Friday, July 15, 2011

tonites huge loss

well im back to $8900 and i want to talk about the loss and about how to avoid it in the future. But first a couple of other things to say. im trying to solve the problem about comments. i need to learn how to technically set it up so all comments (after approval) are visible and show up in the same place. that makes it easier on u guys to follow and read them. OD talked about me adding a forum but didnt have the time to assist me with it and suggested i find someone else to help. i will someday when i have money control a huge forum i OWN just like the OD did. only difference between me and OD is id find the time to do the work, or if not hire people to do it. it wouldnt cost much, id hire broke former online poker players i know.

ok what all u guys are waiting to hear about, the big loss. it started off innocently enough. i went to ceasers and paid $130 for the 4pm turbo deepstack. i busted early and didnt feel like rebuying, because i hate buying in late and missing levels for whatever reason. so i had exactly $145 on me remaining in cash was all. (rest was in the safe deposit box, bank, debit cards, etc.)so i bought in the cash game at ceasers. pretty soon i got AA and i still had about $130 or more of it left. guy butt straddles for $6, guy UTG makes it $20, and a guy calls. i look down and see AA and i want to try and get max value and dont worry too much with only 2 others in (now dont say i played it bad just due to the results, i think over the longrun i did play it well.) so i only raise to $40, and they both call. flop comes KT3 with 2 spades. one of which i have. both check, i bet $96 and a guy calls with a set of 3's and i am sure if id have had a bigger stack id have lost even more. right?

so then i went to the IP to get in the safe deposit box, and then sat in the game, a little on tilt and i forget the hands, but ended up losing $100 more. then walked over to osheas. found the other tony (anthony) a diamond club member whose pretty broke a lot needing rooms who wanted me to stake him yesterday who hangs out bills and osheas a lot. he was sitting on a VP machine (100 play) and i sat beside him on the 50play. and he was using a voucher he got on a free tourney through summerfest. i ended up breaking about even there, but at one point was stuck a bit more. then lost over $200 in the game at osheas, and then walked to the IP again, lost over $100 on the same type of 50play deuces wild, and walked over to a table BJ game quite pissed where i lost all the rest. no video BJ for me. id have much rather tried to play in a 2-5 game at ceasers with the final 500 lost, but was too lazy to walk across the street and probably not get seated right away, and didnt feel i could play well stuck all that. how do i learn to develop more self discipline?


  1. Rummaging through all these tabs just gives me a headache.

    You do realize people are not just here to read your adventures but to also converse with the other readers. When we have to wait hours if not days to see other people's posts than it's pointless for us to respond. You do realize those people that have been saying some dumb shit would be insta-banned on the forums and only post that here because they know you will have to read it before approving.

    See if you can get paid on one of the other sites and in doing so request a mod to be assigned to your blog to help control the assholes.


    a black man

  2. as far as the AA hand you were going to lose your stack no matter what. sometimes aces get cracked. get used to it.

    as far as the self discipline goes why dont you put all your money in the bank and get an ATM card and have the bank set a 200.00 withdrawl limit per day? then if you lose you cant get more money till the next day.

    Martin Gale

  3. Tony Tatude here. Dont think u played the AA hand bad at all. Gonna happen once in awhile. Yesterday at day 3 of the WSOP AA lost to A6 when two sixes hit the board. The V in that hand made some terrible mistakes and still got lucky and won a huge pot. AA got it all in preflop so he did nothing wrong but still lost.

    You made the right move and unfortunately ran into a set. My well worn out advice is STICK TO POKER. You can make a decent living playing 1-2 in Vegas taking the tourists money. Look at the chart that Sickcall made for you recently. It's all there in black and white. The numbers don't lie. Good luck

  4. You were so close. 10k trying to run it up to 15k. WTF is wrong with you Tony. Just stay on the the right track. POKER...playing 2/5 NL or a mid range mixed limit game. GRIND it out playa. TY.

    a really dark black man


    word of caution: to make money, you must play perfect strategy, playing a reasonable, 600 hands an hour, at 5 coins bet at the dollar level, you can make $9 per hour. a bankroll of at least $12K required, this is the best machine in town with over 100 percent payout at the dollar level. this machine is at 4 queens, double bonus 10/7.

    it is possible to play this all year and lose money, if you do not hit a royal every 48K hands, (average).

    Stick to low limit nlhe, check the link above to see the payouts for the caesars properties' machines. I believe you might feel sick about it.

  6. On the AA hand with your stack I raise to at least $65.

  7. Tony,

    Poker only. You complain about your roll going down, but you continue to play -EV games. Why do you refuse to admit that you continue to repeat a pattern of actions that are reducing your bankroll. You are not stupid, but you sure do some stupid things!!

    Good luck,


  8. There is no +EV VP on the strip. Only downtown, Boulder Hiway, and the stations/fiestas, etc. Yes you must play perfect.

    Best VP on the strip is TI 9/6 dollars outside hi lim area and others...99.54% plus rooms/comps when played PERFECTLY