Friday, September 23, 2011


Went from being ahead $165 to now being stuck $549. Would like to have enough money to disappear and close the blog and forget about poker altogether before i kill a large group of people.


  1. Tony, get some counselling, now! You really need someone to talk to that can help you with your problems.

  2. Losing 2 buy ins makes you feel this way? have you considered getting a job?

  3. in my room to relax eat and sleep, out $709 for the day not counting money on food on way home, and quite stressed about this weeks $3000 drop, almost not quite. need to just go to NV rent an apt and relax and take it easy and no longer feel pressure to come up with money everyday. then i can leave when up very small like i was up once today, but didnt due to pressure of needing a whole lot more than that. i think i took the wrong hotel seems to be a slightly better one nearby about $10 less a week.

  4. early on i did get max value once for aa, thats how i got unstuck and ahead earlier. i called after 2 limpers with aa, instead of under the gun as usual, a guy raised to $15, 4 callers, i then said $70, got 2 callers, and i was disappointed the original raising shortstack didnt shove the other $80. flop comes q24 2 clubs and i bet guy folds, guy calls $80 allin. turn river blanks and i win, never saw his hand.

  5. losing is too hard on me pokerdogg, makes me feel like a failure as a person so i take all kind of risks to not be a loser that i shouldnt. losing $700 dont feel more painful than losing $70 and it should.

  6. no sbr, its the accumulated effect of the entire week being out almost $3000. large amount of money to alot of people who are poor. and having a job would make me feel like an even bigger failure, for it would mean i didnt make it on my own and had to give in to what others want instead of be my own man. it would really depress me.

  7. might be hard for u to understand since u just work for others all day long instead of be ur own man.

  8. My sole income has been from gambling for the past 10 months. And for stints as long as 3 years in the past. So I think I'm qualified to say that that you're not cut out for professional gambling. You'd probably be much happier stocking shelves and getting a steady paycheck. Have you ever tried that? If not ... How can you possibly say you're happier now.

  9. "might be hard for u to understand since u just work for others all day long instead of be ur own man."

    I'm sure you didn't mean it that way but this makes you seem like a real asshole.

    You admitedly have issues where if you lose even a buck for the day you feel an overwhelming urge (gambling addiction) to have to do extreme things to be even for the day.

    If you are stuck 70 you will gamble like a maniac to get unstuck and often times end up down 10x worse because you didn't get lucky.

    Yet, you feel the need to insult others who are asking questions?

    What does working for others for a living have to do with anything?
    Earning a living and paying your bills is what everyone has to do at some point, except you of course.

    Get back to Vegas - start playing in the games you know you can beat and deal with people telling you to stay off the machines.

    You have a pattern that will not end no matter how many times you try to leave vegas and become a rich winner elsewhere.

    You always end up back here, just give into it - deal with it - live with it and accept it.

    The IP/Ballys/Circus Circus/Golden Nugget miss you

  10. sevencard2003 said...
    losing is too hard on me pokerdogg, makes me feel like a failure as a person so i take all kind of risks to not be a loser that i shouldnt. losing $700 dont feel more painful than losing $70 and it should

    Tony, losing is never easy. It really sucks when you go on a bad run for days, sometimes weeks. But it is part of the game. You CANNOT expect to win every session, you can only try to play your best, and the wins/losses will take care of themselves. It is not a failure to lose, to think so is like a professional boxer expecting not to get hit, it is simply realistic.

    FWIW, I'm in the midst of a bad run this month. I'm actually in the red, and I will be happy if I can recover and get back in the black by the end of the month. The good thing about poker is, every day is a new start.

  11. Your homicidal ideation is a serious problem. Please listen to the others you know and get some help!

  12. Tony is the message finally getting through your thick head?

    You do not have the temprement, the game or the finances to make it outside of places like Las Vegas at this time. You have been down this road several times before. Going from town to town with no set destination in mind, trying to find that mythical card game where you never lose. It's never going to happen. You want to take a vacation? Great, get on the bus and go from Vegas to your destination non stop. Have your vacation, stay away from the card rooms and the stress of constantly trying to get unstuck, then head back to Vegas or Reno or wherever your home base is.

    I seriously doubt that you will kill someone, but you might get yourself killed or badly hurt with your violent angry actions at the card tables,if someone takes offence at your behaviour, if you do not wake up to yourself, and get some help.

    Until you can accept that you will not win everytime you sit down at a card table, and that you have to spend money to survive, then you are a time bomb waiting to explode. Tony we talked about this several times when I was with you in Las Vegas back in June/July. You saw what I did if I lost, I just got up and walked away, and then when I felt like playing again either a couple of hours later or the next day, I sat down and won it back. Even you comnmented how often I seemed to walk away from the table with a profit. You have to have the right temprement and ability to accept the setbacks, and don't keep chasing like you do.

    Please Tony, get back to your comfortable environment if you cannot take a vacation without hitting the card room in every town that you pass through.


  13. Tony you are obviously not having any fun. There's no reason to remain in a situation that causes you so much grief. Your posts for the last several days have been pretty disjointed which seems to me like you are out of your comfort zone. Get the heck out of there and go somewhere that makes you feel better be it home, Vegas or somewhere else but get out of there.

  14. Tony: we are all missing the reply from you where you tell us you were just kidding about your dark threat?

  15. Lester of course thats not something id do. But it described how i feel