Thursday, July 14, 2011

anyone reading what i read after waking up should understand the need to delete comments. deleted all the offensive ones just now, everything u see left before this post was made is ok. still would like a little input from the OD, and when posting as anonymous would be nice if people say who they are. of course, that would open it up for people to lie, so ill try and judge if the truths being told. curious to know where VP expert got his figure.


  1. Hi Tony

    I dont mind reading forum posts in the run on typo filled unpunctuated twelve year old girl texting word vomit that you call journalism, but if you are going to write an actual blog then please try to make an attempt at spacing and using proper words and whatnot.

    Since you seem to take pride in how smart you are, please try to show it.

    - your pal,

  2. Mr Jones why dont you get a life and quit stalking Tony.

    Your friend Tat. Ps it's obvious you posted all that garbage earlier. No one else spell the word hi hai like you do.

  3. I totally understand the need to approve comments.

    There are a lot of assholes out there who just want to throw insults at you.