Thursday, August 25, 2011

waking up thrusday afternoon at the 4 queens

well last nite i started off winning $272 in the nugget, went to eat, and put a lot of the food away in my fridge (daily $40 magnolias first 3 nites of this stay). Met tatude about that time, and him and i went to osheas to look for roy, and found him in a tourney. so tatude and i sat and started playing cash and we both started losing. eventually i found roy at a table game, and i suggested he move to my poker table, and he sat and played a while. and made $80 last quite a long time til he finally lost with a flopped straight against a set. then he suddenly realized hed lost his keys, and ill call him soon to find out if he ever came across them.

i eventually left that game still out $150. tatude left it long before roy and i did. i took a cab back downtown. couldve rode the bus but i hate the long waits in the middle of the nite. still its a waste of money though and is why i prefer to just play wherever i stay. now that its the next afternoon, i seem to have forgotten all the important hands as usual.


  1. How about getting Roy the prime rib dinner at Magnolia's? One trip I downtown I had that for dinner four nights in a row and had the same waitress every time. On the fourth dinner she just asked me what I wanted to drink and then brought me the prime rib dinner like I had ordered the previous 3 dinners. I tipped her $5 and she caught me at the stairs and thanked my after I had paid at the checkout register. Again, just a thought....

  2. Nice playing with you last night. BTW I wouldn't have let that guy hit you. I was watching him close. We need to teach u some MMA moves tho. I'll post a trip report with as many details as I can at AVP when I get home.

  3. So tight fisted in everyday life, but so willing to go gusto feeding the vbj addiction

  4. Help with pot odds calculations or tournament strategies? Need a bit moren info Majid.

  5. Tony,

    I will be downtown tonight for 3 nights, I will try to find you.

    Good luck,