Friday, August 19, 2011

just waking up friday morning

was going to post last nite, didnt know what to say, and i ended up getting way too much sleep. from 9pm last nite til 10.45am this morning. why i sometimes keep going back to sleep for so long is beyond me. maybe subconciously i feel its an escape from my everyday life.

started off the day yesterday dropping over $200 at the riv in some really loose games. had something else on my mind id been needing to get done, so i left and spent most of the day doing that. eventually came back to room, after being on a bus over 30 min with no air conditioning on flamingo, and just hung out online a few hours never did get back out to play poker, and am gonna do that now. what im saying is most of the day was uneventable as far as pokers concerned so not really anything to post.

i did renew my room at circus thru sunday morning.


  1. I think I have something in mind that you were doing, but I'm pretty sure you would not be very pleased with the post...... this is why everyone hates this format because you control what is posted and it takes 10 hours before everyone has their post posted.

    I've taken a few days off from your blog and I think I'm slowly drifting away. I think you need another "lost $3k in playing those damn 6:5 paying machines" post or else your going to be losing a regular reader.

  2. you sound depressed. I didn't know you had vacation days at your job. You called in sick?

  3. luckmaster, I agree this blog sucks.