Friday, July 29, 2011

in cab heading to 4 queens to check in, friday morning

will be asleep most of the day but hope to hear from vegas dwp late tonite, wish i couldve seen him last night when i was on the strip instead of downtown. cannot be on the strip on weekends u know. ended up winning about $150 last nite. mostly due to one big pot at ceasers, was over $240 ahead when i left there. (ok now to finish this post, didnt have time while in the cab to finish details) am now in my new room at the 4 queens awaiting my refridgerator and should get more sleep. am afraid vegas dwp will contact me while im asleep and wonder why im not answering.

the big hand i won at ceasers i had QT diamonds and called the usual preflop raise of $10. flop comes 44Q rainbow with one diamond. believe it or not i was in the SB and none of the 6 of us bet the flop. turn comes 9 of diamonds. i bet, (hoping they will put me on a 4 being in the sb) and the BB calls and one other player. i cannot remember for sure my bet i think it was $40. i worry about the BB having a 4. river comes 8 diamonds giving me the flush. i bet $93, and the BB shoves for $165. the other guy thinks forever and folds. i worry mostly not about the flush, not about a flopped boat, not about 8s full, but about 48 and 9s full. those seem his most likely hands, but i have to call, its not that much more, and i can beat a hand like A4, and the longer i think the more he seems like hes resigned to go home. sure enough all he had was 47.

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