Tuesday, September 13, 2011

in room at the hotel

seattle irish i have no idea what the plan is, except to leave los angeles when my week expires. am playing it by ear. doing research in my room trying to find something cheap to lake tahoe and casino morongo but dont really see anything, and im sure renting a limo is very expensive. also im looking at tours but they arent exactly what im looking for. wish i wasnt afraid of planes. and knew how to drive seems a lot of people rent cars.

ended up winning just over $230 last nite so im back to around $12,400. got lucky to win it too, and im in my room playing on bodog in the last hour or so. started off slowly winning at $100 NL, had it up to about $218 at the high point, then ended up losing all of it but $8 on a hand of JQ on a flop of 69T. moved to $4-8 stud, (and i hate them high antes that mostly go right down the drop---$1 is too much when its not left in the pot) thats why i think if i was at Foxwoods id do much better, not only would i not pay as much for a room, (i dont mean foxwoods) but at least theyd rake the pot like vegas does and not take a huge rake upfront with a huge ante. and at foxwoods id not have to choose from $4-8 or 20-40/30-60 i could play something a little in between instead of a game too low or too high.

anyway what im saying is i lost $100 at $4-8 stud, and i forgot to mention i had rebought $70 more at $100 NL earlier, so i left the $4-8 stuck $270. and then i sat in a $400 NL game some of them guys had huge stacks of around $3000 even with $400 max buyin. got JJ right when i first sat down. 2 hands in. i made it $45 and 1 guy called, and then the big stack asked if i was an action player and i said i hadnt been there long enough to know yet. so he bets $400 and i call with my JJ worried im beat. turns out he has only 99 and of course hits a boat with it. so then thouroughly pissed, i leave and do what i said i wasnt going to do (go play high limit stud)

i go to the cage, withdraw $1000 and take it over to the $30-60 stud. proceeded to get lucky, and eventually leave with around $2000 about 2 hours later. and then i deposit $1500 back into my account. overall i ended up ahead a little over $230 when i went back to my room.


  1. There's an entire market segment of our economy built around renting cars to people for reasons ranging from they don't own a car all the way to they only have a temporary need during a business trip or vacation.

  2. Tony lots of buses leave for Tahoe from SF. I think you can get to there by Amtrack. I may be going to Tahoe Thurs overnite so I'll let you know what the poker action is like. Kinda off season up there so it might be slow.

  3. tatude, go to montbleu and horizon and let me know whats up and also check into where i can find a very low deal by the week convenient walking distance or whatever to a poker room even if its like 8 blocks away.

  4. craigslist has a furnished studio apartment at 118 West St, Reno, NV 89501 for $400 a month with a $75 deposit. It is only 4 blocks away from most downtown Reno casinos but it would be a hike to Peppermill. It is very nicely furnished but the bathroom is shared and down the hall. You do have your own sink in the room as well as a fridge and microwave.


    The Ross is a beautiful and well-maintained historic apartment building located in the heart of Downtown Reno at the corner of W 1st and West St. We are conveniently located next door to the beautiful Wingfield Park and Truckee River near a variety of restaurants, shops, theaters, museums, art galleries, antique stores, and the West Street Market.


  5. I wish you well in your travels. In case you weren't aware, however, this blog format sucks.

  6. Yeah tatude, find Tony a cheap apartment. Also, do his laundry and replenish his candy bar supply while you're at it. And also address him as sir.

  7. Tony I'll check out the poker rooms but you're on your own in regards to finding a cheap room. Don't know anything about doing that. There is a Harrahs up there so you might get comped. One thing tho DO NOT PlAY THE MACHINES in Tahoe. Even the Coke machine will take your roll. They are tight up there.

    Reno might be a good idea. Cheap rooms and more poker rooms. Don't know about the links Lester posted sounds good except the shared bathroom scares me. Too much like prison and u know what happens there :).

    It's good that you are taking a break from Vegas.

  8. I don't get worked up by Tony's "requests". Dont plan on doing his laundry either. I dont mind helping him and his lack of social skills on occasion don't bother me. Anything I've done for him in the past has been free of charge rides meals stakes etc. He had also offered me a meal at Magnolias last time I saw him. He can come across as rude sometimes unintentionally. I've got a short fuse when someone's disrespectful but so far he hasn't gotten under my skin yet. I have however seen a few people get mad at him at the table usually for no reason.

  9. Tony you can get a room downtown for about 15.00 a night

  10. Tony,

    I just finished watching Live at the Bike. It is streamed live on Tuesday and Friday from the Bicycle Casino. You should get on Friday's show. It is usually a NL game and often 5-10NL with really bad players. Go to the website and you can watch past epidsodes to see how bad the play is. You can both make money and your fans can watch you.

    On a side note, has anyone told you this format is rather sucky?

    Good luck,


  11. "wish i wasnt afraid of planes. and knew how to drive seems a lot of people rent cars"

    you better wish for a credit card too, because you would need one to rent a car.

  12. I think Tony is a danger to society behind the wheel Of a car. Dude has zero attention span or self control and would probably run over a pack of orphans while checking his eharmony inbox with his foot on the gas

  13. $93 for a one-way Amtrak bus/train ticket from LA to Reno

  14. "seattle irish i have no idea what the plan is, except to leave los angeles when my week expires. am playing it by ear."


    Thanks for the honest response. I do wish you the best, as you've really been able to grow your roll over the last few months in Vegas.

    I do fear that a big drop is coming, as you are playing pretty far above your bankroll and you still haven't addressed your machine addiction. Still...you're alive and breathing, so take a bow!


    p.s. - this format really sucks, Tony. Your blogs aren't bad, but the format (with no feedback, no opportunity for your guests to engage with each other (or with you), and no ability to follow threads as each one exists on its own) sucks. Really sucks. My hope is that you find a forum where you can delete posts. Not hard to find.