Wednesday, July 13, 2011

in my room at the IP, relaxing for the last hour, and i am so glad im finally up to $10,070. first time in a long time im back over $10k. couldve been up more, at one point in the IP poker room i was up to $440 off my $155 buyin, but gave back alot on the final hand and left with only $120 profit. hand went down like this, i had KQ suited, and the flop was 29k with one of my suit. i bet and one guy called. turn was 4 i bet he raised, i called. river came Q i bet $40 he bets $100 i call and he has a set of 2's i was a little worried, but should i have been so worried that i shouldve not bet the river?

and i got very lucky earlier in the flamingo before i went back into the diamond lounge for the 2nd time. i sat at the pickem poker machine, because even though my lucks awful on it usually and my losses are big since im betting 25c and up to 50 bets of $2, i heard the payback is over 99%? i couldve easily lost over $500 on it, that id had invested, but i got off it with over $200 profit after hitting a big hand on a higher betting level after id first been getting stuck quite a lot. thats when i sent seattle irish the text message about going to counseling with him, which he never responded to. seattle irish dont know how to forgive anyone and its because he does not have Jesus Christ as a part of his life.


  1. when you bet the flop and got called what did you think he had?

    when you bet the turn and got raised what did you think he had?

    when you bet the river and got raised what did you think he had?

    very poorly played hand.

    also very stupid to play machines, good luck keeping your roll.

  2. u play worse than an nl2 player on partypoker LMAO

  3. Flamingo pick-em machine returns 94.4315%

    who suggested it was 99%

  4. VP expert i looked at that link u sent but it only shows the best VP machines it wont show the bad paying ones so the 94% payout one isnt listed, where is the link u see this at?