Saturday, July 16, 2011

todays results in my room at the 4 queens to sleep now.

rolls still sitting at $9000. thanks very much to dave shapiro who gave me a ride to the 4 queens checkin for $7. and i won over $200 in the golden nugget in an exceptionally good game. that made up for the $153 loss at ballys earlier. and i almost lost a few hundred on the VBJ at the westin, but instead made around $100.

as usual AK is the hand that makes me or breaks me. seems to be an overly important hand in my life. guy makes it $12 which was happening a lot, 5 callers, i shoved $120+ allin and got a call by the rich loose former dealer holding QT offsuit, and neither one of us hit a thing. WHEW.

and some more good news, i thought id have to pay with comps for my room 3 nites here, but found out they gave it to me 100% free. not sure why but thanks. i dont need to use comps most of the time to get free rooms and ive still got about $1000 in comp dollars between all casinos combined.

am wondering if lorna somehow is reading this blog, an awful lot of the comments ive had to delete was someone calling me the N word or saying something deragotory about black people and she used to do that all the time making fun of how i look because she hated it when i couldnt give her money anymore. still need to learn how to create a forum and how to IP ban people. gonna go and find the google blogspot forums and post asking for advice.

would like to hear from readers ideas that would make this blog get a lot more readers without doing anything detrimental to my long term success. i have really changed my mind lately after talking with my closest friends in private and have decided the quality of the readership is far more important than the quantity. and considering im over 1500 views, i am not in the least worried about readership. i like having something belonging 100% to me and not someone else.


  1. "and i won over $200 in the golden nugget in an exceptionally good game. that made up for the $153 loss at ballys earlier"

    Until you stop trying to get "unstuck" you will never succeed. Each session is a separate event. You will win & you will lose. Hopefully the wins are greater in the long run. Until you can sit down at the next session after a loss and not think about how you are going to get that money back, you will not succeed. Please heed this advise.

  2. playing the machines and shoving with AK preflop are both examples of you depending on blind luck to get through life.

    its sad that the only thing you care about in the world is gambling and you arent very good at it.

    as far as "doing anything detrimental to my long term success" almost everything you do is detrimental to your long term success.

    you must like your place in life because you make no effort to change.

    Martin Gale

  3. Tony my two cents on things. If this blog is the way you want to go you might want to stop posting altogether at VPN. That way you will know how your blog does on it's own. Leave it open just take a break from it and see how things go here.

    I wish u would realize how dangerous it is to mess with those machines. You clearly do much better at poker and are limiting yourself by the losses on the machines.

    Hopefully u will be there when I get there next month. Also I plan to play a circuit event in Tahoe if the weather isn't bad and can give u a ride up there if you can get a bus or train to the Bay Area. I will def go unless it's snowing. I'll talk to u about it more later.


  4. You will never post what I say anyway.Because you know what I think about you and your so called followers..THE BLIND LEADING THE BLIND!!! ty spock for letting me know what was going on..Tony leave me out of any of your it? I have no use for you or anything you stand for.tyvm I would be willing to bet my life you won't post this..Spocky will let me know..lata

  5. Add a link to thi blog in your Twitter header like Poker Grump's Twitter page has it set.

  6. Stop gambling and see your son

    - Jebus H Christ

  7. The AK problem is easy to fix. Stop shoving every time you have AK!!! Try flat calling every once in a while and mixing it up. If you don't hit, you can get away from it.

  8. i now have the link on my twitter account as has been suggested. any similar ideas would be welcomed.

  9. Still need to go back to VPN/AVP for your blog. Wading through all these posts is cumbersome and not worth the time. Question - is the $1000 you have in comps considered part of your roll?