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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Trip report of todays poker session in a much different area of the country than the northeast coast.

I have never seen so many scary looking motels all up and down the streets of 2 major roads going opposite directions in a major city, and surprisingly the bus service is quite good, at least during the week. From my hotel, i should be able to get to many of the different cardrooms on the bus, and also to a walmarts and a major cheaper grocery store. but im paying way too much. i couldnt get a discount i expected to get so instead im paying $378 a week

and talk of sketchy neighberhoods and players, i sure wish i had a friend in this area with a car that i both knew and trusted and would feel safe going home with. I was joking about WEC picking me up, and then dropping out of sight a day or two. But something really couldve happened to me tonight at the bus stop. This cardroom is on the upper floor of a very old looking building, far off from the main north south road the bus travels on. Plus its all fenced off. there was never more than like 3 games going, even though they have plenty of tables.

Minimum buyin in the $1-2 blinds NL game is only $20, and the max buyin is $200. theres also a $1-3 game, and on rare occasions PLO with much higher min buyins of $200. they do rake 50c chips. But the players are really really bad, and lot of them look like exconvicts, gang members or dope dealers. i sat there about 10 hours, and turned my $40 buyin into $395. so its easy picking in this cardroom, probably a lot more so than the one most of the people living in this area go to. I just need a friend with a car so i can play there everyday. Was going to try to find a walmart enroute to my expensive hotel, but never did.

after researching google online however at least i know where i can find it in the future, and also which one is 24 hours and which one is NOT. For i wont be leaving the area for at least a month, even if i was to get banned at one of the casinos.

Rob's poker atlas phone application has came in quite handy in researching rooms and games in this area too. Also some of the people on 2+2 thats claiming this city is no longer worth moving to to play poker are also of the wrong opinion--at least from my initial impressions so far. its just it costs too much to live here if u cant rent an apt, some ads on craigslist dont really exist so they should quit running the ads, but the games are loose. i seriously wish i had the $19k roll still. then i could easily afford all the upfront expenses in getting settled in. im at $11,500 only, even after todays $300+ win. i paid way too much on plane fares, housing, (almost $1000 including cabs etc) and the big loss at ballys, Taj, etc.

i made up the comment in the old blog too about there being a $225 PLO tourny today. i only did that to throw people off to where i was traveling, along with the hotel being on west 123rd. that also isnt the case. im sure this cardroom has never ever had a tourny that high.

Monday, January 26, 2015

What would u do in this situation?

Lets say u got tired of renewing ur FREE room day by day at Ballys sun-thurs for 4 hours of play, and got tired of always checking out 11-12noon to then check back in later in the day. (they dont allow u to prepay and get refunded for whatever reason). so following the advice of sundays floorperson, i went to sleep about 9pm, woke up in the middle of the night, (he suggested 5pm--and played 4-5 hours before checkout time)--and then to have it renewed same room. (thats after they first check to make sure they have availability, whatever they mean by that.)

so i woke up at 230am and played til the game broke at 7am, and left still down $126 that morning. considering i was briefly at $14,000 after hitting the jackpot before i had all the losses since, i felt stuck quite a bit more. (that had me about $12,800 left). and the guy went to call on the phone (different floorman) but got no answer, and he felt it was due to the huge storm coming.

now u would think a big storm would ensure plenty of availability. but no, it worked just the opposite, there were no rooms available free except those for sale at $75 or more. so i wasnt happy. i was told maybe they might have some later and he would check every 2-3 hours so i kept playing. but getting little sleep from 8am-11am and then having to check out instead of renew had me pretty tired, and it still has me tired. Guess ill try and sleep on my plane.

i got off to a slow start but later got to about $50 profit, although i was still down a lot from before. then i made a few bad calls, and lost the entire stack and id firmly established an image as a donkey on tilt, regardless of if that was really the case. at least i was aware of it and was fully planning to take full advantage of it. 

so i rebought $500 i withdrew from the ATM, and within less than 2 hands got dealt 88. i limped in EP, along with many others. flop comes up J83 with 2 hearts and im determined to use my image to my benefit to recover some of the loss. i hated being first to act so i bet $5, in hopes of building a big pot and not giving freebies to flush draws. the old man who always tips with $1 coins who everyone hates and talks about when hes away from the table makes it $20. (now theres a LOT of camaradie and shit talking among the regulars about other players and it seems like they let them get away with anything. some are quite rude things they say). seems like the same people every day.

anyway im glad to see him raising, it gets out the other players, so i make it $80 hoping he will think im just on tilt. he puts me allin, i call, and hope blanks come. turn comes 3 of hearts for a flush and a boat so i dont mind the card. river comes 6s and he had JJJ33 and never raised it preflop. should i have known? it sure looked like i was just on tilt instead of having a monster so i didnt fear his raise.

so what would u have done?

Probably not what i did, which was to tear up the cards, shove the money all across the table, say to please fix it so i can never come back, and that the staff and all the regulars were all assholes making fun of my play--which was somewhat true. i walked straight out the door, long before any security was around. grabbed my bag next door at ballys coat check (was in the wild west) walked to the bus terminal. found out mohegan sun was closing down, and no greyhound buses going to foxwoods and they were about to end all busses to NYC soon. also NJ transit was discontinuing all service, and i took the bus to philly before they stopped. they will have no service at all for 2 days.

so i wasted money on a cab, buying a plane ticket for $400+ paying for bags, etc and now have about $11600 left is all. and im long gone outta here and back to where i feel more at home, where its nice and warm weather outside. they better not cancel this plane. this is about the only plane that was NOT canceled leaving philly, and its costing me a lot more than the plane i originally wanted thru another carrier thats been canceled. if they cancel this, im stuck for 2 days with no refund and no way out of philly. should be leaving soon.

staff here at the airport thought it was weird i had no destination in mind and didnt care where in the country i went, and thought they was going to pull out tv cameras any minute. we looked about 20 different cities far far west and south of philly.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

How many of u have noticed im getting tired of updating this blog for free all the time, and just want to spend more time alone in a room, not having to be around people? or having to do things others want me to do at all?

but this blog keeps getting more and more readers. (or at least it looks like its getting more and more readers.) still no ads being sold, but the average viewership somehow went from 1000-2000 to 3000+ views per post. now i attribute some of that to people checking to see if ive posted yet because the viewership is always higher when theres more time between posts, but not that much higher, so the viewership is going up. and since im getting fed up with negativity and not getting paid for my work, im not so sure if thats a good thing or not.

Ive held back on a lot of blog posts ive wanted to do that would either anger a lot of people or get me committed to an institution. but its getting hard to hold back anymore.

No one but me (and maybe Ray) knows the struggles of the real life day to day grind of poker. and im sure its why this blog gets so many readers. i dont sugarcoat the truth, and the truth sure is ugly in this world. not having a lot of money to back me up, or a car (both of which would make my life 100x easier and less stressful) makes my life a lot different than the glamourous lives of the tourny pros u read about in Card player magazine. People who have jobs, homes, cars, or govt assistance who also play poker for spare change have no idea what its really like for the true grinders like me, whove stood the test of time.

most of the time u will have a high stress level, be quite angry at others stupidity and life of ease compared to urs, (and the feeling they arent earning their money like u are really really earning anything u win). u see, u actually have to PLAY GOOD POKER to win. and looking back on all the missed opportunities (and the lack of money back then to take advantage of them online opportunities) will then make u angry too.

so naturally, when taking an hour long bus ride back to ur hotel and coming into a room where the overhead light by the door is not working and the only light that works either being the one by the bed or the one in the bathroom far away, u are going to be pissed off the maid came in the room and shut the light off. Shitholes like these dont have do not disturb signs to hang on the door, (or working lights either it looks like) and u sure dont want to leave ur door open where anyone walking by can force their way in while u look for the light. nor do u want to let a tiny bit of light in opening the window. so u stumble around and stub ur foot feeling for a light.

nothing makes a customer angrier and drives them away more than a motel being so cheap to upset and anger a customer so royally to save about 25c in electric bills id gladly pay it to keep the lights on. i dont appreciate having maids come in my room hardly ever, and people living in apts instead of hotels dont know what a relief its like not to have to deal with it. they dont even think of things like this--and what type of hell others have to go thru that werent born so lucky as them.

some hotels are worse. at least this one dont shut off all heating and cooling air power so u either walk into a very hot or very cold room where the temperature must be readjusted immediately, at least they left that alone.

and another annoyance. wasting money replacing the soap simply because i opened it, when the soap was completely fine. now i got to go to the work of tearing the paper open again when my teeth can barely open it.

my health is in such bad shape and i need to see a dr for so many things (it looks like maybe im getting diabetes PPP said being tired a lot more could be a sign too besides needing to urinate a lot and in very small quantities) but i pretty much am sure ill die of 1 of 3 things. a heart attack, murder, or a bad tooth. i just hope my friends in the poker world hold the same type of funeral for me they did for Chad Brown.

things like this wouldnt bother me so much if id not missed my first bus, and came home stuck much less, or if id came home a winner. i was rushing out of the Taj right after eating in a cab to the bus terminal (because i dont feel safe walking to the jitney at night or waiting for it at night) i gave myself 8 minutes (and wished id had more time) but i still didnt make it to the terminal in time, i missed it by under 5 minutes and had to wait 55 minutes til the next bus. im pissed enough ac has gotten so much more unsafe than when i was homeless 15 yrs ago here in the summer and the streets so much more empty of tourists (making them 100x more dangerous) and the city's population so much more destitute and desperate for money--that i have to waste the extra money instead of paying $2.25 for the jitney. im pissed about the times i had to waste that money due to it raining too and that was during daylight hours.

so i didnt want to just sit there 55 minutes, the same guy asking for money twice, so i caught the first bus 8 blocks up the street to the Trop not to play poker, but to see a few hands of BJ on the machine to recover the $261 i was out when i left the Taj. yes i know it shuffles every hand. but it still pays 3-2 and has decent rules so its still over 99% payback even though it cannot be beaten over the long run.

lost quite rapidly and of the $1298 i had in my possession when i arrived at the Taj today, i left the Trop with only $194 of it. was in a rush again to make it to the bus terminal by 10.40 so i again paid $10 for a cab. (cabs really overcharge by the mile for short distances here). its about 1.2 miles. ive never seen any city where its that bad. made the bus this time 5 minutes to spare. the first time i went to the bus terminal i still had $1037 of the money after expenses.  after buying some milk and food at the nearby gas station when getting off the bus to go home, ive now got even less than the $194.

its weird theres no hookers on white horse pike, or dope dealers, considering the rooms cost so much less out here than in the really bad areas of AC. ud think theyd want to go to where they could rent the rooms for half the price. or maybe those prices are only given online or to those with credit or debit cards. but dont ALL motels make u have one of those or are there still motels that dont? maybe MIB knows.

yes prices are less in (and outside of) atlantic city than about anywhere else outside of reno or laughlin. yes games are a lot easier to win here, people are much more out of patience here and make bad plays. the wiser players avoid AC. casino players and sports and horse betters are the ones coming here and those who use the buses.

and yes ive won a lot more in AC than i ever did at de park too. and a lot more than i did in vegas. But all of that means NOTHING if i cannot refrain from trying to get even playing games i shouldnt. im lucky Vinces friend Dave walked me to the BOA atm after dark the day before where i deposited $1500. at least it kept me from blowing any more on the VBJ. i had to give him $10 too, i wonder if vince wouldve approved of him charging me that? he is here in town for a week then returning to vegas.

and if i dont stop playing stud being in AC isnt good for me either. i really miss the game and its my old road game, but it just dont seem beatable anymore. i lost $140 of the poker loss at $10-20 stud today, and the other $158 of the poker loss on $1-2 NL. (and won $49 on a machine at the taj). cannot seem to win at that game. i dont play it bad but the others arent too bad, they have played stud a lot in their lives but they made 2 suckouts on me that hurt.

im still disappointed i left a rather interesting book called "fuse of armageddon" behind in my hotel at ballys the day before too.

thinking maybe its best to go to toledo. im sure the games suck there, but at least Ray would be able to understand me and be available for talks consultations, and to help me avoid games i shouldnt. i just wish he had a bankroll of his own. i see a lot of rent prices in toledo under $500 too, but not nearly as many as evansville. i wonder if theres any other cities really dirt cheap like evansville ive left out? kind of would like to just play online like i did in Butte MT. it was less stressful, just staying home all day. and still i went to the cardroom some nights. i dont know how i was lucky enough to both see an apt for $230 a month in 2002-2003 and not only that get the landlord to actually rent to me when i was just passing thru on a greyhound bus and had only about $800 to my name if i remember right.

Final thing pissing me off, i paid $35 for a nice new suitcase with wheels. 2 weeks later one of the wheels has came off. i cant figure out why they come off, maybe its from so much overuse, or wheeling it down stairs or concrete?

Friday, January 16, 2015

still making bad decisions (yesterday anyway) and a hand history.

 i just got bluffed off a hand at Delaware Park. it was against a guy id played with before. i had KJ of hearts and called his $13 blind steal of my BB. we both had $700+ in our stacks. flop came 233 with 2 hearts and i called $20. turn comes Kd. i bet $20, and he bets $65 and i called his raise. but it looked to the dealer like i was trying to check raise the way i was stacking my chips and he said i cant do that. i was actually still thinking about what to do. anyway the river came 10s and i checked. he bet $200 so i figured he must have AK and surely he knew i wasnt weak. but i felt like calling. would u? i didnt want to give back another large win. turned out he was on a total bluff, all he had was 7Q  i left the game with over $400 profit, but i feel i made a bad fold, i did feel like calling him, but i didnt want to give back a large win into a small win again. i needed a large win.

u see, the day before yesterday, we cracked the BBJ at de park. the mini that is, for $10,000 and my players share was $500. and i was also up over $500 in the game. but on the way to the door, while waiting for the host to come in at 8am for my $100 in free slot play, i lost over $850 on the good paying VBJ machines because i bet way too much being stuck. of course me overbetting on those machines was also the reason i won so much at the el cortez. i just had better luck at the elcortez is all. (and i left vegas because i knew it wouldnt continue).

there used to often be a host at 6am, but to keep people playing longer here lately there isnt one til 8am a bunch of times. and i was considering checking out of my room this morning and heading back to Parx or AC so i knew i wouldnt be able to get it later today if i didnt stay another day.

i even considered going to niagara falls. 9 hours + on the amtrak, so id got plenty of good sleep on the way and it was only $80, rather low for amtrak. its like $1100-1400 for a private sleeping car to places like reno or spokane all the way. of course, this wasnt for a sleeping car.

so to prevent dumb decisions, i figured i was better off not returning to de park. Even though the free $100 slot dollars promotions here are really good. plus im really sick of paying by the door in a hotel without a fridge. (those rooms cost quite a bit more). no nearby food outlets nearby this motel too except very expensive ones.

i do have $171 on Bovada though now, and a roll of still over $12,600 so im not much worse off than i left vegas with. about $500 worse off, and having spent over $4000 since coming here. still with $14+ hourly rate, for over 1200 total hours.

if i could just find someone i liked with a cheap enough price long term near a casino i like in a safe area, and convenient back and forth to get to, id like to get settled somewhere. am really getting tired of not having an address to just relax in without maids wanting in or having to renew all the time. everything is way more expensive than reno or vegas, so i cant find anything low priced enough id want to live there long term. and so many cities id like to go to arent places convenient to get to on a plane or train from wilmington. (phoenix, biloxi, pensacola, etc). and ray wont have his car available for long distances trips for at least 3 weeks.

also got 2 of my 4 books read too.

really worried about my eyes, and overall health. these reading glasses dont seem near strong enough

according to my cell, my overall profit at $1-2 and $1-3 NL since i started keeping track last april is $18000+. its possible my total winnnings are more due to VBJ wins at el cortez, or maybe theyre less due to other losses elsewhere. who knows?

Friday, January 9, 2015

atlantic city NJ trip report

And im happy to say that its a better trip report than delaware Park, as far as results at the tables go. still im not entirely happy here, and where i really would like to be is either Parx or foxwoods. most definitely foxwoods. and im getting sick of cold weather too, maybe ill ride an amtrak all the way to florida. Even though i spent $20 on a 2nd coat or jacket, (not sure which its called) but wearing both at once helps to keep me warm in extremely cold weather near zero.

found a nice new suitcase with wheels for $35 but i never bought it. The store closes very early at 7pm and i didnt want to carry it into the Taj poker room so i figured id go back and buy it later but didnt in time. it will work to replace this one here thats no good.

am still spending more than i should, on foolish expenses like a $42 Uber when i couldve used the bus, and on having to buy 2 train tickets to ac instead of one after losing my ticket, but its okay if i win as much as im winning here in AC at the taj. today i won over $600+ including $100 for 6666 and ALL of todays winnings came from poker. yesterday i also won over $300 at the taj. Got some free play i didnt realize id get. did a promotion for those who havent been there recently. got lucky on a very poor paying VBJ machine at the Trop. Only game i lost in was at ballys early in the morning and that was because i wasnt playing my best. although its a much tighter game at ballys.

the VBJ at ballys only pays 6-5 and shuffles every hand on a single deck. not worth playing.

the 3VBJ machines at the Trop give comps but very few and slow $5 min bets, and dont allow surrender, although the BJ does pay 3-2. but it too shuffles every hand and also isnt worth playing. and neither poker room has phone chargers at the table. and i never did get over to the golden nugget, where they have less business. sure would be easy to win a high level black card here at the taj  off poker. i earned 147 comp tier points in one day and it only takes 10,000. and lots of AC NJ properties match other players tier cards to get u higher status there too.

all up and down white horse pike (and i suppose black horse pike too--which is actually only half the distance if u are paying cabs) theres motels renting with very cheap rates, or advertising weekly rates of as low as $200 plus tax at nice hotels or at least nice for ME hotels (by that i mean safe). not nice for PPP hotels by any means. if uve never before done it do a search on priceline of absecon, and the atlantic city west bay areas and u will see. search both the normal way and also the express deals way. u will be surprised how low the prices are, even for the hotels PPP would like.

first thing in the morning (and before this blog will be seen by any of u) i will be changing my motel. why? because im tired of being so far away on white horse pike, and also because i no longer have any trust in the integrity of the manager. hes from India as are most all the other motel managers.

today i go to renew my room online thru priceline to save money as ive been doing ever since i moved out of Vegas, all while  i was around maryland live and delaware park and always for the same motel im already in. Not one person has ever before said when i was renewing and keeping the same room, id need to check out at 11am, and check back in at 3pm.

but today the manager said id have to do that (and be out in the cold for 4 hours) if i did it thru priceline instead of thru him. so he offered to cancel it and let me just pay him, and i was worried priceline would charge me since their ad said nonrefundable and the manager said i wouldnt be charged as long as i told priceline i didnt stay there if they called and asked. and he said if i didnt tell that lie, id be charged an extra $20.

so i redid the reservation directly thru him, costing me over $3 more, and kept the same room. also he charges $300 weekly instead of the $200 weekly up the street at a very similar or better hotel. and of course, priceline wouldve given me the same motel im in for almost $85 a week cheaper than the manager would. seems hes trying to get out of sharing the fees with priceline and im sure priceline wont be happy.

also this hotel is advertised as low as $18 a nite weekdays and is rated 3 stars while all the other and nicer hotels or similar hotels in the same few blocks nearby are slightly higher priced and rated 1 or 2 stars. total BS. and of course, the free shuttle advertised to the airport dont exist and he said im the first one to ever ask about it. i wonder who he had to blow to get that rating of 3 stars.

and now ive got to sleep, to wake up before 11am to checkout. while ive been typing ive played about 4-5 sngs on bovada and now have a balance of $121 instead of $108. a lot of times when i get back to the room im too tired to update the blog and only want to sleep. thats why i wish i had an apt. im sure the nice places in ocean city, somers point and brigantine i looked at have been rented by now, but id still like an apt.

and i still aint had time to finish moms book or read any of the other 3 books i bought too. mom told me at Christmas when i called my family on the phone half the book was from her and half from my son. he liked the $100 and the billfold engraved with his name on it mom told me to get him.

and now im going to eat the potato salad and drink up the quart of milk in my fridge along with the eggs so i wont have to deal with moving the food. sure would be easier to move tomorrow had i bought the suitcase today.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Sometimes u just dont care about anything but getting out of the casino and going home. maybe even starting a new life WITHOUT living in motels.

and i dont like where i live too much. tired of no refridgerator or microwave. Would rather be settled down in NJ, and be playing both my $101 on Bovada, and some NJ sites once id be able to prove my location. At least ive finally got Vince sent his $80 and have that off my mind.

Which leaves my bank acct at only $11,496 plus $190 cash so im quite a bit worse off now than ive been at any time since leaving vegas. I'd not lose nearly as much if i just took small losses and quit for the day. the reason i dont is because id have the small losses MUCH MORE OFTEN. u see a lot of times ive gotten back them losses and got ahead by betting way too much.

it really dont make any difference if i play poker or VBJ. what i should do is not keep playing and betting so damned much. if i got off the VBJ every time i was down 1% for the day id never have huge drops of 20%+ of the roll in one day.

thats more manageable than not playing VBJ at all. and i think de park isnt good for me due to the access of so many VBJ machines. much higher min bets than in vegas so not as good of machines as the elcortez and hacienda, so i cant get the right spread and end up betting too much. a guy with $50k wouldnt have these issues his bets the same size wouldnt be too much of the roll and hes certainly getting a wider spread.

the reason i dont approve a lot of comments and respond to them is the people making the comments arent worth responding to and arent nice enough to respond to. im not obligated to reply to everyone or post from everyone if they make themself to be an asshole and u know who u are. If u never have anything nice to say no matter what i do and always are a jerk i wont think u are worth responding to. now people like Lightning, i always respond to. even if its not always to his liking.

yes i miss not having a place to live very much, and although it might not be the wisest decision, since rents paid up one more day and i qualify for the jan 13 freeroll which might get me $500 if i make the top 40, at times i just want to say fuck it, go, and all i care about then is getting into an apt grinding online and dropping out of sight more. and at those same times i wonder if id be out less money that way than if i kept on doing what im doing. for i feel if i keep on doing what im doing i might lose everything on VBJ here at de park.

i dont like the way the atm here by state law only lets u take out $400 at the casino. that causes u to pay the $6 fee way more often if u want $1000. im used to always taking $1000 in vegas. I feel taking less out is dumb.

im also not happy when i go to post something and lose a lot of work posting it when i find my comment has been eaten and thats got me pissed off right now with poker poises hand history application and makes me feel like not ever trying to use it anymore. for it went and froze up on me in the middle of typing up a HH post. Ben the owner was nice to me, so i felt i owed it to him to try typing up a few hands. most people on the east coast who said theyd meet havent ever came and introduced themselves. although i did meet 2 guys in the last day or 2 who i knew from online.

but anyway here are some hands NOT thru poker poise that took place recently.

i  have aa including the ace of hearts and im about out of money with only $104 left of $250+ worth of buyins. i make it $8 and guy makes it $26 whose a new player. everyone folds to me, and i make it $52. guy calls. flop comes 953 all hearts. i bet $52 allin, guy calls with 2 black kings. i miss the flush, river comes K of diamonds and im out.

thats when i went downstairs and lost all the money on the VBJ over the course of a couple hours. mostly when i bet the final hand of $972. (4 spots of $200 and one of $172). then i also played another VBJ and lost a little more.

came back later (no uber was available at the time) which often seems to be the case here. there isnt many drivers on the road. Otherwise id have gone home with a loss quite a bit less. but still over $2300.

i had JT diamonds and had built my stack up to $402 out of $316. guy bets $12 into the $4 button straddle and i really hate the way the blinds act first. so much so i should move casinos to avoid the mental aggravation. this is why its a bad idea, a lot of the customers who dont like it quietly leave and never return and never tell the floor why. so the floor never realizes many former customers dont like the rule. Im sure Rob never tells the floor and many are just like him.

so i call the $12,and one other guy and the straddle also call. flop comes 862 with the 86 of diamonds. the raiser bets $30, i call, and the other guy folds and the straddler calls. turn comes 3 of spades. raiser bets $80. i call (should i have been calling?) and the straddler shoves for about $600-700.

original better calls, and i call since the pot is so huge (about $800-1000) and i sure aint going to get even any other way. and i have NO patience to fold by that point. i missed it of course, turns out the straddler has 83 offsuit for 2 pair, and the raiser had 222 instead of an overpair.

this all started about 4pm when i didnt want to wait forever to get seated so i entered a $40 tourny. i couldnt get nothing in it and slowly blinded down, finally i shoved with a4 and 8 BB and got called by QT and lost when the q hit the turn. i quit and sat in the $1-3 and bought $300. by then there was no longer a big list.

speaking of the tourny they had a rule that other rooms have thats well known among regulars. and its also a rule that would NEVER trip me up. however it sure pissed off a newcomer whose played very little poker in his life, and didnt realize he was doing anything wrong, and because of the inflexibility of the house in enforcing the rule he might never play in a casino live poker room again and thats a shame.

u see, like me, he joined a bit late and wasnt around when the house goes over the special rules that apply to tournys.

so he turns the nut straight, and on the river its still good. he checks to check raise it, lady bets, he check raises, she reraises, so he assumes its a split pot and calls. dealer calls the floor over and the floor makes him sit out a 1 round penalty for just calling with the nuts since he was then last to act. he had no idea he was doing anything wrong, and just assumed it was a chop. it was about the 3rd time hed played and just couldnt understand why he was being punished. she did have the nuts also so he was right about it being a split pot.

lets take a more extreme example that of course wasnt the case, but can u imagine the players penalized on a board of TJQKA rainbow for not each raising with the nuts when last to act at the end of the hand til finally all of them are allin? (when the pot will be chopped no matter what). technically in that situation, each of them would have the nuts, so theyd be forced to raise as soon as they are last to act. i pointed this out to the floor asked if theyd still be penalized for not raising and was told YES. am still wondering if he understood what i was asking.

and the 3rd hand that really sucked i again had aa and had $151 left at the start of the hand.

same villain butt straddles $4 and i make it $12. how much would YOU have made it? anyway he calls and 3 others. flop comes looks pretty safe, Q28 and 2 spades i have the ace. i check, guy on my immediate left bets $21, one guy calls, button straddler bets $140. others fold, i go allin $151, original better folds, other guy folds. and the straddler had 82 offsuit that time instead of 83. i lost that hand too.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

exit strategies

As good a room as DE Park is, and as good as the promotions and freerolls they offer (and a lot of $50 and below tournies with a ton of entrants--much more entrants than the stratosphere for example)
i think its time to be planning my exit strategy out of here. theres a few things i dont like.

1. no refrig or micro in my hotel room, it would cost me a higher priced room of about $10 more a day.

2. transportation issues. i still miss walking home in reno.

3. no friends like Ray cooldave or vince living here.

4. heres the biggest issue. i cant stay off the $5 VBJ. yes its countable, but the comp rate kind of sucks, 2 huge losses and ive earned about $40 only in comps. also at poker u get far less than $1 per hour. so food is an expense. i could win at it much easier if id quit betting way too big without a good count just because im stuck. its too tempting to play it wrongly instead of rightly as is why people feel i shouldnt be playing it even though i know how to win. im way better off on a machine with a $1 min. keeps me from betting as much and on the good counts im getting a much better spread.

and i feel like at other places, like MD live, and Parx, and foxwoods, theres games i like better. maybe i dont do as well at them as $1-2 NL, but at least if i dont want to keep playing $1-2 i have other options.

even st louis offers games i like far better than here. especially foxwoods has better choices and so does mohegan sun. better transportation options too. parx is very convenient to hotels and certainly more games. now the issue is just getting there. for id either have to go directly to the train without playing first that day or renew my room not to sleep in but to just keep my things in.

gotta run now to make the bus.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Delaware Park trip report

Lets start off by talking about a missing $200 im quite worried about. i have no idea what happened to it. i dont know if it happened down at Maryland live, (me having $800 in a shoe i took money out of and thinking i still had $1000 in the shoe) if 2 bills stuck together which seems to be happening often, or if i accidently paid the cabbie one in error thinking i was handing him ones. at first i thought i paid cash for my room here in Newark DE, because pricelines ad said book now and pay at hotel. but the front desk said i paid with a cc and so does my bank statement show that. but i left maryland live with what i thought was $1101 (and the $12,100 in the bank).

Paid nothing for the shuttle to the baltimore airport rail station, $70 for a train just for the short distance baltimore to wilmington thats normally much less, outrageous when all the way into NYC was only $110. ive been on amtrak trips much longer for far less.

the second i arrived in wilmington jumped in a cab right outside the train station (no uber here which i didnt know til it was too late) and paid $30. delaware park isnt anywhere near downtown. also had spent some money on food in the train station, etc, but still i shouldve had about $980 at least of what i left MD live with.

after a good long sleep, i woke up about 4.30 am and wanted to get to the delaware park poker room soon as possible for the graveyard promotion of 3 hours play between 3am to 9am being $100 in free slot dollars. was severely disappointed to learn i was told wrong earlier by a guy on twitter and that they couldnt be used for video poker machines after all. nor for VBJ, only for slots. however i ended up getting better than 100% running it thru on the slots later so it became a moot point. called multiple cabs, remember theres no quick fast service here since theres no Uber, there is of course rideshare on craigslist but ive never been comfortable using that, cause it has no screening whatsoever. at first i thought LYFT worked here but another google search shows this isnt a city they serve either. i didnt learn Uber didnt work here til i tried to bring it up on my phone and it says no service. so i finally got a cab to show up by offering $50 and then the guy on the phone who kept saying none were in the area and it would be well over an hour til one was suddenly was able to make it in 15 minutes. he said he would do it himself for $50. (its only 1-2 miles and normally a bit under $10). well 1-2 miles then an extra mile in circles around the grounds of de park up to the front door. which is why its so terrible far to walk it.

there is a train station right on the grounds of de park. the newark de to philly commuter services it. it runs a limited schedule but its a great option for folks on the train from PA. once u are on the grounds of DE park, the casino will pick u up in their shuttle, but their shuttle wont leave the property, but it will go to the bus and train stops on the property.

theres another shuttle service i learned of, its called delaware express. its running on Christmas but needs to be reserved ahead of time to be sure theres room, and its $94 to the philly airport or $131 elsewhere in philly such as the amtrak. theres not really ANYTHING running to the casino in Dover since the city bus isnt running which would get me there VERY cheaply if it was. no bus on christmas. the other casinos are too far with the exception of the one in chester PA 19 miles away (where there is Uber but not here) but thats still a big cab fee and they use the harrahs card so im not exactly wanting to go there. the one in perrysville MD is quite a bit further out like dover de, and sugarhouse i have no idea which card they use but its over 35 miles away. which means $100 cab fare.

so i should probably just take the day off and read moms book. theres not one friend in the area i know and trust to hang out and spend Christmas with except PPP and he is in NY. i dont want strangers that could turn out to not be safe. Joel and Vook are the opposite direction and have families.

i need to add money to bovada too, i lost my last $5 on there am down to less than $2 again after losing the sng i just lost.

most of the clientele of delaware park looks dressed like bums and quite poor. odd thing about this poker room they have BOTH $1-2 and $1-3 NL going at the same time. $60-300 buyin and $100-500 buyin both of which have the button straddle and do it the WRONG way that we dislike.

the inside of de park isnt any different its an old racetrack, huge in size in a very old building thats half empty but filled with machines and very poor carpeting. the old poker room is shut down and the new room is in the very back far from the front door. the 2 VBJ machines nearer to it suck because they shuffle every hand, though they do give comps and are $5 min.

the VBJ machines up front, (about 6 of them mostly empty) has 2 $5-100 ones and $3 $10 min ones and 1 $25-500 one. ive only played the $5. these are better machines since they do NOT shuffle every hand, but 2 3rds of a 6 deck shoe. im up about $500 on them since i came to DE park. u got to look closely the rules differ on them. some have surrender some dont. some stand on soft 17 some dont. so i always pray the 1 $5 machine with the best rules will be empty of people and if theres people they are on a different one. today the promotion made it worth playing. everyone getting 10 points got to pick an envelope for $40-500 in free play, and of course most all get $40, including me which i turned into $28 running it thru once. u get a point for every $150 played thru i think so thats $1500 play thru. so thats a great promotion that goes every wed. i put in about 2 hours play, made 14 points and left over $200 up.

delaware VBJ i think is like vegas. if the rules say shuffle 2 3rds of a 6 deck shoe, it cant be a lottery game theres no bingo diagram on it so its a fair game. no funny rules like PA has where each spot on the machine has its own shoe.

the fact im winning is the real proof its honest.

also i rode the city bus #5 back to my motel from the casino for the first time since no uber and getting a cab too hard, but that bus stops at 10.30pm and its still a long walk of about 3 blocks down a major highway at night. actually de park itself isnt more than a mile or so down a highway a different way but i hate walking it at night in winter. and that dont include the much longer walk once u reach the property itself unless u have their shuttle meet u by the commuter train and bus stop. Just like the inside of the casino its really HUGE. picture 10 foxwoods placed back to back.

ive made a LOT of bluffs in the last month. have succeeded in close to 50 of them. this makes me think i went a large portion of wasted years of my life not making nearly enough of them. i bought in the $1-2 NL game for $60, started losing $27 right off, then added $70 and was in for $130. after a couple hours i added another $100 for a total of $230. eventually i cashed out $742 hours later. and for the first time in a long time my win rate is back to $14 an hour from $12, (which of course means my rate in de and MD is much higher, and my rate in vegas much lower) its no wonder i dont ever want to go back to vegas. at least not for poker instead of VBJ.

the one hand i was going to mention was the 57 diamonds. flop comes 8JQ with 2 diamonds and i call $12 with one other guy and i remaining for the turn. turn comes 8 we both check. river comes 9 and he checks, i bet $45. he folds and i show the bluff.

u really need a bike around here to get back and forth to de park on graveyard hours when the really good promotion is going on and less people are playing and no one is on the VBJ. counting the hourly hi hand promos and the hours for the freeroll the promo might be worth as high as $50 an hour during those 3 hours. also the red roof inn is slightly less per day and very close to this hotel im paying $91 a day and its $45 plus tax if u know how to do it right. not as nice a hotel and outside entrances more unsafe but still.

$4500+ a month (in free slot dollars) is just too much to pass up. too bad i cant solve my long term housing and transportation issues to make this work. they seriously need uber and/or i need an apt on the busline. still im back to around $800 more than i was when i left vegas. which isnt bad considering ive spent a good $1500 or more now. for 2 days of play at DE park between VBJ and poker ive gained about $1000 minus hotel costs.

also the hotel clerk was missing for a good 15 minutes from the desk when i came to check in. had me quite worried at first but finally he showed up.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

still doing well at Maryland live, at least financially at the poker tables.

Well Grump said i had a misunderstanding as to what the dr said to me yesterday. Im sitting here now in my room reading the paperwork he gave me (left when i turned a $697 win into only a $403 win--no longer felt like playing). they did a lab test of a Q-tip swab down my throat and it came back as positive for strep. But when i woke up today i felt much better, so i went to the casino. Too much sleep isnt good for u either, it causes headaches. The actual wording on the diagnosis says Strep Pharyngitis

Anyway, im more concerned about my tooth even though yesterday the clinic that charges me $144, ($14 for the amoxicillin, $85 for the drs visit and the remainder for the lab test) said it wasnt connected to my tooth. Because today i feel a bigger size hole like the tooths somewhat fell down slanted or came somewhat out. Hard to describe unless u look at it, and i really dont think anyone who works as a dentist actually reads this blog. i finally got Joel to tell me the name of his dentist and looked up his website.

im supposed to finish ALL the amoxicillin for 10 days at 3 pills a day even if i feel better.

The motel im at (in a horrible area without a shuttle causing me big cab and Uber fees last 2 nights) and ill make sure next time to avoid getting this hotel its ONLY 2 1/2 star hotels im given instead of 3 star. I dont mean horrible in the way of crime, theres NONE out here, its strictly office workers and its right next to the NSA entrance off the highway with big signs saying RESTRICTED, employees only.

i mean horrible in the way of huge transportation costs and no shuttle. its actually a nice hotel considering im getting it for so much less than all their other customers at $63 a night instead of the normal price.

u get a much better chance of not getting the wrong hotel if u dont use the 60% off name ur own price option and instead use the 55% off express deals option on priceline. that way i can make sure to select 2 1/2 star (instead of 2 1/2 star OR HIGHER) and that way ill either get the 2 1/2 star hampton inn or springhill suites both right by the casino with a shuttle. the hotel im at now is 3 stars.

never in my life have i seen a casino so easy to win at. im averaging $200-300 a day in the $1-2 NL and theres no way in hell id ever average that in vegas. all i need is enough money upfront for one of those nice luxury leases on the apts a half mile down the road.

what caused me to have such a high $28 cab fare on the way home is the huge amount of holiday traffic on the roads by the mall, (really nice how the casino is in a mall) i wonder if any other casinos are in a mall in a city i dont know about? and me stopping for food at safeway. getting so old, im starting to really worry about my health, so i bought toothpaste (airport security seized my original tube when i left vegas) a quart of milk to drink, a bag of tiny sized carrots (mom fed me those alot as a kid, along with apples, arent those supposed to be good for teeth?), and potato salad, all which u need to go to a real grocery store to buy and are much healthier foods.

all my uber fares werent near that high. took 3 trips on uber, one black lady, one black guy, and one indian guy. still hesitate using it though due to horror stories online. all of them were between $12 and $16. no bad experiences to speak of yet. i feel 100x more at ease anytime i can see its a woman driver instead of a man.

the hotel that charged me $45 more than Priceline agreed id be charged never answered my email i wrote about 36-48 hours ago and im really going to be pissed if i have to phone. i feel im just out. Maybe i also need to write Priceline too. Priceline gave me the price and it said PAY AT HOTEL. i wish id looked over the statements and pointed it out when i left but i left in the middle of the night without a manager on duty just the night desk clerk.

ill play a few sngs or cash games on Bovada with the $15 i have there before i sleep cause im just not tired yet. But i did feel like id lost back enough money, so i decided to leave the casino. for some reason my wins here are much bigger than in vegas, and it might be due to running good, but i think its just a much smaller percentage of people at the table actually gambling for a living.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Maryland Live Poker room

This is definitely by far the easiest poker room to win at ive ever seen, and one of the largest ever not counting the commerce. ive had 100% winning sessions here, which is getting my hourly built back up but slowly when its over 1000 total hours to average in. and ive never had a winning session lower than $192. most of the wins have been quite big $700-800+.

a lot of the policies here really bugs me though. do they bug anyone else?

in vegas, new players are given the courtesy of being able to buyin at the table. In fact, ive never seen ANY casino where this isnt done. yet here, if u dont buy chips at the cage before sitting down, they make u walk all the way back. it just seems kind of rude.

they also take a $2 rake at $10 plus $1 jackpot and the rake gets bigger as the pot grows, not sure what it caps out at. but on small pots its worse than vegas, although not as bad as cali thats for sure.

another thing that seems rude is when ordering food, napkins are never packed into the bag with the food, and if u dont think to act the cocktail waitress (who brings the food which is WEIRD all its own) u just dont have them. theyd make bigger tips if they always were in the habit of asking "do u want any napkins?"

and my good friend Rob will hate to hear that they use the $2 chips here and its next to impossible to get a decent amount of $1 chips. u are constantly short of $1's due to this, and if u need to put in a $5 to pay the BB or SB, the dealer is always giving u $2s back instead of $1s, worsening the shortage.

Plus no button straddle here either.

However its really nice u never ever have to wait for seats unless u are arriving early in the morning or something. i usually arrive late in the day til like 3am, and never ever have to wait for a seat. not even once. early in the morning before noon is the only time theyres a wait. But people shouldnt be coming at that time of day to do their playing anyway if they want good games and good action.

and heres the worst part--dealers arent allowed to play where they work--and u have no chance to win back from them the money they just dealt u out of a few minutes ago because they take all their business to the Other casino by state law.

so if u move to MD to be a dealer u might want to keep that in mind so u dont lose ur right to play here. this is about the only place theyres hiring dealers.

i just got a text from cooldave explaining how to do a screenshot on an iphone 5. will have to check it out and verify it works. a screenshot would work to show texts but not the whole pages of texts, id still need to do multiple screenshots.

i need to somehow decide where ill be staying because its a pain in the butt to be needing to check out or change rooms all the time and the high prices of rooms here arent so good either. couldnt get the great deal from yesterday again. Paid $139 plus tax today.

i like being able to use the shuttle back and forth all the time, its like having a friend with a car whose never got any other commitments. (which is what i thought Ray would be since he dont work and also plays poker). I keep giving tips of $2-3 and i hope he isnt mad im not giving $5 but i dont want to end up paying a lot extra per day. he did tell me he would be willing to drive by the Bank of america close to the mall atm machine to deposit cash if i wanted to. This hotel and all the others that are rich hotels within 3-6 blocks of the mall/casino not all have a shuttle but most do. almost all are over $100-130 a nite unless u are getting a special price.

its really great how the casino is inside (or connected to) the mall theres even a Safeway grocery store about 2 blocks up the street. so it would make it real easy to buy anything u need to buy while u are playing too. theres a promotion going on where u get back 10% in free slot play up to $50 a day on purchases up to $500 in the mail. Joel (the poker meister) suggested i do it and return the items and i said they wouldnt allow that and people would abuse it.

investigated and sure enough they stamp the receipts so the store will know u got the slot play, (and claim with them stamped) the store will probably refuse to accept it back. its certainly not worth the hassle unless u are quite broke and desperate and if u were, wouldnt it be easier to just find other peoples discarded receipts?

i did earn my jacket for 20 hours play and resold it for $20 since i have enough jackets and no more space for clothes in the suitcase. i still need a new suitcase where the wheels work since 2 suitcases would hold more.