Thursday, July 14, 2011

about moderator powers

i have updated the settings to make what some of u may consider to be an important change to benefit the posters (and readers). it will now show comments IMMEDIATELY instead of after i approve them. (pokergrump waits to approve his before they are shown btw). i can always get rid of it later if i find it too offensive. so far ive only got rid of 2 comments. try it by posting something critical that isnt in poor taste, heavily laced with profanity or out of line and offensive. no reason to be afraid of me having mod powers. EVERYONE WHO HAS A BLOG HAS MOD POWERS, EXCEPT FOR ME WHILE ON THE VPN AND AVP FORUMS. missing flops let all kind of offensive posts stand that were way too offensive and i want a little more control. i feel a can be a way more fair moderator than him. comments making fun of my speech defect will definitely be eliminated but about the only things being eliminated were things i complained about to the OD that he removed. vook, zin, wec, pokerdogg, dogclock etc are silly if they think i cant be trusted with mod powers.


  1. Tony,

    I think you are better served by posting on VPN or AVP.

  2. Tony it's Tatude. You won't get the numbers of visitors here as AVP. While missingflops did a better mod job than photoc did I agree people that mock you speech should be banned. I sent him a few emails about that. If you do go to AVP the mods need to tighten things up a bit.

    VPN used your blog to boost numbers then kinda abandoned you. Maybe it's time to stop blogging there altogether and see what happens to their site visits. You should always be able to start your own blog at AVP. VPN will be gone soon so maybe you should be the first to leave.

  3. Tony, how about you writing in paragraphs. Spacing is key if you want this blog to succeed. Try using the return key after you make a few comments on hands.

    See now you can talk about going to eat, sleep, on playing the VBJ machines. The good ones. One more thing, I hate this blog. There is back and forth with the reader.

    See how spacing adds flow to reading this crap.
    Good luck with the roll and add some wallpaper to this blog. Maybe so hot BJ girls from the strip casinos.