Wednesday, July 13, 2011

trip to osheas

after sitting in my room for many hours i knew i wasnt ready to sleep so i walked over next door to osheas. bought in for $200 and at one point had it up to $477. decided id leave soon if i started giving very much of it back. not sure why u guys say no one will read my blog here, since grouchie and pokergrump have blogs here and people read theirs. anyway, the table had lots of straddlers and the usual crowd of europeans and canadians who are about to leave town probably. the young guy on my left liked to bluff and he was from denmark. i had QK offsuit, limped for $2 in EP+1 and he made it $11 and as soon as i called i thought i might be making a mistake but was that really the mistake? turns out i had him dominated preflop. anyway 4 of us call. and the flop comes K79. checked to me, i bet $30 to see where i stand, and he just calls. (now earlier id heard him talking to the guy on the other side of him about how on another hand he might just call  a raiser with aa). the other 2 fold. turn comes 5diamonds, i bet $75, he shoves $110 more, and i knew i shouldve folded but didnt. what can i do about that in the future? i dont want to set myself up to be bluffed. he had K7 for 2 pair. and he said he had a diamond draw which was true, he did.


  1. I just signed up for the blog since I had a Google account already, but do not think I would check here like I do on VPN. One of the things, Tony, that makes the message board format so entertaining and keeps people coming back is that a lot of things you do and say gets people talking and posting their reactions. With you deleting comments left and right and having less of a "conversational format" like there is on the message boards would not be as attractive to those who currently follow your board. Also, you post many short (1-2 sentences) updates that would need their own blog entry. Nobody will want to sort through each entry and the accompanying comments to follow the story that is your life. Go to AVP and keep the format that has been working (IMHO).

  2. Hey Tony, hopefully this blog is working out for you. As for the hand I have a few suggestions for your play. Even though it's not really your style you need to be opening with a hand like QK, not limping it, aggressive Europeans love to isolate limpers with position. Now he still might have called your open with K7s i don't know but you will be in a better spot long term if you open raise to start rather than limp call. Also, I just wanted to comment briefly on your assertion of beating to find out where you were in the hand. This is a old schooled very flawed way of thinking that live players commonly use. You don't bet "to find out where you are", you bet for value, I mean lots of times you will be able to gauge where you are in the hand by the action that proceeds your bet, but betting simply to see where you are in the hand is absurd. As for his shove it's a tough spot, I mean ideally I'd like to say it's a fold but it's so player dependent, it depends on how bluffy he is postflop, if he would've shoved there with just one pair and a flush draw, etc.

  3. Why are you so afraid of being bluffed?
    You had a 1 pair hand and you are willing to play for stacks when your opponent can very easily have AK here.
    Instead your opponent has 2 pair and has you killed and drawing to only 3 outs because you are afraid of being bluffed.

    Winning poker players sometimes have to fold the best hand.
    You can't always call just because they might be bluffing, this is a leak of yours.
    Much like putting all your money in pre-flop with AK as much as you do.