Thursday, August 4, 2011

wed nite aug 4 results

first i walked to binions, there was not a single pl or nl game going. nothing but 2-4 3-6 and 4-8 limit, mostly all mixed games. so i went to the nugget and played $1-2 NL til it broke, and then nothing at all was going in binions so i went to my room. another thing i really need to do soon is buy another laptop, i think this one will soon give out. been over 48 hours now since i played any machines, seems that the bounty is working. ended up winning $135 for the nite, putting my roll back over $11,400.

no one commented on the forum i asked about. notice yesterdays comments by me. i thought maybe that website might work to install forum software, but am not tech savvy enough to do it without help. not much to report about as far as various hands in tonites game, the main one being i got dealt aa at the same time a local lady reg had kk and she went allin on a flop of 10 7 4 or something very close. this was after she reraised me preflop and i called. also i won another hand with kk myself on a flop of the same thing, when a kid with at commited himself.

still have no idea why i cannot use OD's application and farmville from the iphone, and having trouble trying to understand copy and paste, guy next to me showed me but im still not getting it. also cannot seem to be able to search profiles in myspace.


  1. You could have had one hell of a nice laptop with all the money you have blown on VBJ.

  2. you could have had an apartment, a car, nice clothes and maybe even a girlfriend with all the money you have blown on VBJ. but at least you picked up some comp dollars and tier points. that's more important than cash isn't it?

    Martin Gale