Monday, February 1, 2016

well, i'm finding out games in the Toledo area aren't as bad as i feared when i first came out this way, now since im in the $15,700+ instead of the $12,600+ of the $13,800+ i left hutchinson KS with. some of it came thru winnings my horse made for me off my money. most of it came thru my own hard work and my luck. $150+ of it was even won from live table Blackjack on 2 seperate occasions. But im still positive that Motor city is a better game than toledo

might need to see a dentist again soon, since i never got them cleaned like i was told to do last year by the oral surgeon in reno who removed the 2 teeth. i feel cracks between teeth and gums, and on the other side the far end, extremely sharp jagged edge to touch, which could be the final remaining wisdom tooth. i am afraid to have anyone do the work except the one in reno before who did good work in eliminating the pain, knocking me out with iv first. sometimes this one on the end feels sore.

and of course, still need scalp dr, eye dr, ear dr, diabetes dr, normal checkup, lab work testing, etc. i just dont wish to waste the day waiting, (could never tolerate waiting for any purpose). only thing i want to do is play poker and sleep. i feel ill wait too long and die. not sure what became of cooldave, but thank God he appeared in reno one day.

saving lots of money on housing, but i still need to get a new ID soon, so i cant stay here forever. Ray is looking forward to getting his own roll, he hates being told when to go instead of choosing when to. i dont think he should with the tiny $300+ of his own he will have after his bills this month, he needs to wait, thats not enough. if he dont go soon as hes winning (off my money) i worry he will lose it back. plus i often like to lock up my own profits from my play. u see, i know its the only thing that works to grow the roll. i mean, its slowly regrowing the roll from the huge drops before i came to toledo.

not playing any VBJ due to the inability to find it is probably growing the roll too. constantly wish i could hit the road for tahoe or deadwood just to play it. i will say the roll goes up much slower than when it went down.

i might try to get him to write up a guest post

Sunday, January 24, 2016

how things are going in toledo

for the first time, i'm sitting in the restaraunt called "scene" right in the center of the Hollywood Toledo casino eating with my poker comps. Also got a massage for the 1st time in this poker room while in the $1-2 PLO (its only $1 min here). Their $1-2 PLO usually never goes and is either $2-5 or round by round, (no hilow either). But i needed to get out of that PLO game. was in for $120, lost, another $120, lost, rebought another $100 and eventually won a few key pots to get it up to over $600 briefly. when i quit the game, i still had over $500.

one time i seen the flop of 289 with 2 clubs, when i had the AQ of clubs, with the TJ of diamonds. i lost to 2 pair. another time i flopped the nut straight and it came runner runner aa for him to make a full boat with pocket 3's.. he flopped 2 pair with QJ on the flop of AQJ. that was disgusting. it took about 3 hours for me to win some pots.

i've been in a gym for the first time in my life 3 times with Ray so far on the treadmill, he likes to go often. i managed a brisk walk for like 20 minutes. there is hydro massage waterbeds too with a 7 minute limit, the place is called planet fitness for $20 month, they have locations in vegas too. im sure Alysia Chang goes.

me and Ray visited 2 more charity rooms in MI last night ive never been to, but still cant find a cheap omaha game. we seem to do better at motor city in NL than any of the other rooms nearby. Motor city is easy to win as MD live or talking stick. they do have a weird $200 cap in the $1-2 NL. most every casino is more.

only $15 left on Bovada, lost quite a few things in a row, so i guess ill be forced to redeposit every though id prefer not to. i could also try ACR maybe theyd let me withdraw in bitcoin so id not have to worry about checks.

Ray still bugs me when ill go to his church with him, but i still aint awake the right hours. i hope he finds the dentist he needs and the oil leak problem is fixable. its amazing (and i think intentional) how many restarunts have no plugins for their customers.

would like opinions of some shoves. the other day there was a young black kid on my immediate left who kept making it $7 preflop about 66% of the time. i figured the best way to manipulate this was to, if the other didnt reraise him, to reraise HUGE with anything worthwhile. but i never got anything. finally i got A7 hearts and got away with everyone folding to my $70 limp reraise. i felt lucky.

30 minutes later, i tried it with 88. this time 2 people called. him and one other guy with KT of hearts. (maybe i shouldnt have showed the 7 only on the previous steal?). but i do think it was why i got action. flop comes 843 all in spades. turn comes 2 spades. river Q hearts. and i lost to 9J offsuit. (the kid made a flush). i did right, i got the money in with the best of it. i didnt think he was quite that loose to call preflop with that.

least im still over $600 better off than i came to toledo, but imagine how poorly id be doing if i had more expenses.

why didnt the blizzard that affected the business at parx and MD live so much have any effect on NJ. the whole time the borgata showed 35+ tables while the other places showed 0-5 going. didnt they get snow too?

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Poker is a very emotional game

Swings galore here lately, but at least this is coming back up, (to more than when i left KS from my low of $12,600). the $13,800 i left with is now at $13,900+. 2 good days, (todays $200+ win and yesterdays $700+ win) really helped. most of yesterdays took place in detroit.

some important hands to talk about. one of which i had the AK and my opponent had the QK. i made the standard preflop raise to $12 using Grumps method. Flop comes K94 with 2 clubs. he checks, i bet only he called. turn comes K. he checks, i bet $50, he makes it $105, but intended to bet $100. i asked him if he would show if i fold, with no intention to of course. he doesnt reply but finally says he will. i tell him this means he is weak and call. river comes and im planning to reshove if its not a club, or a card above the 9. i didnt like the Q on the end. he bets $100 and i just call, saving money. i had him set up beautifully, (him thinking he was leading when he wasnt). then he hits the 3 outer. it was quite irritating.

most of the hands were winners though. Again i'm in the pot raising preflop with ak hearts. most of the table called so i knew id need help. flop comes 356 with 2 hearts. its checked around to the guy in front of me, who bets $40 i shoved, hoping for him to fold if he held 88-TT or similar. he didnt fold, but the others did. he held 35 for 2 pair. turn comes 6, river a. counterfeiting his 2 pair.

i got $38 in a high hand that i was surprised i got paid for because i was thinking u needed $20 in the pot. funny rule here, if u have more than $300 on the table u have to put it in your pocket. same way on the $30 for 3 hours of play 3-8am.

then one time i convinced the table i thought i turned the straight (when i was really trying to bluff). Flop was 775, all 3 of us checked the limped pot. turn comes 9. one guy i felt i could manipulate bet $5. one guy i didnt see called him without my knowledge. i check raised to $20 with TJ, gutshot 2 overs, total air in other words. he thinks but quickly folds like i figured he would. i show the bluff, but i pretended i turned the straight, saying i turned the nut straight. then the dealer asks me what im doing since seat 3 other end of the table is still in. i turn them back over, thinking for sure he would see them and call. he must of not because hes still thinking, then finally folds. everyone else swore (as i knew) the board was 779 not 789 and i didnt have the straight. i just didnt want them seeing me try to bluff right then.

dont ever try the crazy pineapple tourny in Trenton MI. its a total crapshoot, blinds skyrocket extra fast. too many rebuys.

then i had the Kt once and called a small raise preflop (u shouldnt). but i had the position. flop comes KJ9 with possible flush draw. he bets $20, one guy calls, and i call. turn comes 6, he bets $35 other guys calling again i shouldnt but do. he checks, other guys checks on the river 9 too, i do too and i win. he claims he knew id call so he didnt bet. i worried he had me beat.

i mainly took note of these hands to show the emotions that run in poker--particularly how frustrating it can be when u play the hand well but lose. (AK vs KQ)

Monday, January 11, 2016

$363 profit--biggest win in ever had in this casino

Today's profit gets me back the $300 i lost in yesterdays home game, and a little of what i lost in the casino yesterday too. still im only in the $13,100 range, not nearly as much as when i arrived in chicago. i might be back over in the casino soon, im currently at home eating and taking a small break in the $20 don sng on bovada. bought some food in aldis. i wanted to take a break and write down the win before i gave it all back.

besides having a much higher rake, i think Toledo has a lot more of the higher quality players sitting in the $1-2 instead of the $2-5 simply because the $2-5 doesnt go most of the week. meaning they have no choice but to play $1-2 instead of the stakes theyd normally prefer. so the tables are filled up with those winning regulars instead of the weaker $1-2 players u see in a place like motor city for example.

im probably best off avoiding home games. i don't want to be there if it was to get raided or robbed, and now im down for the game too. im lucky gas is as cheap as it is, but it would be too much to go all the way to detroit everyday.

i am glad ive only lost money in the VP machines once for $80, and havent touched any live BJ games. the $15 min (if u want to be paid 3-2 instead of 6-5) keeps me off them. as all live BJ professonals know $13k isnt enough to sit in the $15 min tables. i dont think im putting in nearly enough hours, but i am doing a good job of sticking to poker.

id like to make some longer distances trips with Ray--if it wasnt for the worry he might be leaking oil which he says wouldnt be worth fixing due to the cost. it's getting closer to my ID expiring in may too.

Got a chance to play with lightning a little on Bovada last night, and ive still got $270 there too. i dont like the new software and the removal of stud, but im no longer under $100 on there like i was once.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

i'm over $1100 worse off than i was when i left my mothers house

yeah, its not been good at all here in toledo. Ray says i can stay here as long as i want with no expense, (minus my food, gas, etc). no rent. of course, im still out with the $200 i gave him for his rent. he only pays $200 since he's hooked up with section 8 in quite a nice place in the suburbs. i had to give it to him when he was unable to get a loan for his vehicle due to the vehicle not being worth anything. But im not bringing in any money.

and it dont seem to make any difference where i play. ive tried everywhere, not just the local casino. the casinos in detroit. charity cardrooms in MI. private games in others homes in toledo, people who he trusts. only good luck i had was in indiana. theres still a lot more rooms out of town he was going to visit with me also. some 100-400 miles out. i think the $6+1 rake is having an effect but its mostly due to poor luck.

no VBJ or table BJ play at all this trip. not that any decent ones exist here. i investigated the VBJ in detroit, it sucks, and the VBJ in toledo is non-existent. looked over the rules on live BJ here too, the rules suck without at least a $15 min bet, and even then the rules are much better on the $50 table. the comp rate on the VP games really sucks too on pretty much every Hollywood property ive ever seen. soon they will own as many casinos nationwide as MGM or harrahs.

this is the LOWEST roll ive had in a year or so now, at $12,709. i did have one small win in the last 24 hours or id be at my lowest point of $12,611.

lots of the beats were unbeliveable such as top set twice losing in the PLO game outside detroit in a ghetto charity game, loaded with action where it might not been safe to leave on foot, and losing twice with ak to aa when i got committed on the flop by the case ace coming on the flop, where i couldve got off the hand otherwise both times. the odds of that coming up on the flop were quite remote for it to happen twice.

there are some better options and much cheaper living options than the foxwoods area, but still would be back to $300-400 a week. not as high as the $90-110 a day near MD live though. this is if i left staying with Ray and went to one of the motels i see on priceline in various other cities within a few hundred miles of here. amtrak is extremely cheap for lots of cities from here. examples being $35 to erie, $69 to WV, and $91 to milwaukee.

maybe i shouldnt feel so broke with $12k, many times i wouldve been thrilled to have this much. its enough to play $1-2 NL or $6-12-8-16 omaha 8, right? yes it is, but living expenses too? 40 buyins of $300 isnt very much u know. any of u, whats ur biggest downswing in live $1-2?

i think Ray's financial problems could be solved by him working for Uber. they accept most people i think, and he's had a history of driving for greyhound and for the city bus. i dont quite know how his disability works, but its not ssi, it pays somewhat more, but not too much. somehow he injured his back but i dont know the story. Uber will let u pick ur hours i understand and it would pay $100+ per day i think. i'm still trying to get him to sign up, and he seems open to checking it out.

i dont want this blog filled up with Man in Black comments either by him or others, so if everyone could limit those to the previous 3 blogs, would be appreciated. tired of hearing about it, both lightning and alaska gal said to quit posting his comments or discussing it, and to just block him totally.

Friday, January 1, 2016

Saint Ray

wow this blog post is way overdue. im getting to be like PPP. my last post was a whole week ago.

1. Ray drove to chicago amtrak to pick me up, got lost finding the place due to massive construction and lanes closed off. 2. Ray didnt charge me any of his $70-100 in gas and tolls. 3. Ray kept ordering me drinks and tipping the waitress for me when i didnt really need them without me asking. 4. Ray told me not to worry ill get it when driving thru mcdonalds. 5. Ray has almost 0 possessions, a quite empty house and old truck, but has 2 big bibles in it. 6. Ray pretty much left it up to me when to quit the poker games. he won $145, and i won $186. 7. hes not into technology, and was quite glad i was able to find google directions home from the blue chip casino in IN where we went after leaving the majestic star. 8. Ray let me stay in the nicest room in his house (the only bed) and we stopped at walmart to get food. 9. while sleeping this morning, Ray left the house to make me some keys. i woke up, no one here, worried the rapture took place.

this is a true servant of God almighty, kind of like the guys in toledo who had the law office downtown they used exclusively for pro-life work in the 1990s connected with operation rescue. they let me and about 2-3 other homeless people live there free of charge. it too was very old and sparse building with nothing in it. i was 20-22 about when i stayed there like 2 months. he dont care about money--nor does he think of himself first. he says i dont owe him a thing for staying here. and yet his poker roll is only $600. this will really help to get my $29,000 back in the next 6 months so i can be back to being indepent and able to give the higher stakes another shot.

remember i didnt really lose it at $2-5 like i said. i lost it on foolish things. machines in deadwood, machines at foxwoods expenses, live table games in foxwoods. about $2000 was all i lost on $2-5. 4 buyins is all. i felt like i lost at $2-5 because in 2 weeks went from being UP $2000+ in it, to being DOWN $2000+ ($4000+ swing) so of course i needlessly panicked.

when Ray gets home, we will go buy things at the thrift store for this place, and then visit the poker room in downtown toledo ive still not yet been too. too tired last night. here is a picture of my room.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

from hutchinson KS

well, finally i have wifi again. didnt have it the whole 24 hours i was on the amtrak, except very spotty service now and again thru the phone via sprint. not even with paying all that extra $300+ for a private sleeper car at the last possible minute. had i preplanned the trip out in advance and on the right day instead of going there a last second decision to want to be there, i couldve gotten the room for about $150 less. but i did do the right thing in going to Ks, correct?

took a motel not too far from amtrak, and mom will be herself to drive me into lyons at 8.30am. theres no cabs this time of night, and uber isnt in hutchinson. nothing comes up when u enter ur location. arrived quite ahead of schedule about 1.55am.

all in all, including the $68 for the room since i didnt get it for $44 prebooking it thru priceline (which u cant do after midnite) im down to $13,700. yeah i spent much more than i needed to to get here, thats for sure. couldve just flown into wichita, went to the casino, took a cab or uber from wichita to lyons, and probably still come out on top. but im no worse off than when i left deadwood, thanks to about $1800 worth of winnings in phoenix before the final losing session.

not entirely sure if im going back to phoenix right  after the first, or going to albuquerque much closer, or heading the other way into toledo. i definitely do plan to spend time in phoenix in the future. best room ive ever seen. i still dont think this $13,000 is nearly enough of a bankroll.

ive only got about $60 left on bovada but not sure if ill be able to sleep much now, after so much on the train, so i joined the $10 MTT while i wait for 8.30 to get here. nor does it look like theres an open store in walking distance to buy food. i ate for free on the train in the diner due to being sleeper car passenger, and their menu is quite limited.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Trip report-casino az--hh included

well i must admit its nice to be out of deadwood before i go busto on the VBJ machine. was down to $13k out of $19k when i flew out of there on allegiant last night into Mesa. yes, mesa, not phoenix, didnt realize there is more than one airport, so i paid a huge $75 cab fee to get to my room in scottsdale. now when its daytime, ive learned how to get back there on 2-3 bus transfers. during the day starting at 4pm theres shuttle service to talking stick for a few hours not too far from the hotel too. from mesa ill be able to buy many cheap allegiant flight to lots of cities, including wichita if i want, vegas if i want, cali if i want, south bend (near the boat in gary) or grand rapids mi. got 2 nights on priceline for $126 including fees. better than $90 night, but of course i need something much less expensive, and quickly.

no chargers in casino arizona, but at least u can use phones. the rake is horrible, $2 on the flop plus $1 preflop, but the $2-3 NL is beatable. ($300 cap betting). i was up $407 once, (from being $260 stuck) but when i left i was only up $187 dammit. but hey the action is good, if anyone here been there theyll verify it. one-two of the guys seemed to know of me.

first thing i did was get a players card, and i got $8+ in comps while playing. i couldnt find a single VBJ machine though the chaperone swears they exist, must be in other casinos. plenty of roulette machines or craps here. they do have the bartop even money kind i didnt play. its odd how u can only straddle UTG here.

the splash pot promo middle of the night seems quite easy to hit. but not the hand itself. i was most glad to learn about shuttle service in the afternoons. seems the regular bus doesnt get as close as id like, and the cab or uber fare is more than expected. not nearly enough cheap motel options nearby either unless i havent found it yet. seems to not be any cheap weekly hotels unless far out in phoenix, and im sure not ready to commit to 60 days thru extended stay america.

i think i should fly right back out of here to where i know i can live cheaper. not used to $2-3 blinds either but it was good action. just wish id left sooner. several good players and several bad players, especially seat 3 who reminded me of the black pimp. seat 1 seemed to know me. i sat in seat 8, table 5. seat 9 the drunk guy was the best player there, along with seat 7 young kid. we all were winning lots.

the really important HH to talk about is a hand i folded on the flop, that most wouldnt and were surprised i did. i limped my blind with KJ of diamonds. flop comes 96Q all in diamonds. i bet $8, seat 1 makes it $16, seat 2 (old man been there many hours with everyone covered bets $60), kid in 7 whose winning bets $155. the kid has about $400, i have over $700. i worry 2 might reraise, so i fold. both my neighbors in 9-10 verified what i had after the hand. it was a good fold, kid had nut flush.

and later i made a bad call throughout cause seat 1 really seemed to know me and might be running me over with lots of raises when i limped, but no he had the close to nuts.

see lots of suite type extended stay places online here in scottsdale and further south, but they are more like $350-400 weekly with taxes, not really that cheap then theres uber fare too. at least its not nearly as costly as the foxwoods area. i just cant bring myself to commit to 60 days here to get a good deal. maybe others have ideas? i dont know who lives here who reads my blog besides wec.

Monday, December 14, 2015

exit plans

Well there seems to be good deals on airfares this time of year. im seeing prices from here to chicago for $141, with a quick stop in MN. and theres always allegiant to vegas, mondays or fridays. those days dont work out so well seeing i get the freeplay on tuesdays each week for $350. so id like to go on a tues immediately after running it thru. most cities much more costly, even denver is $316 everyday, compared to chicago. chicago is actually useful for going to toledo. quick cheap amtrak ride, or the commuter train to the boat in gary where Ray could easily get me.

tired of not playing NL or 2-100 limit for over 2 weeks, (basically been playing VBJ or sitting in the room reading or playing online bovada). good news is i came back some, from a low of $12,950 back to 14,505. last night i went to cadillac jacks and eventually started the 2-100 4 handed and once briefly became 5 of us. theyre not getting much business this time of year. it makes me want to get back to where i can "re-establish my job" and quit this extended vacation from grinding 50 hour weeks for $14 hour. to do it before more money disappears is a good idea. besides im running out of money on bovada, only $184 left. but even if i lost it all, id still be $340 up on there this trip.

soon as 8am gets here, need to go buy food, even if im leaving this week, im completely out. not too much though. im just glad i had much better luck on VBJ this week. i know its all variance, but i did bet less on extremely slightly plus counts and saved the much bigger sized bets for the highest counts. even when id lost the hand before. Plus im glad i spent $80 on gifts instead of much less, theyre lots happier. still would like me to go visit, but first id have to be in vegas, chicago or toledo, so it would be an easy trip.

so far finished 2 books. they accidently sent me 2 copies of one book, and 0 copies of another book too, i told them and theyre waiting for me to give them another address to ship to. i dont know where i want to go, just somewhere i have more choices to play than in vegas, and of course, much looser action. maybe even back to cali, i think i still have enough to get started.

anyone ever earned the free room 3 nites at cosmo thru the trop in atlantic city? i did from earning the gold card but im not sure how to use it. guess ill look up how to email the host both places. plus theres like 10 free nites ive got coming at the nugget in vegas this Jan that can only be used on weekdays.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

thank God for online poker

well im glad i got a few things off my mind. spent $80 on xmas gifts for mom and son, $13 to mom for the DVD she wanted and the rest to my son for his gifts he wanted. how is someone 23 and still enjoys snoopy videos and charlie Brown?

my books that i ordered myself, that were supposedly to arrive today and got delayed til tomorrow, supposedly because of bad weather between denver and casper wy i seen no sign of, are now scheduled to arrive by tomorrow evening. (i constantly check the ups tracking site). listening to the troopers newest 2 videos now as im updating the blog. or to be more correct the sound of the video, not the pictures.

back to $14,056, after paying that expense, and the money i paid sunday for 2 more weeks here, making it 7 weeks total. the reason the roll went up is because i got the 2nd withdrawal for $322 off bovada now, and i cant do anymore til jan. hopefully that one will be much bigger. i still have $502 there. its gone up. 2nd reason the roll went up was this weeks $350 freeplay that i have to wait til tues each week to get instead of sunday. no big losses on VBJ lately, unless u count 2 $400+ losses. but also a couple of $300+ wins.

Thank God bovada is there for those of us in the US still. without it, i dont know where id be doing well at poker. i still think i should leave right after i get my package. even cadillac jacks hardly gets a game except the 2 days the blinds too high. there is a good fri nite omaha at silverado and thrus night mix at saloon 10.

i definitely dont spend anywhere near the time i should grinding low stakes poker, not like i did in my 20s when i didnt have the internet, (or a room to sleep and just sit back and relax in--which is why i put in way more hours). not that it benefitted me then, but putting in the hours sure benefitted me in reno.

re-read a lot of old past threads regarding KOD incident and other things, and i sure feel bad about jumping to the wrong conclusion. hopefully ill never be that desperate for money again to need the help i needed with stakes and bills so much then. i dont remember how, but somehow i came back from that and got the roll up to 29,000+ before i returned to self destructing. most never thought i would, or should even play poker. i wish i wouldve treated koala better too. i'd forgotten a lot of other favors people had done before too til i read about them.