Sunday, September 25, 2016

I know it would be a dumb idea, but i keep feeling like i want to leave.

so why do i feel this way? its not because i dont have cheap housing, although when u consider cab fees back and forth every day, i spend over half on them as i do on rent. it not because the games here are bad. its not because this isnt a good place to live longer term, with good promotions and benefits. (the upcoming october freeroll for example).

IM NOT WINNING HERE ANYMORE. not like i was back in April/May. over $9000 in april, over $5000 in may, before i went to coushatta about june 1. with tonights $400 loss, im up only about $1000 for the entire month, and almost all of this came from the BBJ winnings. my hourly is about $5-6 hour for this month, and would be $2 per hour without the BBJ. I DONT LIKE TO BE LIVING WHERE IM NOT WINNING.

but if i leave before the freeroll ill miss out on $115 per week in promo chips, (at least thru the end of Oct) and the $500 for being in the top 60 hours paid out to everyone who also gets in the freeroll tourny. top 30 hours even get $1000. top 100 in hours get the freeroll.

I enjoyed the game tonight, but i couldnt win. showed a beautiful women named Misty whose a regular my blog, who like me spends lots of her time playing poker. works for the TV station, and talked for a while. now thats the type of girl i wish i had in my life. she was telling another regular how its hard to meet others when all she does when not working is play poker. wish i knew how to find her plentyoffish profile, (shes got this app on her cell).

let me tell u some hand histories, and u guys tell me if played them poorly.

late in the evening, right before i left, i had recently gotten moved to a new table. just went from 3 tables to 2 about 4.30 am. this was a loose guy, especially from the guy in seat 2 making tons of action. id just lost a pot to him and wanted to get back the $250+ i was still out so i could go home to sleep. i need to take notes like Rob does, because i forgot the hand id just lost.

by the way he was taking forever to finish the hand. quite often. too much beer. the really funny thing was he was so drunk he drank out of the bottle next to him the guy was storing his spit in.

so im dealt AK, and the whole table limps or folds $3 to me. i know only KK or AA dominate me, so im hoping for a call against the drunk guy with a weaker king or ace. the hand before he called some big bets pre and post which id lost. come to think of it i just remember the hand i made it $17 with aq, he makes it $50 with 44. one other guy calls, flop comes 667, he bets $35 allin, i call, other guy folds, and i missed.

so i shove $380 allin, and he thinks forever, then calls $172, everyone else folds, as id hoped. he has 94 of diamonds. then he got lucky and outdrew me. this is when i swore id go on my BB. yes the games good but ive lost enough, and im tired. he went broke in the next 5 hands too.

on a different table earlier (before i moved to omaha8 $10-20--and recovered $170) i was dealt 99 preflop. no one raised. flop comes 843, both blinds check, guy under the gun bets $10. i bet $25 only the SB calls, and the guy UTG bets $21 more allin. well im not sure what the SB has, but i feel obligated to find out and call the other guy since hes got not much more and so much is in the pot. instead of calling, i reraise again to $25 more to find out the strength of the limper. he then shoves allin for $70 more, so i fold, thinking i found out. turns out i read him pretty well, he had what he thought was the winner, he wasnt bluffing. problem is he had ace 8. i knew he had top pair top kicker or better, and this was the ONLY hand i could beat, so most of the time it wouldve been a good fold, hard to see how i played it poorly.

another time i had 45 suited. flop comes Q34, only 1 of my suit. i call the bet from the asian lady other end of table who made it $8 preflop. Misty behind me calls too. (with 56) turn comes A putting 3rd club on the board. asian lady checks, i bet $25, misty calls. asian calls. i feel theyre weak and wouldve raised me if they turned the flush. i put the asain lady on JJ with one club, or something very much like it. river comes 6 no club. asain checks, i bet $65, both fold, misty hitting 6 on end to win if she calls,  the asian lady sure looked like she folded the winner once i showed. one lucky bluff i succeeded on.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

the return of Cdizzy11

I feel bad about the previous blog post which wasnt so nice to cdizzy, (the one i removed the other day). She returned to Shreveport a few days later, and let me know the night before she would be bringing a suitcase with some food and clothing items, some of which came from her, some from her church. this is a bigger sized suitcase with wheels, and will be quite useful. and yes, this time i made sure id be available and downstairs to pick it up and bring to my room. Tomorrow ill be back home again, no more free rooms this week. the fact she would not be mad about the previous blog and go ahead and do these things for me after all, shows her genuine sincerity and the same type of love for others Jesus had. so im extremely thankful to her for all she did. now instead of the 6-7 shirts i brought from vinces house, ive now got like 15. (including the ones i bought used). plus ive got plenty of pants now instead of 1.

i'm still holding close to $12,200 so i guess im doing ok, but still, for the entire month of sept, im winning $7 per hour for this month. and guess what id be winning per hour were it not for the BBJ? good thing i won over $1000 in the bitcoin this month, because the poker wins alone werent enough to live on. still got close to $110 on Bovada too but its almost sept 30 when ill need to remove it unless ive got a bank statement yet to switch over to prove residency.

if anyone here knows docglock from AVP (Greg) he's living in this area (and the new orleans / biloxi) areas for some time. he sat at my table today. i sat in the horseshoe for awhile with cdizzy yesterday. rode there with her after i took the suitcase to the room. the horseshoe really isnt a boat worth visiting. theres no usb outlets there. most people only go there because its part of harrahs (and much bigger sized).

went to room (this is why rooms come in handy--even when u have a regular place to live.) im not used to having BOTH at the same time. but when i got out of the hole and $147 up, i left to eat my free buffet, then go to the room to type the new blog. amazing how many of the other bloggers linked in here arent updating their blogs.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

well ive got some good news, (and some bad news).

We will get the bad news out of the way by getting rid of it first. i lost $508 yesterday in the $1-3, and $342 today in the $1-3. my hourly rate JUST FOR SEPTEMBER is $5 per hour. i dont think id have that if it wasnt for the BBJ getting cracked at my table saturday, my share being $841. total winnings in september are $947.

this dont include ALL of the winnings, (add in the free promo chips i get every week, the $34 weekly in free play next door, and close to $1000 worth of bitcoin all off $23). theres only $25 left in bitcoin not sent to the bank. i got the last $700 worth in the bank this morning. (shipped last thurs-fri)

seems like im not the only one failing to update the blog often lately.

Bought 3 books today, used of course, for like $3-5 each book. then bought 3 shirts for like $15 more total. i will now have close to 12 and i need to do laundry. the news u guys will consider to be the good news is i went to the Velocity urgent care center. its like 2 blocks from the IV dentists office here im going to get price quotes on. for $125, they saw me, spent $10 more filling a prescription for 20 pills of amoxicillin in CVS later. good news is theres no UTI (urine test came back ok). they did think the frequent urination of tiny amounts is likely prostatitis so this is what the amoxicillin is for. 2 pills per day for 10 days.

i'd like to keep this short, because im tired. just wanted to close out the previous blog and relate the news this is now off my mind. well somewhat at least, i hope this will help in making me feel ill soon be pissing more normally again. Ray called up this place to find it for me, told me the price before i went in. $125 plus $4 urine test.

who from NJ or Reno knows david coates the poker player? (min buys $40 every time). i dreamed last night i came back to the table in a tourny, and found him with his chips merged with mine and him playing them. i dreamed i put him in a bearlock, and security wouldnt come to the table like they shouldve and no one cared. finally he suggested we split the chips and keep playing, so we wouldnt both be thrown out of the tourny.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

The Post That Disappeared - An Explanation

Vote to decide which of these posts is better:

A: "Out of respect for Cdizzy, the previous post was removed due to misunderstanding"
                                                                     written by TBC

B: "I deleted the previous post. I am a selfish a-hole and need to have my brain removed because I am an idiot"
                                                                      suggested by lightning36

Vote now for which version of the posts is closest to the truth.

1) B is clearly the best
2) B is definitely spot on
3) B seems to be accurate
4) lightning36 did not go far enough

Vote early, vote often.

Monday, September 12, 2016

surviving on such a low bankroll in $1-3. ill be happy with it never going under $20 per hour here.

Well, my rent is paid up thru this Saturday and im $120 richer than when i stepped off the plane friday morning. But expenses eat up the money fast, remember ive won over $300 in the game this first 3 sessions, and the $115 in promotional chips. (ill get $115 more tomorrow). the money went for housing, (weeks rent) groceries, and constant cab fares seeing no lyft here. no money was used to play machines or to buyin to non-poker casino games. only promotional chips which cant be cashed in.

I still need to have a bank statement sent either here to verify my home address since i dont receive utility bills or to Rays house so i can switch my state on Bovada away from NV. this will fix it so ill be able to play on Ignition after sept 30.

this was quite the scary roller coaster ride today. i lost my $100 buyin, my $120 rebuy, then 2 more $100 buyins. when down to the last $46 out of $420, i took one big risk by rebuying one 4th time for $300, (something Grump said to me on twitter tonight he would never do). so the most i wouldve lost tonight wouldve been $720, quite a substantial portion of my roll if it wouldve happened. i started to come back a bit and soon switched tables, in fact, i did more than once. This is partly due to only 1 table having chargers which worked tonight, but not fully. i moved once to get away from someone whose quite lucky.

when i left to get my cab home, i was at $808 of my $720 in buyins. whew. what a relief.

yes i was quite concerned i might drop too much today early on. Examples of hands include one in which there were multiple people in, flop comes 457 i bet the pot with 88, get 3 callers, turn comes 8 i bet $20 guy puts me allin, and i miss my boat. (before my $300 rebuy). then earlier i flopped 4 clubs with the 79 clubs (called small raise preflop on the button) on flop of Q63. turn 5 for open end gutter straight draw too, which doubles my outs. 3 on river misses everything. Then one pot i got AQ, raise preflop, get too many callers, and go allin on the flop with shortstack on flop of A34. got called by 2 guys, both who were on gutshots, one with K5, the other with 92. guy with 92 goes runner runner flush. and that pot was over $300 with the river bet and turn. then trying to play well, fold to the preflop raise once with AJ. flop comes A2J turn A.

im thinking of staying put a while unless i get so broke i need to live with ray since i cant afford rent. its quite a bit less than my rent in reno, so hopefully i wont get so broke i wont be able to pay it. flushdraw is right, i dont need to do any more traveling than absolutely neccessary. i dont often follow advice unless its poker advice.

im well aware unless i put $500+ into play on the table as often as i did when the roll was $15-20k, the $9000 per month and the $37 per hour won (id misremembered it as $35) the hourly will drop. already its dropped from close to $38, to not much over $36. this is due to the $80+ wins for multiple hours being less than $37 per hour. it will go down much further of course before it stabilizes. but if i could do 200 hours per month, $20+ per hour $4000 monthly covers my bills plus grows the roll. PPP will get to see once more where ill be when i hit 1000 hours. im at 447.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Left Vegas early Friday morning via plane to go back "home"

Thurs nite, when Vince picked me up in Boulder station, where i lost $28 real quickly in $2-4 limit while waiting for my $1-2 NL seat, and then eventually ground it to over $140 profit. we stopped in Jerrys nugget on the way home to use up my remaining $30 food comps, and while there, i played a few hands of ultimate TX holdem on the machine, winning $42. then Vince suggested i quit. Then we got the food.

i like to think my blog is useful and helpful to people who havent been visitors to vegas much. in the previous blog or one a few entries prior, i mentioned how the new slot club sign up promotion in Jerrys nugget gives u $100 in free play for ur first 1000 points if earned before midnite on the day of sign up. (normally only worth $1). this includes $40 meal comps too. seeing what a huge value this is, (u can run $1000 in coin in thru most any VP machine and lose far less than $100) did any of u who dont have this card ever bother to go do it? one of the easiest ways for a first time tourist to get $100.

i made sure they had my address right (vinces house) instead of the address on my ID. ive missed out on lots of offers due to them using the one on my ID in other casinos. first thing i did when stepping off the plane this morning in shreveport, was take a cab to my room (no uber). tomorrow ill renew it for long term. wifi works good here. then i slept most of the day, and finally went to the eldorado for 3 or so hours late this evening. i went to the players club to get a copy of my card, and checked to see if i had any promotions i didnt know of. turns out ive been getting $400-550 in free promotional chips every month (divided up by the week) i knew nothing about. so ive missed out on quite a bit. of course, now that i redeemed this weeks $115 in free chips, and will again next week on the first new day (monday) ill soon be cut off since im only playing poker. but the free buffet every day ill always have with my gold card.

i wouldve never got those for not such huge BJ losses in april/may i couldnt afford. now the promotional chips i did have to play BJ tonight with those. so i bet til they were gone and the pit boss remembered me by name, and remembered i play poker. seemed very friendly. Young black girl, very goodlooking woman. usually works in poker. considering they take the promo chip EVEN WHEN U WIN, (to replace with real money chips) $115 in promo chips is really worth only about half. (unlike in the golden nugget in LV NV where u keep them til u lose). so i considered myself lucky to leave the BJ table with exactly $100 out of the $115 in promo chips. i won almost every bet. then immediately left, since im certainly not risking my own money on BJ this trip. i used it for my $1-3 NL buyin.

Broke my reading glasses on my plane but bought a better pair tonight in walmart once i left the game while up $170 ($270 counting the promotion). Bought a weeks worth of food, plus other stuff i needed, to cook in the microwave, clean dishes, and store water in the fridge. my pocket JJ held up on a hand i think i played too unaggressively, my KK got me a nice pot, and a turned straight got me a small pot. after being up close to $200, i didnt think i could continue to play my best as low as the roll is so i quit after losing back $42 over a short time. its much easier to play confidently with over $15k, which is why i think i did good the last time i was here. but i did want to pick a city i could win in.

u see, when i first went to the airport this morning at 5am (in a $26 lyft who long hauled me using the tunnel) there were 4 different allegiant flights flying out between 7am and 730 am. to cities such as shreveport, Billings, Peoria, Grand rapids, etc. i couldve took the nightime amtrak from the las vegas airport shuttle bus to Kingman/then albuquerque via train for $99. i decided to make sure i was in a city which had more games and where i knew id win. Grand Rapids wouldve been quite the drive for Ray to pick me up. why Akgal, AC, and Washdude automatically assumed MT i dont know. flights to kalispell werent even on the menu to pick from today.

The no Uber (or lyft) here really is a big issue though. and the bus service isnt good either. u cant even look it up on google maps since its not coordinated with google.

im surprised louisiana isnt on the list of banned states, but i think ill just send my bank statements to me here, this way i can change my city by sept 30 so i wont be shut out on Bovada.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Trip report. Redrock. Poker Palace. Jerrys Nugget. Orleans. and the guy who cost the dealer a $5 tip

First off, i'm worried. why am i worried? Well u see, this is due to PPP and the wonderful advice he gives me. he suggested i track 100% of my poker sessions, u see. well ive been doing this since i lost my records last fall, and since september, theres lots of records. and my phone does an excellent job of sorting them properly due to the fact i picked the right app (poker Income)

the most i remember it being since returning from shreveport was $17.29 per hour, (reno shortly before i left to come here) so why'd i come here? well it was to meet someone in a bar far out from downtown vegas and no this isnt something ill get into on this blog. i thought id turn and leave soon. But i stuck it out since i knew lightning was enroute. (except for a short time period out of town).

Plus, i dont know where the fuck to go, (Toledo, Florida, Reno, or ???) and im not feeling like blowing money on airfare. though i did learn about Frontier recently and their cheap flights which dont show up on standard reservation sites to quite a few cities. all i know is i will run out of money if i remain here.

but yeah, my cell keeps very good records and its well filtered. i know my hourly is now $15.03 per hour for over 1734 hours and thats a mighty huge drop, and worrying if my income is sufficient to survive. of course, this means for just vegas, its going to be NEGATIVE. my best days (in hourly rate) are tues fri and thurs. all with over TWICE the rates on the other 4 days. and sun and sat are definitely the worst. $26 per hour on thurs, $5 per hour on sun.

$9111 winnings in april
$5499 in May
minus $447 in june
$4656 in july (peppermill is good)
$1678 in august, some from before i left the Hyatt in incline
minus $1165 so far in sept

for the entire year most of the winnings were in shreveport in less than 2 months. is this standard?? i mean this is definitely an anomoly and i think its something i should know.

these records definitely say dont play any form of omaha whatsoever. and to get out of vegas as quick as possible. and though this cannot be tracked, i do think they also say quit for the day when down over 2% of the roll since then u start risking too much to get even. Screw Ferguson and his 5% rule. 1-2% is plenty.

Yes im out $1500+ in 3 days all from poker. Plus some from other means.(the machine in Jerrys nugget). i went there after leaving the nugget $700 stuck on friday. while there to play ultimate Tx holdem video machine, (where every $1 thru it is 1 point and 1000 points is $1) since i found out i didnt have a card in the past, i qualified for quite the promotion. if u get 1000 points before midnite the day u sign up u get $100 free play. (normally $1) so i thought, how can i lose?

not only that, u get $40 in meal comps too. which me and Vince used. i lost over $300 even getting the free play, and earned 1711 points. the machine might be rigged and i only quit it because it shut down on me and they had to get it fixed and hand pay me. seems every time i shouldve won with flopping a straight on nice big 4x bets of $25, the dealer would somehow pull the boat. but early on i was up over $150 on it before everything went wrong. seems the max bet is $25 (plus the 4x of course) this is per spot. a $25 max bet is actually $50, possibly $150

then Vince and i went to the poker palace where i somehow won $227 on live table BJ. still the best live table BJ in vegas. $2-50 min/max. pays 3-2 and they loosened the rules for the better, starting 2-3 months back u can now double down on the 3rd card. means if the dealer shows 7, u have 3-4 then draw 4, u can still then double down on your total of 11.

but once the tourney started losing players and the live game started (single $2 BB, no cap buyin, $60 min--previously used to be $40) i ended up losing $37 before i left with Vince.

this morning when i woke up vince drove me to orleans and dropped me off. and of course again i lost over $250 in the NL. only thing i won on was the horrible even money 7 hands at once VBJ terminals old binions style machine, which wynn used to offer. won close to $40.

i can report the orleans rake is $3 plus jackpot. so not too bad.

Vince got me in the orleans tonight, to drive us to santa fe to play omaha. but the game broke enroute, so we went to the redrock instead. i got immediately seated in a LOOSE $1-2, which i didnt think existed there, and once the idiot left it tightened up lots. guy kept straddling $4, (and raising his straddle to $25-35) so on the 3rd time, i shoved with A5 of spades. (after already dropping $100 early). but this time instead of raising with J9 like he done before, he had 10 10 and i lost my entire buyin. then i pulled out my final $100 (from $1586 when id left the elcortez friday morning) and eventually was back to $240+. but i lost it all on the final pot when a new guy been there 2-3 orbits reshoved over my $27 reraise of his $7 in EP. i called thinking he has much better than my QQ but im too tired on tilt to fold. turns out it was a good call, hes got A9 suited. of course we are allin preflop, and he wins when the turn comes with the A.

if he wouldve read me correctly, he would know im never folding there preflop. horrible play by him, he got lucky.

in the orleans earlier i made 2 horrible plays. one i didnt raise with AA UTG and 7 seen the flop of KJ4 rainbow. guy in last position bets $10, i check raise $25 more. he calls. K hits turn i shouldve snap folded. i check he bets his KQ $45 i call, and call $50 more on the river. he was very young and won heavily a couple hours earlier before he left and came back too.

the other bad play involved making it $12 preflop with JQ suited. older guy on the button says $31. i call, one other guy does. flop comes J57 we check, he bets $45, guy folds, i call and another blank on the turn. on the turn he puts me allin for under $100. he got AA

i did win one pot in the redrock, with 10 10. this is how i got back to $240 from the final $100. flopped set against guys top pair. i think he mightve been a dealer, his friend was from the aria playing on my left. they all knew everyone. he left when his alarm on his house went off but then returned.

very next hand im dealt 10 10 again. i raise the guy on my left called. flop comes 257 with 2 to one suit. i bet $30, he bets $65. i dont wish to fold, but think im losing for sure. i offer to fold and give him $1 if he shows, hes silent. then i ask well how much would i need to give u if i fold to see it. hes still silent, wont reply for any amount. im not hollywooding, i just wish to fold and verify the read. finally i (knowing hes a dealer and been big into tipping) offer to fold and tip the dealer $5 if he shows. he still wont do it. but i folded anyway.

i dont want to hear trolls commenting how it was a bad fold.

all this bad luck wouldve never happened were it not for the first $700+ lost in the nugget $1-2 friday morning/afternoon before i went to jerrys nugget. the hand which set me off and where i later pissed off $200 on bad calls from 2 $100 rebuys took place after the $450+ hand with the loose tourist and his friend from TX, 2 of them, other guy from England. loud guy from TX playing all night, loosest guy there, makes a raise $25 more preflop, i reraise with AA $100 more, he shoves over $800 with KK. i call, and the board comes to give him 4 kings. everyone but me is having wondeful time, most dont care about money, hes buying drinks, tipping big, and i never showed the aa except to the guys beside me. and im sick.

most of my remaining unused food comps are in wynn. still got over $100 worth

stole 1 pot tonight with 46 of clubs, guy raises the straddle preflop to $26 i call by then thouroughly on tilt. since 3 others did and next to the button. flop comes A83 one club, we all check. turn comes 7. checked to me, i bet $55, both fold thankfully then i show for FREE.

the $2 chips in the redrock set me on tilt bigtime too, id forgotten they use them. that and the fact some guy dont know who was shaking the table underneath it right as i was grabbing my coffee and it spilt all over my cell and myself while still hot.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

People sure are far out on the left in canada

The Golden Nugget is one of the best places to play poker in Las Vegas. Better dealers (for the most part) better cocktail service, and on at least some of the more popular tables, the phone chargers are working. Tourists come here from all over, including Canada as we will see. Reduced rake is automatic when 6 handed to $1-1. and i would like to thank one of the dealers, a guy named Donald. there might be more than 1 with his name. when totally fed up my phone wouldnt bring up the wifi login page for me (pretty much the whole week) when it kept doing it for everyone else, i offered $5 for anyone who could fix it. 1 guy at the other end was upset i tossed the phone down in his direction. the 2 players who got the wifi to work wouldnt offer to help. (on both sides of him). however the dealer happily spent time getting it to work between hands and finally got me logged in by resetting something not sure what, in the phone.

there were a man and his wife playing poker at the table, from Canada. they looked like maybe id seen them yrs ago somewhere. the women seemed to know of AVP, was quite talkative (especially of her very left wing political beliefs and how canada is so much further to the left) and was from newfoundland, and i think often visits the MGM too. i at first thought it might be the woman kissmyaces on that website who used to troll me with negative comments, but it seems its someone else. she wanted to see my blog when she learned of it, and the guy next to is on my twitter and knew of both flushdraw and lightnings blog. funny thing was when she and her husband left, those same 2 seats were again filled by a guy and his girl, this time an interracial couple who quickly moved tables. i did tell the first couple how much i appreciated them playing at the same table (and hard against each other). i never realized how u cannot drive to newfoundland from ontario.

it got discussed how hypocritical it is for canada to bar those whove been convicted, when canadians dislike Trump and think we're racist for deporting illegals convicted of felonies, when they wont even let people in with smaller offenses. she spoke of how everyone should be able to use drugs legally., though she wouldnt herself. those who know the truth though realizes how much crime, violence and damage drugs does to the lives of the desperately poor in inner city areas. i think Canada originally started this law to keep out inner city blacks in detroit. so they have much nerve calling us, or trump, racist.

yes im conservative, but once 10 yrs has passed (in my case 27 for Gods sakes) this should no longer be an issue. it shouldnt be for life. i generally support the police, law and order due to my fears of violent crime and robberies, but on some issues, such as seizing peoples money, even i dont approve.

they sure are leftwing in canada. even suicide is legal there, people who are old, depressed, instead of being helped are probably pressured against their will to do it. this is what happens when a country forgets God and instead worships the false Gods of homosexuality and abortion. i never realized how much this is in their country. and she talked of their healthcare where those must waits months for much needed care given almost instantly in the US is a good thing?

i will be glad once Koala returns to the USA to hang out with in the poker rooms, hopefully he wont insist it be in vegas. lightning did meet up more than once and i finally got to meet his wife. if i were not banned a few places id have found where he was playing more often. we did play both wynn and planet h and i bought his food in the wynn.

i tipped the front desk clerk $5 who found me a room offer i didnt know of, some on twitter congratulated me for trying to be thoughtful, others were just trolls. People are more likely to try to do right if they feel their attempts are appreciated.

i lost one big pot to the lady from canada early on. she was really lucky at first, even getting $409 on a royal flush. she said she wasnt a liberal but rather a proud socialist. she made it $10 preflop with a9 and i called in position with ak. (shouldve reraised). flop comes a97 so i shoved over her bet on the flop. i felt the ONLY hand i might lose to was aa. wrong time to shove, too late then, preflop wouldve worked, but i wanted to see a safe flop first, and i thought this looked like a safe flop. now the other times i had ak, i could only get chops with her or her husband, but not wins.

i would like to thank Lightning for joking about senor frogs, when we really ate in the wynn, but i didnt wish to publicly post where we would be eating or playing.

i did fold 33 once on the flop in P-ho with lightning, and wouldve backdoored rrunner runner quads. he wasnt involved i dont think. nor did i mention it much when it happened. i didnt want to look like a fool. i thought the girl next to him was michelle, but it wasnt.

one more hand history and i had Q8 of clubs. the flop was 10 2 4 with 2 clubs. instead of reraising in postion with 4 clubs, i only called, thinking he would put me allin if i did. and i thought if i waited til the turn to raise it would then look like a made hand instead of a draw. red 9 comes turn, so i repop over his bet to $135. he shoves for $180 more and with both the flush and straight draws i call since the pots so big. i miss of course.

one hand i did play well. i had the nut flush in diamonds on the river with a6 of diamonds when the diamond fell. the guy who bet the whole way went allin for $70 more and i only called hoping for the call behind me. instead, the guy shoves $205, which i of course call with the nuts. he shoved with the second nuts K hi flush.

this blog is less offensive than it was originally going to be in my notes i removed some things to avoid upsetting people not mentioned here. i feel God wants me to really work on treating certain types of people better, we are all human, we all deserve the right to be treated compassionately. especially those who love God or have autism. too often the world thinks only other races or gays deserve this, but not for those most victimized. i truly hate when others who cant stand up for themselves suffer. or all those who dont care how their actions cause others to suffer. such as union workers on strike, BLM people blocking highways, people putting their rack on the floor, asking for setups, talking on the phone at the table, or simply voting to make weed legal, which causes in the future people to be addicted to heroin, one of the worst forms of drugs. or maybe vote for homosexual marriage, which causes little kids to be abused. some even favor adoption being legal for gay couples too, these people are completely without compassion for the harm it does to the kids. just adults for their own selfish reasons.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Meeting Flushdraw

well, i ran into flushdraw twice the other day, (this was before he caught his lyft to Michelles house--i assisted him with transferring his funds into lyft) and noticed he did well in both tourneys to money in each. very well done. i was going to ask for the phone while he was at the bar to tell her hi but didnt. i was also going to wait for him to update his blog before i updated mine, but maybe he is waiting for me to post first, so ill go ahead and post. the last blog was too short anyway.

I'm still living with Vince (after using my 3 free nights up) but he is now back in vegas from his trip out of town. (the trip which cost me so much in omaha high low). where i discovered my favorite machine in the Pioneer got replaced. i did find 1 very good VBJ however, but it wasnt in laughlin.

today he wanted me to ride out to lake mead with him and his friend where he would be going swimming, but i couldnt since i was eating lunch with tatude in the hardrock pool so he dropped me off there saying hi to tatude. me and him ate and i met his new girlfriend. then he offered me a buyin into a tourney. he is planning on meeting lightning for the first time, which surprises me to learn because id thought theyd met. both say they havent.

speaking of tourneys, im glad to see flushdraw doing so well in them. its certainly better for him than $2-4 limit. i took him to the buffet with my comps (without no fees) after he got paid and we sat and talked for some time about what to do, and my health concerns.

im no longer getting the $5 discounts on lyft (they really think u can use 10 rides in just 2 measly weeks?? $5 off each one for the 1st 10) but it expired today. but it still seems cheaper than uber. so maybe my phone being unable to redownload uber was a blessing. thank God for Kristi suggesting it.

im quite worried about my stomach feeling so fat so much. Ray says i should spend 20 minutes in the gym daily like he does. would it help? i feel im needing more new pants.

and quite annoyed by the sheer presence of casino ashtrays everywhere u go. only like 10% of the customers smoke, yet they feel the need to sit ashtrays on 100% of the machines, where u cant feel free to sit down nowhere to type something into ur phone without first removing from u the annoying ashtray right next to u. so dumb to piss off 90% of the customers to accomodate the 10%.

the game last night was quite loose, and i lost over $540 in it, (most of the weeks profit. but im still a bit over $11,100) almost was over $12k once.

a dealer named cameron from ceasers poker room sat down, with his black friend i think might be patches, but maybe it not him but someone else. they originally were not on the same table til late when it combined.

he was quite loose, winning like crazy, the air force guy next to him also winning got annoyed once at his girlfriend who was drunk. once him and his GF moved to the other table, he commented on how he could "find a better looking hooker if I had his money" funny thing is, today id swear i seen a very similar looking girl looking homeless standing at a bus stop vince drove past. i dont think she looked bad. but yes he loosened up the game. by then i was out lots of money but wasnt playing bad.

heres proof i wasnt playing bad. a regular whose asian, older lady who kind of reminds me of archies wife from the stratosphere. one pot early on i lost to 3333 when i had AQ and one guy called $20 preflop with 23 when i only had less than $40 behind. (giving him NO pot odds). he too said i think hes a regular from HR in florida.

he won big, then left while i was in the restroom. by then id rebought my final $500 when out $234.

now the pot with the asain lady (over 70 i think) the flop is 333 and i bet with KT, after raising preflop, she calls. turn comes 10 and i feel maybe i needed it. make small bet of $35, she calls. river she checks first to me and i check too where most would bet. but i think im either chopping or behind. i lose my 2nd pot to 3333 of the night. she was quite surprised i didnt bet. but why would i?

when losing big, i am very pessimistic, and expect nothing to win. i had over $300 and i wasnt going to be checkraised allin. this was out of $734 in buyins.

Then another hand i flop 77799 with 77 in the hole, he is on the flush draw with KQ hearts. turn is K river is K giving him boat. one other pot i lost little, this took place today instead of yesterday. i had QT of hearts, flop comes 247 all hearts. i bet $5 get 2 calls. turn i hate, its K of h. i bet $5 get 2 calls. river is blank, i bet $10, fold, raise to $40, i fold, he shows the FLOPPED ace hi flush. i couldnt resist commenting to the regular RICHARD SWARTZ next to me whose a bit crazy and well known himself, about how poorly he played it by not raising me on the flop so id reraise on the flop and lose everything. why did i do this? i was upset i lost since i played it well (and he didnt). u need to get value BEFORE the scare cards come. this is how so many players miss value.

now while in the middle of typing this, i find out from lightning michelle told him i took flushdraw to lunch. so he knows before i post. my vegas winrate is quite a bit less from my reno winrates, but still winning more than the $8-10 per hour i used to here.

im glad i met him, seems like a nice guy. i doubt he wouldve known it was me til i introduced myself. i sure wouldnt known it was him in the tourney would i not be looking at his tweets while it was going. or seen his facebook picture without the glasses

i need to go where i have a better hourly. if i truly make $16 per hour, why dont just start putting in 10 hours per day to make $50k plus per yr? it might work. even considering returning to shreveport.

Monday, August 22, 2016

what should i do

Been outside of Vegas a bit, unsure of where i want to go (or end up whether its where i really want to be or not). so many choices, but at least something i dislike about each of them. Had i not turned the $20k into $8k this April, id feel like so many more options were open to me. (most of the options involve the cost of travel, and or prepaying 2 months or so in lodging costs.) then sometimes the options dwindle due to casinos closing VBJ machines being removed, etc. for example, i noticed the Pioneer removed their good machine, replacing it with one that sucks, and the same for the Tropicana in laughlin. and the new $3 VBJ min one in vegas i never got around to playing and investigating the shuffle point, since Vince was in a hurry to pick up his friend flying in from Fresno. (ray the dealer from Ventura).

accidently left my ID in a casino the other day and didnt discover it til later. thankfully, security had it and i got it back. otherwise id been screwed. had quite a lot of bad luck in Omaha hilow this weekend too. lost $210 over 3 sessions, but won a little in BJ. won some in NL too. on the turn, id have KT for the nut straight, as did he, with my A of hearts for the nut flush redraw and better straight redraw, so of course we capped it. and on the river he improved his 2 pair redraw with his KT. lost almost $50 on this 1 pot.

I'm wondering if ill be in town by the time lightning comes in for labor day weekend. possibly. Tatude will be in town on the 24th too. i might just go to reno instead of toledo or florida which im strongly thinking of doing when im back up north. i did watch vince go swimming in lake mohave, so far out and deep in the water u could only see his head.

at least last nights hotel, (which im moving out of this morning so i can enter this tourny i managed to qualify for) had nice wifi, nice fridge/microwave, and no resort fee. very rarely do i get strong signal for the wifi. too bad its like $2800 if u took it for 30 nights. not sure if they would let u.