Thursday, September 22, 2011

Hi from cell

Cant type much since im at garden city on my cell. Annoys me they wont comp food here and severly overprice the food. So i ate at the burger king on the corner before i sat and missed the opening of the first $1-2-3 nl game so the pnlu seat open was a middle seat which i hate. So $40 instead of $20 was the lowest anyone would accept to trade seats so i could be on the end. So i was out another $40 after already losimg $60 when i bet 2 times the size of pot with the best hand and then got sucked out on the river. So i rebought $100 lost that on a bad call had to get into my safe deposit box and rebought $300 then i got ak on a flop of at8 with 2 spades and lost it all to 888

Am now in 2-3-5 and out $709


  1. I don't know what the hell your doing in Cali, bad move. Get your ass back to Vegas with your free rooms and games you can beat!

    As far as paying for a seat change, lol, That is the most crazy thing I have ever heard, especially $40 and also for no other reason than you just don't like sitting the the middle.

    Sure, if I had a choice of seats I would take 2,3,8 or 9(assuming 10 handed table) over the middle seats.
    The only reason you should be desperate to change seats is that your current seat position compared to where the fish, big stacks, nits and aggro players is not +EV and by moving where you have better position on these player types will make it +EV.

    I have never paid for a seat change but if the right situation as I described above was there I might pay a few bucks but certainly not $40 and most likely I just wait till a seat opens up and then make my move for FREE.

  2. I thought you were in jail when I saw the title.