Saturday, July 30, 2011

update am in room to sleep sat july 30

in room to sleep, officially have new phone number, cricket couldnt use the iphone so i went with tmobile and got it all set up and running. just got done creating an apple account online so i can use it to download things on the iphone. tired now and will wake up and play in the nugget around midnite. setting all this up with a new phone company, and paying $30 more to unlock it cost me $105, so rolls back to only $11,900. and i absolutely despise walking up the street on hot summer days, walking more than 1-2 blocks makes ur forehead extremely hot and sweaty. how does anyone stand it who dont live their entire day in airconditioned casinos?


  1. Some people even work a real job outside.

  2. are you going to ever try out Atlantic City?

  3. Don't be a wuss Tony, get outside and enjoy the great outdoors.

  4. Tony this having to wait to get comment approved sucks, you really need to change that. Talk to you at AVP, gl and stay off them machines, you also owe me $100 bucks, you did not stay off the machines for the 2 weeks.

  5. Sounds like spending 100$ on the IPhone has you down for the down. Time to DONK-OFF some of your BR on them good machines.

    You will be under 10k before Monday morning's post. "Must Sleep Now"

    Please move this to a forum...look how great the TBC blog @VPN is doing on its final days. Love the chicks and food pics.

    Tony you need to spice this blog up. How are the hookers and online girlfriends treating you?
    Your roll is big enough to tap some nice looking chica. Anyone rubbing your back while you play?

    Did you get your money back from the hotel room guy and asian lady?

    When are you coming to PARX? (outside Philly)

    Maybe back to The TAJ in AC. Meet up with Mike Wolf. He's homeless and rounding the 1/2nl games also.

    Good Luck(BOX) TBC

  6. Didnit u used to be a hobo? Should be used to being outside?

    Avid reader,
    - Phil Taylor, UK