Sunday, September 18, 2011

on the northbound amtrak into san jose

just boarded at oxnard cali, paid $74 for a ticket to san jose, will be arriving late tonite. and i will make sure tonite i lock my money up at the casino there and the bank tomorrow and stay at a very safe hotel that costs alot no one will ever guess im at for 1 day instead of the motel 6 near bay 101.

my friend tiffany (sexylilvixen) formerly of neverbeg who WEC poker knows lives in san jose sunnyvale area, and she claims thats an extremely nice area with no bad neighborhoods. she called me from bay 101 last nite and is telling me about some new law, and im wondering if anyones heard of it before? she is one of about 10 people i can trust with my phone number. the new policy in san jose that she claims is posted all over bay 101s cardroom is that u cannot play more than 20 hours in a row without a 4 hour break by law. someone please check on this, it seems weird and im wondering how its enforceable?

and i did well last nite at the 5  card plo8 game in ventura, i won over $325 in the game, but it broke up about 4.30am and then i quickly lost back $200 of it in the NL holdem game, before taking a cab to my room at the motel 6 as soon as it was light outside. wasnt far away at all but definitely was too uncomfortable to walk it carrying all that cash, or to even be in my room for any period of time.

got really spooked yesterday when i arrived at the ventura metrolink/amtrak stop. a guy called out to me from his car who doesnt want his phone number, and possibly his avp name given out, although he did post my picture on his twitter. he told me hes been following my blog and my twitter for some time and that he lives in ventura not far from the cardroom. and offered me a ride. now i was worried that he knew how much cash i had on me and id be robbed as soon as i got into his car, once he drove me to an isolated area, so i was relieved to make it to my motel 6 in 1 piece, but still i didnt feel comfortable at all he knew where i was staying, and i wasnt sure if he knew my room number, and i definitely didnt feel safe sleeping there with that much cash. was so glad to make it out of there safely today and to be safely on the amtrak. at least i wont run into anyone from avp on this train. and im definitely getting that money off my hands first thing on arriving in san jose and will stay in the fanciest and most safest of hotels for 1 nite in the meantime before i get to a casino or bank. had there been 2 guys in the car instead of 1, id definitely have not gotten into the car. glad he turned out to be cool and nothing happened, but i dont want to put myself into that position ever again.

and im considering a serious change of schedule since ive not heard from britni, and the other friend in eugene im not so sure i want to see, shes too old for me. i dont really want to be in oregon or wa anyway, i want to be on the east coast near foxwoods and to find a cheap safe apt convenient to foxwoods or elsewhere in that general area. although living near commerce is nice because commerce is certainly a safe place to store my cash. im still at a roll of $13,600. so when i leave san jose, i might not even go to oregon, i might go to sacramento, then tahoe or reno, and then straight into chicago/philadelphia, on into ac nj. its $372 for amtrak and if i take a private sleeper car for my convenience, to make it a hell of a lot nicer way to travel, its $446 extra on top of that. i wouldnt even consider taking a plane even if free to be safe.


  1. I cannot believe you get into a guys car but don't trust him, and then trust people on the internet you have never met.
    As for your friend in Portland (who you have now named), wake up son, she isn't speaking to you cos she don't want to see you. Get back to Vegas and start earning. Also 800 on a train when you could fly for 350. Madness.

  2. Tony, what is so great about alantic city and foxwoods? Hell Lousiana has just as much action. Also Florida, I love Reno, but I heard the poker is rock solid. No one goes to Reno or Tahoe to play poker.

  3. zin im afraid of planes, and my internet access on this train is hit and miss when too far out of civilization

  4. sevencard2003 saids......i wouldnt even consider taking a plane even if free to be safe...

    Tony, according to National Safety Council's 2000 data, here is the death rate per 100 million passenger-miles:

    car 0.80
    bus 0.05
    train 0.03
    plane 0.02

    So, the cab you took is 40 times more dangerous than planes.

    sevencard2003 saids......she lives about 300 miles south of my girlfriend, whose not been online in about 16 days...

    Girlfriend???? If you have a girlfriend already, then why are you worried about this other woman being too old for you? Since when does a friend has to be good looking and young?

    sevencard2003 saids......somewhere in the next month or two i need a place to stay in some safe small town with a casino, tired of traveling back and forth all the time. this is tiring. vacations are only fun if u have cars...

    Tony, I don't think what you are doing qualifies as a vacation. All you are doing is playing poker at different card rooms. Even the time when you are on the road, you are either sleeping or playing online. You probably don't even know what the country looks like that you've traveled through. Try to take a day or two off, and actually do some sightseeing.

  5. Tony, good to see you are travelling around and enjoying yourself. Would it not be better for you safety wise. if you were to put most of your money in the bank and only have about $1000 cash on you when you are on the move between towns. That should be plenty to cover whatever expenses might arise. Hope you can stay off the machines and just concentrate on poker. But be careful of playing above your bankroll. It can disappear fast if you have a bad run.

    1. i miss this type of good advice. i wonder if ill ever have that type of money again, to do all the things i wasnt to do and didnt because i didnt want to turn loose of the money

  6. koala im now safely in my room in san jose at the radisson. very safe because theres no walkway and no window except on an upper floor, just like in the casino. hotels much safer than motels, but the price is too high to stay long term. $70 for tonite, and its normally $115 with tax without the coupon. and i may go to seattle after all i heard from my friend finally while i was on the amtrak today and talked about an hour she will be there with her sister from tennessee in a few weeks when her 19 yr old sister goes to seattle to meet some guy from off the net at the air force base to watch over her and make sure her sister is ok.

  7. Tony, what happened to my post earlier today?

  8. I have never been to bay 101 but I have heard that its 90% asians playing there.
    So you won't be able to understand what they are talking about and most likely alot of teams playing.

  9. hey pokerdogg look at wsop2007 comment. and they say im racist.

    safely in my room at the radisson, at least no one can rob me here. will feel a hell of a lot better tomorrow once i lock up this 9000 cash. will do it at either bay 101 or the bank, and need to find a safe place for the week too.

  10. pokerdogg i went and found ur comment in the page of comments needing approved, i wouldve sworn id already approved it on the train somehow i guess i hadnt. lots of internet access problems on that train

  11. Tony
    Why are you carrying so much cash on you!!!
    Did I miss some great news story that all the banks in the US just went bust and ATMS no longer work.
    For someone who has a great fear of being robbed I just do not get what you are thinking.

  12. my comment is not racist. It has to do with you getting teamed up on and your money being taken(at the table)
    You will find out what I mean after you play there.

  13. Tony for crying out loud, put most of your money in the bank straight away and only travel with the minimum amount of cash on your person for your immediate needs. You can get it out of the bank again once you get to your destination wherever that is. Don't be stupid and carry all that cash on you. You are a robbery waiting to happen.

  14. sevencard2003 said...
    hey pokerdogg look at wsop2007 comment. and they say im racist...

    Yes, certainly wsop2007's sounds kinda racist. You have said worse things, but yes, there are plenty of other people in this world that make racist remarks.

    Are you going to do some sort sightseeing, now that you are in a new city? The Tech Museum is only 3 miles away, and the Wincester Mystery is about 5 miles away. How about doing something other than gambling for a change?

  15. Tony, I think AC is the perfect place for you to bring your roll to the next level, i.e., $18,000+. I think you'll love the action. So many tourists creating juicy games on a Monday or Tuesday night . . . Harrahs has been taking extra good care of poker players too -- lowering the hourly tier credit rates and charging for access to the Diamond lounges. Fantastic room rates on the weekends as well . . . You can take the Jitney all around town, explore the neigborhoods . . . enjoy the fantastic Northeast winters. If all goes well, you may even get asked to host an evening at The Pool or Dusk.