Sunday, August 28, 2011

in my room to sleep what a roller coaster of a day

and now my rolls at the LOWEST its been in some time. and im getting ready to sleep but have an awful lot to post first. Roy's gone, tatudes gone, and its just me in vegas waiting for the free play sept 1 and the drawing sept 2 and 3. my only shots at recovering any of my bankroll and then i better get out of here, i just do not have enough discipline. really made me uncomfortable too when i found out the main guy at the lucky club in charge was seeing everything about his company that i was posting in my blog regarding his VBJ machine. oh well.

vince drove me over to the drawing about 7pm and when i got there i was already stuck $500 half and half from binions pokeroom and VBJ at binions. wasnt a good day all around. and i made the mistake of taking $2000 from my safe deposit box before i went over to the lucky club for the drawing. while i was waiting for the first drawing at 9pm, i lost ANOTHER $583, all of it on the VBJ machine at the lucky club which i shouldnt play when the promo isnt running, or at least drastically reduce my bet. the first drawing i won $161 in and the next drawing i won $319 in. and i was pretty close to even for the lucky club after playing it through (u win free play) Vince didnt hang around so i had to call a cab, and they NEVER EVER showed up although they claimed they did. security outside never seen one. and the truth is they just dont like to go into that neighborhood, ive had lots of trouble even getting one to take me over there. eventually i got someone i knew to drive me there for $25 that was just about to go to sleep when i called.

and by the time i got to the nugget, i was tired, snevman wasnt there, and its not my fault i got there so
late. and i bought in $233 and lost it very quickly in an action packed table probably playing too loose. but that wasnt the hand i wanted to discuss here.

heres the BIG hand that got me stuck heavily right before i went home to bed. i had K9 hearts and 5 of us called a raise to $12. Hosea again was on my immediate left, and was the straddler and tonite he was stuck a ton and playing quite loose. and he was raising his straddle about every time. flop comes up 8J2 with 1 heart. hosea checks, and another deepstack bets $25 and i float the pot due to their huge stacks in case i get the back door. turn comes 5 hearts. guy bets $25, (heres where i fuck up) i made it $75 (check raise) and hosea calls (with a double belly buster) and the original better goes allin for $250 more, now i have to call due to humongous pot, and Hosea also calls and we both miss, and the allin guy takes the entire pot. and im too tired to type anymore.


  1. Your best shot at recovering your bankroll would be to stay in Vegas and just play poker.

    As far as the hand goes. Stop calling raises with marginal hands out of position. You will only get in trouble. It's poker 101.

  2. if doing stupid things ever becomes an olympic event you will do your country proud.

    waiting for free play and drawings are your only chance?? this just shows that you survive on blind luck.

    maybe you should consider becoming a professional keno player.

    at least all the stupid things you do keeps this blog a tiny bit interesting.

  3. Tony, you should never play VBJ promo or no promo, anyone who plays VBJ has no discipline or self control, i do not care who you are. Tony seems like you only rely on chance when you play poker. Good luck!

  4. Its kinda like some poker players when they get a lot of chips. They don't play well and give it all away. Tony had is roll at 15k and in no time its gone. I think Tony got a bit to excited with the winning streak he was on.