Thursday, July 28, 2011

thurs july 28 5.37am in my room nites recap

went over to osheas id say about 8-9pm, didnt start off so good, and at one time was in for a total of $366 of which about $170 was left. but of course loose action players joined such as Chris Reames dealer at the nugget and his friends and the guy who got booted the other day at osheas (no not zippy) and i eventually left with $522 when that table finally broke about 3am or so. so im in my room and $156 ahead for the nite. one hand of note (only one i can remember) i had AK and made a raise to $15 preflop and i think i got 2 callers. flop comes up 8JQ and they checked to me with 1 heart and i took the free card. turn comes 6. Chris female dealer friend bets $10 and i call, and the guy who got booted on my immediate left makes it $20. we both call. river comes 9. she checks, and i know he thinks im a real nit, and i bet $80 with about $300+ behind. he says he has a set and thinks, then mucks. she mucks instantly and i show the bluff. i wouldnt believe him had he not showed his set, had i known that id not tried the bluff in the first place. i figured theyd put me on some sort of straight draw and really dislike that 9.


  1. Is Chris the geeky kid with glasses? And his female friend the fatty with dark hair?

    Cliff Huxtable,

  2. Why is he saying he has a set when there is still action behind? And how did he show you his set with the girl left to act? I have no idea how you make any money playing poker. You make some ridiculous plays and seem to be proud of it.

  3. Good job coming ahead for the evening again even though you were stuck early.
    Also, nice job on the bluff.

    Yes, you are a nit and everyone knows it so when you get a chance like that to make a good bluff it will generally work if the players know you.

    Stick to poker and you roll will increase. You are still making up for the $3400 you pissed away in 3 days on the machines.

  4. Hey new follower here found via grouchies blog, just wondering is your issue downs syndrome?

    David Ayers, Scotland

  5. Don't suppose you know if the dealer from osheas that plays poker at bills has a bf do u? Can't recall her name but she's slim attractive friendly


    George Davies

  6. George,

    U mean April?

    Geoff Boycott

  7. If he is a good enough player to fold a set when he thinks he is beat, why wouldn't you bluff the river? Since you know who this guy is, you obviously should know how he plays and your SUPPOSE to take advantage of your image.

    Your Welcome,

    Huck Seed

  8. Hey Tony,

    Just arrived in Vegas today. I'm tired and jet-lagged after the 10-hour flight from London so won't be going out tonight. Might go out to play for a few hours Friday night ... If not, definitely Saturday. I'll send a text to your phone and let you know.


  9. Tony I will be in town in a few weeks, would you like to play heads up omaha hi/lo for 1k again? Or maybe 500?


  10. no more HU matches, chasing the money back after the loss had a lot to do with the big drop pre wsop. but anyone is welcome to come to my table tonite at the nugget and buyin $1000 after midnite when ill be awake finally