be waiting like 30 minutes or an hour paying lots of blinds. my fears were for naught, i never paid 1 blind, and the game started 8 handed with me as the button.

earlier in the day, id won back about $300+ on the VBJ of the big loss the nite before. and overall im down not too much on the VBJ this trip, not nearly as much as the $3000 i won the previous trip. am getting a lot of drawing tickets too. briefly last nite i was stuck close to $1800 once. today on the way back in a cab i deposited back $912 in the atm. why $912? to make it an even $11000 in the bank.

when i tried to cash out of the VBJ (in plenty of time to make the bus) the cashout wouldnt work and the 5th spot on the VBJ often does that, but usually still cashed out within 2-3 minutes. however it never did and i had to get the slot floorman and i didnt have time to wait longer because i needed to go across the street to the bustop. so i just picked it up later when i got back. turns out the bus was 13 minutes late, so maybe id had time after all. he couldnt get my ticket to print out either, so id had to wait for him to hand pay me if i stuck around and i only had less than 5 minutes til i thought the bus wouldve came.

i quit the game early after the fish went broke for the last time and left. why? because my $155 buyin was now at $682, and the one good player in the game i had no idea how he played, had $800 plus on my immediate left. (hed just recently won it). and earlier i made what i think was a bad laydown. i had my initial buyin up to $208 and then along came this hand.

i raised it preflop with KQ of diamonds (the fish was out that hand away from the table smoking) and got 3 callers. flop comes K58 with the 58 of diamonds. i bet $30 and get 1 caller on my left. (at the time it wasnt the immediate left, one guy was in between who had folded). i figure im way ahead or way behind, so why bet anymore once im called on the flop. big mistake?

turn comes J and i check, he bets $60 and i worry about AK and KJ. i didnt expect such a LARGE bet. i call, river comes 9, i miss, he goes allin and i have about $108 left and folded, and felt like it was a bad fold, since i later saw him buy a pot. would any of u called?

this was very early in the game right as the fish had just sat down about one orbit before.

and then there was a big pot i won, (money i won all came from the fish). i had AJ offsuit, and the fish made his standard preflop raise to like $35. i called, as did 2 others, including one who went allin for $23 more. the fish called, and i asked the dealer if i could reraise and he said YES. i was surprised, but different rules in different casinos. so i go allin, someone complains and then the dealer takes it back, and im only able to call, and im thinking wtf as they all just got free information. as it turned out flop is J42, fish goes allin for about $100 left, i shove, and my hand wins both the main pot and the side pot. we both hit 2 pair when the ace hits the turn, him hitting aa44 and me aajj.

another big win was when i had aa and reraised his $15 raise of his straddle (the fish) to $50 preflop with aa and him and one other guy call. flop comes 883 and fish goes allin. other guy folds, i call with aa and lucky for me i river the a for a big boat as he had a set of 8s on the flop.

another guy also loosened up due to the fish, and briefly was up to $600+ and then lost it all. he kind of overbet into the guys who played a lot more solid on a flop of K93 turn 3 when he had 38 by betting $500+ allin, causing a good player to fold the other 3. he was after the fishs money and the fish folded. so did the asian guy whod raised to $50.

i think i should go to new hampshire, along with a ton of other places. the governor just signed a law makes NL cash legal for $50-150 buyins. before that it was only small fixed limit and tournies. so for the next 3 months or so it should be the softest games in the country. seems there are safe motels for like $60-85 a nite nearby and probably safer clientele than in a lot of big cities. less methheads, drug dealers etc. theres like 10 rooms there, didnt realize there were so many. but it sucks they arent 24 hours.

but if the games stay this loose in tahoe, i wont need to go. ive NEVER seen the game this loose.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

the upcoming Peppermill freeroll.

The other day, i finally made a large sized deposit on Bovada (of $112) instead of just a tiny one of the $20 minimum or slightly more. i hate to take anything at all out of my roll, but im sick of making multiple deposits and never having any money there. maybe its a mistake to put money there at all instead of just playing in the casino, but i always like to have something to do from home to make money.

and as much as id like to be in vegas right now--i dont want to go too far from reno til after the freeroll. now yes i know only 5 or less will make something really decent out of it, and yes i know that staying in reno already cost me over $350 tonight when u count what i lost in the big split poker machine after leaving the poker room up $347. (thats why im now at the Tahoe Biltmore instead of in reno for 3-5 days.)

But id like to think of it this way. 1. i need more tourny experience and i wanted to play at least one tourny during the time period of the WSOP. 2. i have a decent chip lead at the start. (along with the top 20 hours out of the 100 people). 3. i won the riviera tourny once for over $1700 and had to waste half of the money paying Herbie. 4. i think if i actually play my best in this, i just might have a shot. quite a few of the entries will be other people who dont normally play tournies and might not be shoving when down to very few BBs. should at least be able to make it to 40th for $100 if i dont take a bad beat early. 15th to 40th all get $100, so its pretty flat for an unusually large number of spots.

my biggest worry will be people colluding with each other in it.

also i bought in for $200 tonight at the Peppermill in the $1-2 game instead of the more standard buyin of $120 (or close thereabouts). it worked out too, i early on got it up to just over $300, and a couple hours later had it up to $656 at the hi water mark. when i eventually cashed out, i still had $547. Think of how much better my life would be, (and how much better medical care, accomodations, food and stress level id have) if i was averaging $200 profit per day (also known as $72,000 a year).

can someone explain why 72k a year is not profitable at $1-2 NL? shouldnt it be if someone buys in high enough amounts and puts in enough hours? i dont think even Pokerdogg is doing it and not sure why. i doubt anyone here is better at the game than him.

also if i move out of where im living, i might never be able to move back in at least without waiting for months. and as much as id like to be in vegas to see steathmunk, i dont want to be charged rent two cities at the same time. or be charged for a place i might not make it back to.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

I'm still in Reno even though Lightning has now flown back to Illinois

and i've been doing a lot better since he came up here to see me from Phoenix (but he dont live in Phoenix). looking at the last 4 days since mondays loss in the mix game at the atlantis, i've gained back about $800+ off $1-2 NL alone. (not counting the win of a bit over $100 at the Tahoe Biltmore when lightning and i went on a drive around parts of Lake tahoe). i fed us both there with comps, and showed him how to sign up for the ATM promotion across the street, which won him about $117. he needed it as much bad luck as he's been having at poker. a lot of suckouts, although i kept losing to him due to my strong desire to show a bluff.

this small recovery at poker has gotten me back to $13.01 an hour from a low point of $12.68 an hour. But still, the lions share of money won this month was the $3000 gained on the VBJ on the previous trip to the Tahoe Biltmore. just think of where id be now if i wouldve lost.

what's important is ive regained my confidence at poker, and no longer feel i have to depend on VBJ (due to most recent results of about 7 out of 10 wins). i have options. i can buy in large or small, whichever is neccessary. and i can also avoid shorthanded games. i can also play radically different and manipulate my opponents emotionally too. (not play the way they will expect).

and it meant a lot to me Lightning was willing to visit here. he is the only one willing to do so for the most part who isnt already in the area. and i did my part by paying $50 on the rental car and for his food on 2 occasions. Meant a lot too how he was willing to briefly leave the table to drive me by the ATM machine to deposit money before i went home to sleep when too tired to sit there til he was done. (not for many more hours). i certainly got to spend a lot more time with him here than when he was in Vegas.

and he enjoyed meeting Karen too, and especially Karens friend Carol. and steve the dealer, among others. was also glad he changed his mind about getting more sleep, and decided for us to eat at Denny the final morning. he really thinks the Peppermill is a great poker room, but didnt feel the same about the Atlantis.

he took a few bad beats which im sure he will tell u of in his blog. most particularly a $600+ pot on a flop of T36 with 2 spades when he had aa and the opponent had 45 of spades for an open ended straight flush draw. all the money went in on the flop and the 10 pairing the turn wouldve scared both into checking, or maybe not. the other one consisted of flopping 66622 and being beat on the end by a 2 out suckout of QQQ22.

i got off relatively lucky on the one big pot i had against him (well there was also one other in which i played like a donkey-this one here though i played well). i called a small raise preflop with 89 diamonds and the flop was A92 and i called a small bet because it was small and i had a backdoor flush draw, and i knew the turn would make it easy to play from there. (either convert to the best hand, or easily get away). i hit the 8 on the turn and bet and then called a small raise. i wouldve reraised, but i didnt want him to fold if he had KK. river was an ace, so i check folded easily. i knew if he had ak and a blank came i could then bet big. lucky for me it wasnt a blank as he had AAAA for quads. but i got off light.

I am finally free to leave reno now, but i dont know i should. these are good games, and i like living nearby so cheap. i hate to risk giving it up although theres friends id like to visit outside of reno. i do still not like the games options after 3am in reno however. and i do have almost as much as the first time i went to baltimore, meaning i could go back and start out again where games are good and hotels are outrageously high per day.

theres a good freeroll tourny coming up at the peppermill july 12 though, and ive almost earned the $100 free play for spelling pluginandgo. all im missing now is the letter o.

Friday, June 19, 2015

WSOP $10 satellite entry

Considering how poorly ive been running (or playing) lately at live poker, perhaps its time for me to give online poker a try. last night i dropped $709 the first session, went over to the Big split machine and recovered $522 of it, then walked back into the poker room at the Peppermill, plays a few more hours, and lost another $254 by the time the game finally broke about 630am. then i walked back to the same machine and won another $153 more before leaving.

went to the barber shop and got a much needed haircut and shave before i went home for $26, and that way i was able to say i got at least one thing accomplished and out of the way for all that money i lost.

Online poker may not be as popular as it was in the mid 2000s, but its slowly been coming back. More states are legalizing it, (at least trying to) and the govt seems to be not bothering as much with the underground sites as it once was. I'm here to let you know the WSOP is going to be having a bracelet event this year that will take place online. (at least until u make the final table that is--then it will be done in person at the Rio).

The tourny is on July 2 at noon on for $1000. it ends at the rio on July 4. and for all of you who would rather not have to pay $1000 (or even have $1000 to enter) theres a wonderful opportunity courtesy of Poker Update for a $10 satellite entry on june 28 at 6pm. u have to register an account on and u have to be physically present in NV and logged into your computer on that date. (you do not have to live in NV however).

it will probably get a lot of entries, so its hard to say in advance how many seats will be awarded. the event u will be entering (if u win a seat) will be awarding a WSOP bracelet, same as the winners of all the live events each year get. The same type of bracelets Phil Hellmuth and Phil Ivey have earned. wouldnt it be great to have one of these for only $10?

so go ahead, check out Poker Updates website, check out all the tournament details on how to register and enter, and give it a shot if u have not yet already done so. It's possible many of the live professionals will be playing online for the first time just to have a chance to win the online bracelet event, and u might even find yourself sitting in the table with them unknowingly. and remember it will end at the Rio in person (not the satellite) but the $1000 wsop event u might win a seat into.

theres also great cash games online too for those of u who like them, not just tourneys. But at this time of year theres a lot of us who do like to try and enter as many tournaments as we can afford to have a better shot of winning big money in at least one of them. and for only $10, this is one of the cheapest ways u can give it a shot.

Monday, June 15, 2015

its time to say farewell

i probably should get out of the tahoe Biltmore really soon. Been here 6 whole days now (much longer than usual) and running out of comps, but when i came i had over $160 stored up from previous much shorter stays. and im still nowhere close to running out of food in my hotel room as much extra food as i brought this trip. its a good thing i got me this 2nd suitcase because i really needed it.

but since i came with $8900+ had $8800+ after paying the cabbie, $8900 plus again after doing the $50 atm promo across the street and picking up $45 in free play at the Biltmore, and then briefly had $11,168 a day ago, thats a pretty sizeable overall win on the VBJ. only about $100 or less is profit from the 3 nights i played poker, so its over $2000 won off the VBJ.

yes ive given back a bunch since, have over $500 less than i did, and at one point last night was out about $900, but wasnt out that much when i went to bed. after depositing the $2500 in the atm and then losing a lot since, i did have to take out another $800 from the atm again to have enough to bet with.

But its getting time to get back to reno. Lightning will be coming in 8 days, and i've got a drs appt at his office scheduled for 10.20am june 22. (they said to come in 30 min early which to me is stupid). but thank God its with a regular MD at his office for $120 instead of at some urgent care place with 100s of others in the lobby. at least now i feel i wont be as likely to be rushed in and out by the dr. and ill have someone i can consider my regular primary dr. at least until i move out of reno that is.

ive got so many things i need to ask the dr, and mom says i should have them do bloodwork to find things wrong i might not be aware of. by the way mom has tendinitis so she has to try and type with only her left hand. just seen a dr herself recently and she forgot where lightning lived, or remembered that by Lightning i meant John. (when i told her and Mark he was coming to visit). neither did Mark know who i meant by lightning.

should ask the dr why my scalps in such awful shape, and make sure ive got no infections. why i feel like ive got a bump in a couple areas, and a strange feeling in the chin at times. why i feel temperatures changes where the scalp is in poor shape. why i have to urinate so often and for such low amounts. why my eyesight is deterioating. and anything else one of u might think would be a good idea to ask id never think of.

and even if i lose $1000 again on the VBJ, i will still be at $9600+ which is better than when i left reno. this machine is certainly +ev overall. the way i bet may cause more variance, but im still getting all the big bets in at positive counts, and thats really all that matters. the fact i keep doubling them bets is just a sideshow and wont affect anything in the long run.

one of the Mexican security guards here who i think is new since he had the wrong name for the slot supervisor on duty has a habit which drives me up the wall. (anytime theres an attractive women playing a machine along, hes always coming over to chat her up. he must really be wanting to get laid awful bad). one girl i heard him asking if she was married or not. dont the women find this annoying? i would if I was a woman and the guy wasnt white.

it bugs me because i dont feel the same freedom to go up and talk to a woman and feel id be accepted. i feel a woman might get mad if i talked to her and have her BF beat me up or tell the management im bothering her. and i resent the fact the security guard can talk to her without having to worry about all these repurcussions. good looking guys can do whatever they like without ever having to worry about being charged with sexual harrassment, and ugly guys like me get in a lot of serious trouble if they try to go around talking to women. especially those of us who are socially awkward and have disabilities like aspergers. This has resulted in numerous bannings in years past in the casinos. (all of them about 15 yrs ago when i was young enough to still be interested in trying to talk to women--back before i felt ugly and old and felt it was pointless). lets bury once and for all the opinion its things i do in poker rooms thats got me banned. that was for very few bannings. (harrahs joliet). other bannings had to do with things outside of the poker room, think Binions, Venetian, etc.

For instance, once a casino near KCMO banned me because the girl i had rode to the casino with her and her family complained about me giving her money to kiss her. and they thought i was bothering her when i wasnt (it was her friend i was talking to, who needed money for a cab that i later met at another casino after id gotten her phone number). but she complained that i was still bothering her because she didnt like me hanging out with her friend. this girl had originally agreed to do it, and her family was broke and looking around for money in the slot machines and had told me about it. this was back in the days i was homeless alot thats how i met these types of people. the casino claimed they had a previous issue with me, when i was talking to a different women on a prior visit who didnt like a question or comment id made and complained.

u see, when u have autism its hard to know how to be appropriate when making conversation because u dont know social cues and cannot read others feelings. its why i cant establish trust with anyone and am scared of being setup and harmed by everyone i meet. or why i feel abondoned by every women whose ever once really liked me. (a great example being Josie, Britni and claudia).

then the other 2 major bans in vegas both involved being unable to relate to women instead of bad behaviours in the poker rooms. the MGM i got banned for trying to stop a hooker from leaving whod ripped me off, and the valet (her friend who she tipped) lied and said i grabbed a female guests coat to stop them from getting in their car. they didnt listen to my story when they seen id previously been 86ed from MGM elsewhere other casinos. now one time i did go in the poker room years later and a guy working there thought he recognized me from another property. (this was years ago and the earlier incident was even more years ago). ive not been in there in at least 10 yrs now. so he checked with security to see if i was banned and security came by and said yes i was and had me leave.

and the excaliber back when it was mandalay resorts group  and not the MGM? (but still a group of 4-5 casinos). that too had to do with a woman being friends with the security guard. she also got me banned at a place in mesquite once when we went out there. her name was Terry she was friends with a girl who used to work at binions in the snack bar. she was also friends with a security guard at the gold spike when it was a casino and talked that security head into letting me come back in.

sometimes she wanted to hang out and she was basically homeless and had issues. eventaully she moved to kingman and ive no idea what became of her since. she was needing money but when she got irrateted with me, wanted me to get the hell away and then told all the employees i was bothering her. mesquite it all started with me not wanting to see to see a movie in the theater. she sat in the security office most of the night because she claimed she was afraid to go back to our room.

at the time i was so broke i had no friends in the poker room to stand up for me anyway--all i played then was low stakes stud basically and the excaliber the employees didnt like my scalp allergies but i could still always play til the girl complained like hell to staff i was bothering her and would get away from her, yelling and screaming, and made the pit boss at the craps table think i was taking her money when it was money id gave her to play i was trying to make sure she bet a certain way. we were using a coupon and i was trying to fix it so there would be a small profit. (not the type of player whose welcomed).

and for that, im 86ed for life because i dont know how to fix it and lost Grumps friendship in helping me. the lady in charge didnt like me complaining about women having special privledges and her not listening and taking the other girls side because she was a woman.

so u see, all my bans are basically caused by my autism and not knowing how to interact and relate socially with women and its something i cant help due to my disability. ill never know how to talk to people without upsetting them. but it does make me very bitter towards sociable and attractive people because it makes me feel like they think theyre privledged and feel like they think they are better than me due to it.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Hyatt Incline poker room

i dont understand why im having so much good luck on this VBJ machine (up over $700 on it since arriving in Crystal Bay). maybe its just my style of betting, (and that i havent taken the big loss yet). I also dont understand why my hourly rate at poker keeps getting smaller and smaller. after tonights $193 loss at the $1-2, my new hourly is at its lowest point ever, ($13.37 per hour). it keeps getting closer and closer to falling under $13, from when it was always around $14-15. now thats averaging in over 2100 hours of play, so its probably actually negative if it keeps dropping (for just the last few weeks only). one thing that might be hurting me is ive seen almost NO quads or bonus hand payouts in a while.

Players in Reno might just be getting better at poker, (or more likely, better adjusting to my style of play). i worry my style of play is dying out and id like to learn how to beat the LAG style. What i really want is to find LAG players who will study and analyze my play 1 on 1 with me (after sitting in my game a few hours) and instead of targeting me specifically (which is unethical instead of targeting the table as a whole) be a friend out for my best interests and teach me what im doing wrong and to show me how to improve to where people like them can no longer take advantage of me.

u see thats how u learn. you dont learn by reading books, forums, or watching videos. u learn from 1 on 1 instruction in person with other good players. Players like stealthmunk, The Trooper, Grump, Pokerdogg, Rebecca, Vook, etc.

and tonights session was a bit frustrating and i took a few notes to remind me of certain hands. so while i sit here and play my $5 quadruple up MTT on Bovada with my $60 there, im going to go look at the notes section on my phone. I'm also cleaning out my microwave dish so i can cook some food. brought about a weeks supply of groceries with me from home, including plenty of detergent.

several things were happening in that poker room tonight that were really grating on my nerves. both hands i played well and lost, hands i wouldve won, and hands where i didnt lose nearly as much as i was supposed to lose. Hands i was expecting to win, (and didnt). $193 is the most ive ever lost in the Hyatt, due to few sessions being played there, and a max buyin of only $200. and at the first of July, thats when it will start being open 7 days a week.

so lets disect these hands 1 by 1. first one to discuss, i had 35 offsuit in my unraised BB. as usual, this room gets a lot of limpers and callers. lots of very rich people live in this area. Flop comes up 724 rainbow and i check my open ender. guy bets  $15, another guy bets $30, and theres only $10 in $2 antes in the pot. so i decide im definitely not getting the right odds and lay it down. guy who bet the $15 decides to call the $30. (with what happened to be KT offsuit) see what i mean by a lot of donkeys in this room? turn comes K and he bets again, other guy calls. river comes A and it goes check check and i wouldve had the stone cold nuts. but of course the right play is to fold for $30 on the flop.

and i lost my initial $120 standard buyin rather quickly and rebought $145 since i had only $17 left. i had KJ suited, and probably shouldve raised preflop instead of limped, but i dont like raising with it without being in late position. flop comes up JT6 rainbow and i bet $10 and get one caller. turn comes 7 putting out a possible flush draw. he checks, and again i bet $20 he calls. river comes 5, total blank. he shoves allin. (what would u do here?) i have no idea if he is a bluffer, and i call. (mightve been a donkey move, but thats never stopped me from doing it before). he has the nut straight with 89. and again i felt like he played it poorly.

By poorly i mean he will get my money a lot more often if he raises the turn instead, because if i wouldve been on a flush draw instead of top pair, i couldve folded the river. (so hes taking maybe a 25% chance this couldve been my hand--although it wasnt). anyone care to guess what thoughts were going thru his mind? (as far as how to get value)

and another thing, how do u play against a player trying to obtain 1st place in every satellite format tourny format when he dont need to do nothing but sit and wait it out with his chip count? you see, i busted out of my tourny on Bovada few minutes ago. 17 of us were left and 10 were getting paid a flat amount of $20 for our $5 buyin. and this one guy was involved in about 80% of the pots preflop and didnt need to be. i was slowly whittling down and when he just limped his SB vs my BB i was down to like 8 BB and shoved to take a stand, since id been waiting to shove mostly any 2 for some time and couldnt due to someone else always raising in front of me. (and all my hands being too weak to play once someone else entered the pot). turns out he had AA (my hand dont matter in that spot--im supposed to shove) and i was out. my actual hand was Q4 offsuit.

and the worst one of all was when i had the AT offsuit at the Hyatt, and the flop came 357 all in spades and i had the ace of spades. i bet $10 and one guy calls. turn comes Ts giving me a pair and the nut flush. again i bet $10, hoping for a raise and that he hit the flush. he calls. river comes 3 which scares me cause im wondering if hes drawing for the boat. i bet only $10 (originally id planned to bet more if nothing hits) and sure enough he bets $25. i only call, fearing a boat and it turned out he flopped the straight flush and missed a ton of value slow playing it. guy is a regular at the Horseshoe pokerroom in Memphis it turned out.

by that time i was thoroughly fed up with getting beat by those not extracting the correct value for their hands.