Thursday, September 22, 2011

A hand from yesterday

Heres a hand i won yet lost a lot of value right at the very end due to emotional reasons. Id just gotten unstuck and about $150 ahead after 9 hours play. Was planning to quit pn my blind. Then i got dealt aa and taking no chance of losing it all back i made it $90 and everyone folded. Now it felt good to then leave a winner yet i know thats gonna hurt me longterm.


  1. What were the blinds? I am assuming no more than $5 bb.
    Each hand is independant. Poker is a life long game.
    It doen't matter if you got the aces your last hand before you left or the 1st hand when you arrive the next day.

    The goal in poker is to play each hand to the most +EV way possible.
    I understand how you feel when your about to leave and pick up a big hand but you have to play the hand in the best way to make the most money long run.

  2. Also just curious because I never remember you posting about this,
    Have you ever layed down pocket AA after the flop?
    Im sure even with your big raises you have been deep enough and had some bad flops and faced some bets in multiway pots and had to lay down AA post flop right?

  3. I don't think Tony would have ever laid down pocket aces in his life after the flop. It would have been "Shove city, here I come."

    Tony have you finally realized that you just cannot make it in Cali or anywhere else that you have to pay for your food and accomodation.

    Unfortunately I think you will head back to Las Vegas and immediately play the nearest good machine to try and recover your losses of the last few weeks. It's just the same old cycle about to start again.

  4. You should have shoved all-in too see if you had any gamblers at the table......

  5. Tony, What is your weekly living expenses running at now you are no linger being comped.
    Probably a very poor play on the aces hand as a general comment without knowing table dynamics and blinds. However if it kept your head on an even balance to close out the day, probably some hidden "value" there.
    What are the latest plans on this geographical trip from your machine addiction?

  6. ive laid down aces lots of times on scary boards usually with more than 1 player betting. and stack i think my weekly expenses counting food, cabs, motels, etc are over $550, and thats whats taking so much of a toll on me emotionally. only way to fix it is to leave the area soon as tuesday gets here.

    today i finally got unstuck, and $110 up and by the time i got to my room i was only up $5, i gave it all back away after locking the other money back in the safe deposit box and playing with the winnings.

  7. i can't believe that someone didnt tell you that food and lodging would be beyond your sock roll in california.

    at least they could have told you that the rake was higher.

    i wish you had some way to get information from other people before you did something stupid that puts your life savings at risk.