Saturday, August 13, 2011

Bought the new laptop

Vince and i went to fryes where i found a new lenovo laptop on sale for $370 am sitting with it in the tropicans where im about even for that cardroom won 600 on vbj again this morning before vince and i went over there. Was over 200 ahead in the game at trop until i lost a big pot with a set. Rolls still around $14600


  1. Tony, you roll went from $14200 to $14600 after you bought the laptop. Was there another VBJ win in between the two blog entries?

  2. yes i talked about it, and no that was in the morning today BEFORE i bought the new laptop, which im on now in my room, and i lost back my win at the trop, am holding around $14,400 now plus $90 in tropicana $5 chips in my back pocket i forgot to cash in because i wasnt allowed to have them on the table.

  3. You could have bought about 10 new laptops with all the money you have donked off on VBJ.

    Stay off the porn sites and hopefully you won't get any viruses on the new computer...