Saturday, September 17, 2011

at las angeles union station

thank God for my verizon modem, otherwise id be unable to access the internet here. anyway im waiting for my 12.30pm amtrak to ventura ca. ticket was $23 and the cab from the commerce was $30. i have all my bags and will find a motel when i get there to sleep. still doing good with $13,700, won just over $100 last nite. won it early in the NL, and then i went and sat in both $20-40 stud and $30-60 stud for awhile and at one point was down over $600, but i ended up getting it back and was actually ahead close to $400 once. that is a wild game. my last chance to play it til i arrive in foxwoods in the next month or two.

hope the game im looking for in ventura will still be around after ive had some sleep, and from here ill just board the train north on up the coast going out of la thru santa barbara.

not heard from my friend in portland in over 2 weeks and worried about her welfare, but my friend in eugene told me she looks forward to seeing me even if the other friends dropped out of sight. i guess ill play on bodog some while i wait under the name goforlowonly but the games on there sure arent very loose. got about an hour to sit around and wait.

somewhere in the next month or two i need a place to stay in some safe small town with a casino, tired of traveling back and forth all the time. this is tiring. vacations are only fun if u have cars. at least i have a sufficient bankroll finally to travel, even if my friend in portland couldnt understand why i never traveled all last year when i didnt have near as much money.


  1. I smell disaster right around the corner. You can not make it outside of Vegas. Everyone get ready for Tony to start taking our money from welfare all because he's making another stupid decision.

    Gl Tony, your going to need it.

  2. i dont really think this is amnnightus he dropped out of sight months ago and never came back to AVP if this is the real amnightus he would also post on avp too and all the other forums he disappeared from. am washing some laundry.

  3. So you're going North to visit "she who cannot be named"? Here's a tip: if she's REALLY looking forward to seeing you, don't give her any money when you get there ... and see how happy she is.

    Hey, you know what would be cool? Since this format SUCKS (and gee, I don't think I'm the first to point this out) - why not spice it up a bit with some photos? Use the camera on the iPhone to snap a few pics and upload them to your blog here.

    You could snap a photo doing laundry, take a pic of your breakfast, show us the train car you're riding in ... the possibilities are endless. Knock yourself out!

  4. no i was actually going to oregon to visit someone else who now im not so sure i want to see, a long story, shes older than me is 47 and not so good looking when shes wearing her glasses, and i worry about her ex. she lives about 300 miles south of my girlfriend, whose not been online in about 16 days. am glad that all my laundry is finally done now. about to update the blog too.