Saturday, September 3, 2011

a couple hands i want to talk about

i thought i was getting over the bad cold, but it seems like i still have it. and i was playing with a guy at the golden nugget i couldve sworn at first mightve been duece deuce in the boot. he seemed to know about my blog and he had this mistaken notion i played tight but he did get me to lay down the winner on a 3 barrel bluff. so heres the first of the hands.

i knew no matter what i was gonna be ahead because of the drawings but naturally i wanted to be ahead the MAX. (although its been going great, i still feel stuck because im way off the $15,200 high water mark of the other week.) anyway id been doing good (which u will see in the 2nd hand im posting) and had my initial buyin of $220 up to $508 before the following hand.

now this guy i thought was 22in the boot had a ton of chips. and he straddled on the button for $4 i was in close to middle position or late middle and thought about raising preflop with 88 and decided against it. (he later told me he seen that). so after a multiway limp he bets $44 on his straddle and i dont put him on much of a hand and i thought maybe im good (which i was actually) everyone folds to me and i call and the ones behind me fold. now my question is which street did play wrong? preflop, flop turn or river and ill defer to pokerdogg and pokergrump. although grump will probably reply on his blog instead if he replies at all.

flop comes A37 and he bets $60 and i call (after checking). turn comes 9 and i check, he bets $120 he dont seem worried about me having an ace so i put him on total air or a good hand. i call. river comes J i check he puts me allin for $293 and i fold 88 after thinking for 5 minutes. then he shows 66. and he said he was planning to 3 barrel bluff before the flop was ever dealt and he knew i had a mid pair.

now heres the hand i played good, against a different guy, a young player whose a regular. and he was sitting by tiger valdez and he seems to always know what ill do or have, tiger that is not the villian. anyway i have 87 diamonds and we all limp and the villian makes it $12 on the button about 2-3 of us call. flop comes 346 with 2 spades and we all check. turn comes 8 and i bet $26 and guy folds, villian bets $65 other guy folds and i call quite worried about my hand but think maybe he has air or a good draw. river comes 5 of clubs. i am first to act and shove allin for a little bit more than the size of the pot. and i think he must either have a set or air or an overpair and i want it to look like a bluff i stand up grab my cell say no matter what ill be up cause of the drawing and flash over $700 available for a rebuy and this guy does know i get bored and try to shove to steal. he thinks then calls and mucks i never saw his hand.


  1. I think you made mistakes on all streets with the 88 hand. The biggest mistake was telegraphing your intention to raise. Second biggest mistake was to smooth call OOP with 88. I would probably reraise to $120 or fold. His $44 feels so much like a steal, I will push back and test him, and fold to a shove. On the flop, you missed your set, fold it. Ditto on the turn. On the river, what does he have that will shove? That is a huge bet on the river, now he either flopped a monster (set) or he is buying the pot. I would call given the action leading to river.

    On the 87 hand, I don't think you played it well given your description of your thought process.

  2. You played both hands bad but especially the 88 hand. I wont give any details because you stated you will only listen to pokerdogg and pokergrump.

  3. luckmaster said...
    You played both hands bad but especially the 88 hand. I wont give any details because you stated you will only listen to pokerdogg and pokergrump.

    I don't think Tony listens to anyone (not even Britni with minor exceptions).

    Please share your thoughts, I am always interested in how other think about hands.