Wednesday, August 3, 2011

tues nite aug 3 results, not touched any machines at all in over 24 hours since adding bounty

its not just that ive not been seen at a machine, or posted that ive not played any, its that IVE ACTUALLY PLAYED NOTHING BUT POKER SINCE PUTTING UP THE BOUNTY. u see, the issue isnt whether the readers such at fatb and pokerdogg think the bounty will or will not work. its whether the bounty actually does work to keep me off. not whether someone else THINKS it will or will not work. and thats part of the good news.

heres the rest of the good news. rolls back to $11200 from $10,600. and this fridge works so well my foods getting too cold and i had to adjust the settings. and slowly downloading more applications onto the new iphone, such as myyearbook and the OD will be sad to hear i cannot get the application he invented to work, maybe when he ever comes downtown to assist me he can do that at the same time. One other thing id like to learn is how to be able to play bejeweled for hours on the Iphone and still not use up my battery, funny thing is i think ive only used it for 1 phone call since i got it. u see the old phone is also still good til aug 9 but i never use the phone to call anyone anyway, i imagine a lot of women who have given me their numbers online probably wondered why i always texted instead of called, maybe some of it thought that odd so they quit replying.

wish u guys would get accounts. whether its true or not, i keep feeling like most all the anonymous comments arent really sincere or legit and are being made by the same person, the only way ill really know is if people get accounts. i take the postings from the non anonymous accounts far more seriously.

won about $366 last nite in a shorthanded PLO high game at binions, when i quit playing shortstacked and after losing $100 twice, rebought in for $1000, and when the game broke, cashing out $1566. thats why i love staying and playing downtown more than the strip (no cap on buyins). and the walk to my room so much shorter too.

after that i won about $300 more in the nugget poker room $1-2 NL game, buying in $166 and cashing out $498. then i went back to binions and sat in the $4-8 dealers choice, and turned $198 into only $104 by the time it broke about 2 hours ago.  overall around a $600 win at NOTHING BUT POKER for the night. just wish my iphone wouldnt need recharged so often. i did shut off the wifi signals like i think it was tatude suggested.


  1. no matter what you do any smartphone is going to need to be recharged on an almost daily basis, if you use it a lot it might not even make it through one day.

    whose blog do we have to look at to get details on how you won all this money?

    Martin Gale

  2. Do you ever play at Fitzgeralds?

  3. Tony, the reason I said it won't work, is because it hAd never worked before. You have put bounty on yourself many times, and every time you return to playing them in a few days, sometimes weeks. Sometimes you sneek around finding bad machines in the back of second rate casinos to get your fix, much like heroin addicts shooting up in the back alleys.

    Like I said before, unless you take new steps to cure you gambling problems, you are doomed to repeat them. The path of offering bounty is a well worn one, and we all know what it leads.

  4. ""
    would this be a useful forum site to create? it would let me ban isps and i could easily afford the $10 a month.

    and i dont remember details on hands many hours later. and it seemed to need charged 2-3 times a day, i used it nonstop

  5. keep up the good work and stay off the machines

  6. Turn down the brightness. if you can stand it a tad dark it will help your battery life by 25%

  7. I have a Samsung epic and when I am out and about I always carry an extra batter b/c I use it excessively. I am pretty sure you can purchase an external battery for the iphone that holds an extra charge or two. Just charge them both overnight.

  8. The players at Fitzgeralds are too tough for Tony and he knows it.

  9. Until u change the design of the blog so that it is NOT BORING and hard to read, I will not get an account here. Fix it or move it!

    Loyal LOL reader

  10. Glad the phone is working out for you, Tony. Whoever told you about the WiFi signal is correct - both that and Bluetooth use up a lot of battery power, so turning them both off extends the battery life.

    You can also buy a small portable charger source that will let you keep using the phone after the internal battery is drained. I don't think they cost too much.

    Good that you are staying off the machines - keep up the good work. I will come play with you again maybe when you move back to the strip ... downtown kinda gives me the creeps.

  11. So r u going to have the bounty on for the rest of your life? That isn't a realistic fix to you gambling addiction Tony.

    Clint Herron

  12. Its nice everyone says..."good job with the poker, stay off the machine"

    Next week its the same old Tony, "Rolls at 12k...lost 3K on a bad machine." "I really need to leave Las Vegas". "Wish I had a bigger roll"

    When are you going to teach us how to grind low stakes poker for a living? You have never given advice on how to win at low stake poker.

    The best I can get out of your blog is play downtown in the middle of the night.

    Good Luck Tony
    Wish the blog was a forum.
    ----this comment was made by borzi. i was browsing comments on my iphone at the golden nugget poker table, where i was sitting a few minutes ago and my chips are still at. i accidently hit the delete button, (phone too sensitive) instead of publish, and i wanted to make sure i published it and dont yet know how to copy and paste on the phone, so i ran to my room to copy and paste it, from out of my email, and publish it on the blog.

    also would everyone quit it with the alaskagal fake posts she dont read this blog, and she always uses the phone if she needs to ask me anything.

    and yes playing in the middle of the nite and playing in the good games to be found downtown is important, ask seattle irish if he would ever sign up and read the blog.

    and ive decided the bounty should always be $200, no matter what, after reading advice from readers.

  13. Tony - I say keep your blog here, it is working out quite well.

    Screw the bounty and hit some VBJ hard brah!!!

    It's your money so do what feels good man.