Saturday, September 3, 2011

results of tonites drawing

originally thought i was gonna need to stay over at the lucky club since a cab never shows up there, but i managed to get a ride home. So i ended up not needing that room. and ill be back tomorrow around the same time for the drawing again.

i got $100 out of the first drawing, and was a little worried i wouldnt get called because i was the last one of the 10 to be called. im glad some of the others didnt show up such as the guy with all the tickets. and on the second drawing i got VERY lucky. i was the first one to be called, so i got $500 the second drawing. so i did better tonite than i expected. also while waiting around about 3 hours for the drawing i won over $300 just playing normally, so now my rolls up to $12,700. feel a lot better than i did a week ago. i knew that my $400 free play binions and this drawing would recover a large part of my roll and i still have my $175 free play at circus awaiting me sept 6. plus ive still got tomorrows drawing coming up too, although i doubt ill do near as good as i did tonite.

and now that thats done and ive ate in my room, im ready to go play a little poker up the street at the nugget or binions.


  1. glad your roll is growing, Tony. Do you think it would grow more by NOT playing machines, or by continuing to play them?


    p.s. - this format really SUCKS.

  2. Nice job one the drawings Tony and yes you
    did get lucky....

    What ever happened to the run of cashes you had in Binions tournaments? Did you start running cold or quit playing them?

  3. of course it would grow, this blog is to hard to keep up with his growth from vbj to poker, but hey is in vegas doing it and I am not, so good luck

  4. lester i havent been playing any binions tournies in some time.