Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Posting from cell while hn game at ballys

Will sure be glad when vegas dwp comes with that iphone. I can post but cannot view the full page nor can i find the location of old approved comments to respond to. Wanted to talk to rakewell further and also wish vook pokerdog and others would chime in.i would min ckr bluff in that spot often myself so i natusally assume others would as well. And i did shove if i remember right but remember im only risking what he has in front of him not nearly the whole stack. No different than betting say 140. And this phone is also giving me trouble approving or deleting comments. I cant get the select box to show up on the comment instead it keeps trying to load the blog again. I have to go back and click many things to get the check box to work. Things will go alot smoother around here and u will see comments much faster then.


  1. min ch/r bluff is a disgusting play

    u should know by now a ckh min/r is usually the nuts from a weak player

    gl but oh dear

  2. then proceed to drop $300 in VP 50 play.

    stop playing grossly -EV games

    stop paying the casinos' bills.

  3. What kind of hand would you min-CR with in that spot? Do you do that with air thinking villain missed? What kind of villain would you do that to? In general, a lot of weaker players like to do that with a set, not as a bluff. Alarms should be ringing when someone do that to you. Take the free card!

  4. If that's something you'd do often in that spot I'd suggest you do that less often.