Monday, August 22, 2011

not down quite as much

recovered over $400 of last nites loss, still playing (in my room a second, got one more free day) and hundreds of drawing tickets the cage was nice enough to fill out for me, and the damn maid threw away a t-shirt that was dirty and then swore there was none left in my room. no one seems to believe me. only the same asian guy ever showed up, he lost way over $1000 last nite and got frustrated and left.


  1. Did I miss something or did you not report lastnights loss?

  2. clint, i thought i reported it here, but maybe i didnt post it in a blog entry, maybe i only posted in on twitter or in another comments section. am about to correct my post and post a new post very soon as mondays over now and im finally in my room to sleep. and bigshow, i need ur email address, want to send u a PM about some things i didnt want mentioned on the blog so u can understand what happened and why i didnt want certain things posted.