Sunday, August 14, 2011

in my room getting the new laptop up and working and tired

got to sleep, but im working on downloading things onto the new laptop. i went from being $200 up in the $1-2 NL at trop (they dont play $1-3 anymore) to being stuck over $70, and moved to the mix games, most of which was $4-8 fixed, but also some PL games. they wouldnt let me sit with over $200 so i put $90 in red chips in my pocket and sure enough i forgot to cash them out when i left and i knew that was gonna happen. was doing good at first, was up over $125 but then started to play too many hands when i got bored and tired and eventually left the game stuck. so many things i need to download and install on the new laptop and i must get rid of the MCafee and install avg, but this new laptop sure is fast.


  1. Tony, I think you should play in Charles Town WV. You would like the games and the people are really nice.

  2. so are you a professional poker player or a professional VBJ player?