Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Playing ak

Not much was said about the ak hand everyone was so focused on the other hand. Still think i did right getting 40 percent equity 3handed. I wouldve had to fold postflop. am getting awful hungry and will go eat paris diamond lounge very soon. Games here tighter than they used to be. Getting aa more than fair share. I checked aces full on the river once when last to act when the third 9 hit. I won. I think im doing right max buying in 300 a shot now that my rolls up.


  1. I believe your equity is ~36.6% against QQ & 1010, not 40%.

    The call is correct IF you have a decent read on your opponent. If one of the two opponent had AA/KK, then your equity drops like a rock, it really is read dependant.

    Did you see my post about the QQ hand I played last week? I 5-bet to $300 with QQ, when normally it's an easy fold. It depends entirely on table dynamics and any tells you can gather from your opponents. As usual, you gave no indication you were even aware of such things.

  2. By the way, this blog format doesn't really work for the type of posts you make, and for what made your previous "blogs" work on AVP and VPN. In a work, this "sucks". Hope you reconsider and return to AVP.

  3. Hi Tony!! Think I'm going to Vegas in a month. Hopefully I'll meet up with you then

  4. well i wasnt sure they didnt have aa or kk but most of the time they wouldnt. if they both had the same pair, or AQ or less, my equity goes way up. no i didnt see pokerdoggs post. dont forget to check the box to get email when comments are followed up on.

    angmarkram u had many chances to say hi over the years and never did once.

  5. The QQ hand is in my post from July 14th.


  6. Like I said you got VERRRY lucky on the river, and if you hadn't you'd be crying instead of crowing about it.

  7. the last annon post was 100% correct.

    Tony got very lucky in his hand.

    And, in a similar situation but for only $100 instead of $200 Tony CALLED off when someone re-raise pushed his raise with TT and was up against AQ.

    he then proceeded to swear and tilt because the guy got really lucky and caught an Ace.