Saturday, July 16, 2011

going over to the nugget soon

awake now and gonna walk over to the nugget. still would like ideas on improving the blog. also id appreciate it if readers would create a google account, or any type of open ID account, even an aim messenger id works. that way i know for sure whose posting and the next time someone pretends to be someone else, with a fake spam porn link, ill know instead of later finding out about it.


  1. if you do something to improve your life that would improve your blog by default.

    Martin Gale

  2. Nobody's reading this anymore. I guess I did but I'm trying to stay a follower of your adventures but without the peanut gallery chiming in, it really isn't very good.

  3. I dont understand why people try to pick on Tony. He might be one of the greatest low level grinders in Vegas

  4. I agree with Anonymous. This blog is boring without others chiming in.


    A half black/white guy that pretends he's white

  5. 16,000 views is not the kind of numbers that one would call boring-if it is there's a lot of people who like to be bored. Tony you would probably get even more views if you returned to AVP and I'd bet they'd work something out with you regarding approvals. I didn't think that I would read this blog once it moved but I find myself keeping up with Tony's adventures. I would advise everyone to just enjoy the stories and not get too overcome by the fact that Tony plays the machines. It is what it is and he seems to be building a good bankroll despite his attraction to the VBJ. It seems to get him a lot of free nights so there is a little value in the whole process. Tony if you're happy with your present lifestyle, have at it and enjoy yourself until it's no longer any fun for you.