Tuesday, July 26, 2011

pokermase32 and the pornslapper gang

ive been asked to relay the story of pokermase32 being in fear for his life. (at least he texted me saying he was scared to walk out of Paris on foot and was wondering how he would get back to the IP). by the way, hes lost his entire roll, and is brand new to vegas as of 3 weeks, but he dont seem too worried about it. says he can find a stake or a job.

i was told by him that he told the mexican guy that he (pokermase32) was a resident here and he didnt appreciate his filth and he wasnt wanted and to go back to his home country, (something of that sort) of course we all feel that way, but to avoid trouble we keep our mouth shut. the guy told him 5 minutes and hed be taught a lesson, and sure enough people are soon watching him and giving him shit inside paris and waiting for him to leave. if u dont believe me, or want the full story, talk to darrell the young kid inside osheas or bills trying to get his diamond card.

i won almost $700 last nite almost all of it on VBJ. rolls at $10,100 and im about to relocate to the IP for 3 nites. won a little at ceasers earlier. and ive got one more very interesting story to relate about someone else, who shall remain unnamed that i will post in about 5 minutes.


  1. "Of course we all feel that way." [facepalm]

  2. hey tony thanks for telling the story..

  3. rakewell (and the one anonymous poster i deleted) surely u know that was not a racist comment, what i meant is people walk down the street with their wife and kids dont appreciate being handed porno filth, i dont mind looking at porn in my room on my laptop, but its inappropriate out in public. and they are so inconsiderate holding their literature directly in ur way. everyone wants them gone BECAUSE THE FILTH THEY ARE HANDING PEOPLE. it certainly isnt because theyre mexican. im not sure why most all are mexican, i guess because they are more desperate to take the work, or maybe theres something more sinister behind it, (they may be being forced to do it to not be reported to immigration) rakewell took the comment the wrong way. luis the dealer and zin should know i have nothing against mexicans who are here legally. its just we cannot just have open borders letting in anyone who wants in, many for the welfare programs.