Saturday, July 30, 2011

the table at the nugget with me and vegas dwp.

first let me thank him for the iphone3, i only hope i can get everything up and running when i go to a store tomorrow thats open to get a working sim card, he did not see any way to open up my old cell. rolls about $11,800, we did good tonite (at least i did, he busted on a bad call/read with 22 into the action player.) i sat with $400 and cashed out $788.

3 hands i wish to discuss. the first hand i had a2 of hearts. the action player (one old lady changed tables early due to not wanting to listen to him hold up the game) and one other player also did, but i didnt mind taking his money. i hadnt hardly played a hand at this table til then. i was hungry and pissed he made it $21 after the limp, one other guy called and since we are so deepstacked i call. flop comes 468 with one heart. and i check, call, other guy gets out. turn comes 4, and he bets $55. now i know he can have anything, and what makes me think hes weak is right before he bet he asked the dealer if its ok if he asks to check it down, and the dealer says NO. so i shove my whole stack for $300-400 and up til then id not shown a hand. nor  had i shoved. he thinks 6 minutes (remember hes the guy whod been holding up the game). and i begin to worry about an overpair, in fact he claimed he had one and then later changed his story. he finally folds 55 and i show the bluff. vegas dwp tells me good bluff.

now a little while later with my stack over $500 he again makes a raise preflop and i call with a10. flop comes 69Kwith 2 spades, i have none. and he bets and again i call. turn comes 9, he shoves $347 and i sit to think this time the 5 minutes. i finally call, and he has a4 spades. so im thinking good call. river comes J and we split.

3rd key hand, its not him in the hand. i have a6 spades and call the usual small preflop raise. flop comes 28Q with 2 spades. i check, asian guy bets $30 and other asian guy calls, and i call. turn comes 9 asian guy bets $35 other guy calls, i call. river comes 7 spades. i shove allin, mentioning that u guys know by now i dont bluff. asian guy with $150 folds, other asian with about $60-70 calls, and i win.

i only wish the od wouldve woke me up today while he was downtown and i paid for his food so he could install the forum software u guys want in my new blog. now he says hell do it some other time. of course, that will require all of u to create accounts just as on any other forum. the reason i delete so many of the anonymous comments with the fake famous names is im sure its the same guy making about 80% of the comments. instead of legit posters wishing to remain anonymous.
----------------------later added-----------------------------------------------------------------------
i went over to the golden nugget spa at 9am for my haircut and beard trim, which i spent $63 for. and now im researching the closest cricket store to see if i can use my iphone with them, which someone in tx who uses cricket said i could.. will see, if not will use another company. gonna take a cab anytime.

won about $211 more at binions also, about $100 on vbj and the rest in a loose game with some knowledgeable players, but who didnt care enough about the money to play good.


  1. Tony, u have to stop floating against maniacs. It is so easy to stack them with a legit hand, no need to make big bluffs and hero calls with ace high.

  2. but had i followed that advice, the table dynamics that so helped me dominate and control the table wouldve not came about, and id won alot less. it totally messed up his game and image. rolls now at $12,000 btw, won about $200 at binions after posting this.

  3. Good job building the roll Tony. Hope you get your new phone working today so you can start posting some interesting pics.

    Clint Herron

  4. So you over shove on the first hand, then call with A high when you could easily be beat on the second hand? And you ever realize that every story is "guy raises, i call." "Girl raises, I call."

  5. Iphones don't have sim cards.

  6. If you think he's bluffing, why don't you, I don't know, perhaps RAISE?

  7. Dominate and control the table??? I didn't think that was your style. If that is your game, than all the power to you. Problem is, when you want to play table captain, you increase the volatility (variance), and you don't handle variance well. It is a dangerous game to play given your propensity to monkey tilt.

  8. How do you make that call with A high there? I dont care if you won thats terrible. Because it worked this time now youre going to give it all back and more thinking you can make that call all the time.-PogBoy