Sunday, July 17, 2011

eating in room, sun july 17

managed to get out of the nugget $122 ahead, and grab some food at the grill to bring back to my room. i was ahead $253 once. i think i mightve been starting to play bad since i was so hungry. final orbit i had 99, raised to $10 preflop since only a few callers on the hijack next to the button. flop comes k89 check to me, i check, and the button checks too dammit. turn comes 7 putting up a 2nd club and possible straight. i dont want to give anymore free cards so i bet $25 and the button calls and the other guy. horrible river hits, 5 clubs. check check, button bets $25 again, other guy folds, i call, he runnerrunnered AQ nut flush. had he bet a lot more i wouldnt called. he was a good player.

a while earlier i raised on the button to steal blinds, again he calls. i had a4 diamonds. flop comes a78 i bet $20 he calls. turn comes 2. he bets into me and i folded, showing only the ace, and telling him i had aj, and he shows an ace.

the lady on my right earlier, middle aged woman who seemed to have played a lot of poker but unfamiliar with how the nugget rakes the pot, i think from california, and i think with the guy on the other side of her. she got mad earlier when i suggested she wouldve called an allin from a different lady with AQ hearts on a flop of 6KJ6 and 3 hearts on the turn. (royal draw). almost anyone would call with that. river comes 6. other lady bets river and she folds, showing nut flush and royal draw. of course shed fold the river. other lady showed JJ for turned boat, and i told her it was a good thing the lady waited til the river to bet, saving her money and that she wouldve called an allin on the turn, and i think she took it wrong and thought i thought she was a donkey because she adamantly denied shed called an allin and says shed have FOLDED while still on the turn.

anyway what happened was, a very young beautiful woman dressed up like a hooker  and an older guy in his 50s most likely sat down near the other end of the table and she wasnt playing, only watching, and the guy was talking poker strategy and kept whispering to her as if she was learning the game. now i dont know why, but i would swear ive seen this woman at a casino poker table before. the guy i didnt recognize. thought the girl was probably a hooker, because i seen a ring on him but not her. and because she wore hi heels and low cut clothes. the girl seemed like she wouldnt have wanted to sit there except to get money, and i was pissed i cant afford to pay to have a woman like that sit behind me. she reminded me a lot of the girl from MS whose mostlikely in jail from myspace who sat at the nugget with me a year ago. (the one who said she seen me on tv as a poker player). anyway i whispered to the guy on my right, i wonder if thats his daughter or a paid escort, and he said he was wondering the same thing himself. so i later asked the guy if his daughter played poker, and neither him nor her said anything i could make out. then the woman on my left immediately said thats his wife and i asked how do u know? and that its wrong to assume, and she said it was a much greater wrong for me to assume its his daughter or id make him feel OLD. actually i feel like assuming it was his wife would make the GIRL feel OLD. never did find out the truth as i was leaving, and i still dont think thats his wife, but could be, wish i had me a good woman like that, it wouldve been much easier for me to find a girlfriend if id make a serious effort 10-15 yrs ago before i became near this old. being this old, i am expected to be far better off financially and settled than id have needed to be if i were 25-30


  1. hello again tony! this is diamond again! no reason to dwell on the past luv! always look forward and be optimistic instead of negative(its kinda hard but u can do it!). Where u were wrong at is worrying about who he had sitting next to him when u should be worried about the cards in front of your face luv! it doesnt matter who someone brings to the table with them cuz if u really wanted a beautiful girl sitting next to you that is what u would have sitting next to you but u choose not too. :)

  2. Tony, raising preflop then check when u hit a set is just terrible! How do u manage to make money at poker is beyond me. Are the games in vegas really that soft?

  3. Lol yea Pokerdogg they really are that soft for the most part. Tony you get too fancy for your own good sometimes, you are the pfr, u are expected to cbet here, you should certainly do so when you flop a set unless the guy on your left is a complete aggromonkey who you know will bet 100% of the time when checked to. Also, I have to agree that I'm not really digging this new format at all. I will still check in when I can, but I will not be reading as much as before, I personally think you should try out AVP. Regardless, i wish you the best of luck on this blog.

  4. Cbet that flop multiway

    Stop dreaming about hookers


  5. man this is going to be a snorefest

  6. Tony good luck on your blog, but comments having to be approved forget it, take care and good luck, talk to you on AVP, later.

  7. Don't like waiting for approval either but we saw what happened when he didn't. Tons of stupid posts from the stalkers that had to be deleted. Too bad there wasn't a way for people who were members to post without approval.

  8. Hi, this is Sara. Just found your blog. I find your play to be somewhat tight weak. TBC you should be leading most pots and folding to reraises more often.

    Next time I am in Vegas I will try and meet up with you so we can talk about hand histories. Please try and post more about your play and less about if the woman sitting behind a player is a hooker.

    Were you more upset with the girl or the guy with the girl? I would never date a guy if he thought I was a hooker because I sat behind a man, old or young. What is wrong with you.

    You should have tried and busted him in front of the girl. That would have gotten her attention. Not making comments, is that your daughter or wife. WTF. You are there to win money.

  9. 1. As others have already said, raising preflop then checking when you get exactly the flop you were hoping for is just awful, unless you know for a near lock that the button will bet that situation when checked to him, so you can trap some dead money from callers in between you.

    If you want credibility on your continuation bets when you miss the flop, you MUST c-bet the flop when you nail it, too. If you play backwards poker (betting when you missing, checking when you hit), even the dumbest opponents will figure out that pattern.

    2. "Stealing the blinds" is a mostly useless and expensive concept in cash games. Your goal is to take opponents' entire stacks, not to win $3 pots. You're unlikely to do that leading into people with such weak and easily dominated hands as A4. You lost, what, something like $29 on that hand. You would have to steal the blinds successfully 10 times now in order to make up for what you lost trying it that once.

    3. Why do you give a rat's ass what the relationship is between a player and a woman sitting with him? Who cares if they're married or dating or just met or hooker and client or father and daughter or parolee and parole officer or Bonnie and Clyde? It makes no difference to you. You should be focusing on the things that matter and will make you money.

    4. You say you wish you had enough money to pay somebody to watch you play. Why? If I had 100 billion dollars, I wouldn't spend a nickel of it to pay somebody to watch me play poker. That's just completely stupid, Tony. How does it benefit you? I explained in a previous post how it could--and most likely would--hurt your game. Did you not read that? Do you have some reason to think that prediction is wrong?

    I sense that it is because you want to impress somebody with how you play. But all that SHOULD matter is whether YOU are satisfied with how you play.

    5. Why show one or both cards when folding? How does that make you more money? Information is money in poker, and you gave some away. If you cannot articulate exactly why you showed what you did, when you did, to the player(s) you did, and how that will reap profits in the future, then you're just giving away money because of some weird psychological need.

    6. Most important question from points above: Are you going to learn from those mistakes and adjust your game, your thoughts, and your behaviors? Or will you just keep doing the same things over and over again?

  10. Tony, why do you assume that every young well dressed woman who is with an older man is a hooker? You are simply stereo typing all younger females. She could be his daughter, wife, niece, some other type of relative, or just an acquaintance. You need to get your mind out of the gutter, stop worrying about what type of person, another person is with and concentrate on your game. Both my 23 and 21 year old nieces have said that they would love to come to Las Vegas and watch me play cards, see some shows and go night clubbing. That certainly doesn't make them hookers.

    I told you when I was in Las Vegas, that one day you are going to make the wrong type of assumption, or make an inappropriate comment and you will end up getting your head knocked off.

    Next time think before you open your mouth.

  11. well a normal woman wouldnt be wearing a low cut skirt or high heels at least not in moms town in her day, people were dressed modestly. and its just id think i seen that woman somewhere. theres a chance it could be his wife, but sure didnt seem likely and i was hoping she might someday rather be with me than him if she wasnt his gf

  12. are you completely going to ignore rakewells comments?

    ur a dead loss tony

    rakewell is THE 1/2 grinder of las vegas, take his advice