Sunday, August 28, 2011

in my room at the lucky club, sun aug 28

well i was afraid if i didnt get here long before midnite those guys with the very huge bankrolls for whom the promotion is worth over $2000 a day (its hardly worth a dime to me with my meager roll) would come in and tie up all the seats. and i want as many tickets in there as possible for the labor day drawings friday and sat next week. 12 names will be called daily and i can win $100, $200 and $500 and $777, and my odds are extremely high as often as u see ive been getting called and u must be present to win. also i can win more than once on them days. and this week it will be in CASH not FREEPLAY.

my bankrolls very low now, down to only $10,300 but the lowest it will go is $8900 (got $1400 on me) and i hope to get back about $575 in free play and about $1000 out of the drawing before a week from today, to help recover my roll. plus starting midnite this machine will be worth 101.40 instead of 99.80 like it is now. and as usual i got them to give me a FREE room which im in now typing up this post before i walk back out to the machine.

sorry i never got to see snevman again the only time he was in there was when i was in the lucky club or sleeping. its too hard to coordinate my hours with his, but ill see him again sometime. i brought only my phone charger, laptop and laptop charger, and one clean shirt for tomorrow. so i wont be playing any poker in the next 24 hours unless its online in my room.

the $50 i deposited on 5 dimes, i am NOT counting as part of my bankroll due to worries about withdrawing, but im happy to report its now over $140. there seems to always be less than 1200 people on the whole sites often only like 300 or less.

and somehow the entire thread on got deleted about this promo, thats how worried the people with BIG MONEY were about too many people coming over to play it and taking away thier edge. (the more people play the harder it is for ME and them to wiin the drawings.)

now ive got a hand to talk about from the golden nugget earlier that broke me and got me stuck $300 for the day, id already lost a hand before that which ive forgotten. but this hand i had aa and made it $12 preflop and got 3 callers. i had to act first, (even though i wasnt under the gun). flop comes 10 5 3 with 2 spades and id been losing to 55 before. and guys were winning with it. i bet $50 on the flop and only 1 guy calls with a little more behind than me, he had over $150 left. i really knew nothing about how he played. he was fairly new. turn comes up 2 spades and what would u do here?

well i bet $80 and he shoves and considering one of my aces is a spade i must call, its about $60 more to me and im certainly getting the right price. sure enough he had q9 in spades. i see so many people more this year buying in only $100 than last year, i thought ive been doing a lot better buying in for more than i did last year when more broke, but maybe thats not so. not really sure what to do different as far as my buyin. ive been thinking $300 or close to it is my best buyin.


  1. please answer these questions, im begging you:
    1. are you now officially depending on luck to keep you from living on the street?

    2. are you prepared to lose $1,400 on the macine tonite?

    3. how much did you have to lose to get this FREE room?

    4. are you an idiot or do you just act like one?

    5. why do you keep doing stupid things?

    6. why do you shove with AK but not with AA?

  2. Tony its good to see that you are really working this promotion. Those guys with huge bank rolls had to get started somewhere. This promo is a good chance for you to build yours up, play through the down swings,and be on your way to being a well known and respected Blackjack player.

    Clint Herron

  3. Clint, i think Pokerdogg was right after all. I am doing better by not changing my bet every hand. And it seems my fears of not getting a seat if i wasnt really early was unrealistic and i should only play vbj with the promo its the only way to get the payback over 101%.

  4. Martingale how am i depending on luck when the longterm odds in my favor? Wish i could give up live poker entirely and only plAy vbj so id not have to deal with people at all and play every hAnd too. And why would u think id not shove aa there when already a raise in front of me?

  5. Sevencard 2003 said: Martingale how am i depending on luck when the longterm odds in my favor? Wish i could give up live poker entirely and only plAy vbj so id not have to deal with people at all and play every hAnd too. And why would u think id not shove aa there when already a raise in front of me?

    Tony, you have been waiting for 20 years for the longterm odds to turn in your favor. At what point in time will you realize that it ain't gonna happen?

    You are so addicted to VBJ, that your live play is now incidental. It happens for one reason, so that you can win enough to feed the machines. I hope that at least they clean out the dumpsters on a regular basis at the lucky club, because that is you next address in the near future.

    Stupid is, as stupid does.

  6. Tony glad to see you've given up on poker and replaced it with a game that is 100% gambling. You're like a battered woman and vbj machines are your pimp. Can't wait for "lost 5k hate machines again must leave town immediately"

  7. you are depending on luck because you are hoping to win money in drawings.

    im sure the people who play poker with you are tired of dealing with you as well. there will be a lot of happy people when you go pro at VBJ but im sure you wont be one of them.

    you shove preflop with AK on a regular basis yet you just raise a small amount with AA, that's why i think you didnt shove with AA.