Saturday, July 16, 2011

Heres some really good news

I just discovered that unlike my old blog on vpn where i couldnt post from my piece of shit cricket phone that i actually can login and post on my cell here. Can approve and delete comments too. This is really nice and something im not used to. Bought in here at the nugget for 231 and am up about 25. Good news is i feel im playing my best and i want to encourage all of u to either create a google account or use the open id feature instead of posting anonymously because someone impersonated vince tatude and snevman with links to porn sites. That should solve the issue. Only takes like 2 minutes.


  1. You should use some of your roll to get a new phone that you can post on other sites from. Don't let that be the only reason you stay blogging on this cumbersome site. You'll lose readers...

  2. well im waiting til august since vegas dwp was gonna give me one then anyway.

  3. Hi Tony - it's VegasDWP here.

    The offer for the phone is still good. I will bring the 3 phones that I have, and we can check them out with your SIM, and you can take whichever one you like.

    I think the Blackberry might be locked, but I can have it unlocked. It's the newest of the 3 phones I think, but the iPhone 3GS works very well.

    I will arrive on 28 July, about 3pm. Give me 48 hours to get my act together, and we'll meet up. I will send you a message when I get to town.

    - David

  4. Tony saw your last post on VPN. Good for you. It's a big step you are making and this is something you've wanted to do for awhile and hope it works out. It's also amazing how low some people will go to try to sabotage this and they have the nerve to criticize you.

  5. Tony saw your post on VPN. Good that you are trying this as you have wanted to do this for awhile and I wish you luck. It's amazing how low some people will stoop to sabotage this. The same people who constantly criticize you. Guess they have nothing better to do in life.

  6. Sup Tony, why don't you get you a virgin mobile LG Optimus V phone Beyond talk plan? Check it out Tony, i believe rakewell got this phone, check with rakewell.

  7. Sup Tony, why don't you get a Virgin Mobile Beyond Talk Plan.

    $25/month gets you-300 mins-unlimited text,email,data & web

    $40/month gets you-1200 mins-unlimited text,email,data & web

    $60/month gets you unlimited talk mins,text,email,data & web

    Check it out Tony, should save you some money monthly.
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  8. This blog needs the interaction between all of the participants, eg forim based. Oh, you had one of those and blew it off.

  9. the phone i have now is $45 a month, unlimited everything, including talking. its not that i have a bad phone deal, its just cricket is horrible service, and so is virgin mobile, koala got one of those, and it took him forever to get my texts. i dont plan to use either of those companies anymore once i go with a better phone.