Monday, September 19, 2011

taking a break

not a good day at all, lost about $639, only good news is i finally got me a safe deposit box at bay101, so i locked up most all the cash and only carried on me whats needed to get around and pay for rooms. had to give them $100 deposit too which i get back. and i still got to get back to where i stayed yesterday where i had them hold my luggage for me while i went over to bay 101.. and im now charging up my phone. rolls down to around $12.600 with all these huge expenses last 3 days and that big loss, still no idea whether im heading north or east from here. although i would like to visit a friend  in seattle in about 2-3 weeks with her sister. thinking of maybe  going to sacramento or fresno or livermore, anywhere to hide out and find somewhere cheap enough to stay, still with a little action, i have the freedom to go anywhere if i dont lose anymore. would love to go to the east coast, just wish it didnt take over 2-3 whole days.

anyone familiar with airbnb on facebook?

i was stuck heavy the entire day over at bay 101, and i think id rather be playing in garden city anyway because i think they have plo high but not sure. anyway i lost over $200 in the $1-2-2 blinds game, and moved to  the $2-3-5 blinds game. early on i got dealt K5 suited and called a small raise (mistake.) flop comes k53 with 2 clubs, guy bets $75, (a little less than the pot) and a guy calls, and i shove $423 i have the guy covered. he calls with KQ and other guy folds nut flush draw, not sure why. he hits a queen and wins and im down to less than $100 and rebuy the final $100. then i play quite a while longer, eventually rebuy $500 and got out of the whole and up slightly and then i gave the whole thing back and lost big before i left.


  1. Tony wanted to publicly thank you for asking how my dog was doing. That was thoughtful. A lot of people who bash you should know you're not the bad guy some want to make u out to be. Hard to judge someone just on the content of their blog.

    My 2 cents on the poker play today. Maybe bring less to the table. A pot size or slightly larger might have been a better move on the K5 hand. 2 pair get beat a lot. Just my thoughts u know more about the game than I do.

    Livermore only has a small poker room not sure if any hotels nearby. I'll be tied up all day tommorow but may get out Weds or Thurs for a bit. Maybe I'll see u at the tables.

  2. Don't go out to Livermore to play. It's not worth it in my opinion. It is tough to go from card room to card room in the SF Bay area without a car. Sacramento will be the same situation. Go to Reno. There are 6 casinos with card rooms within walking distance of each other and another 4 within a short cab ride of those 6.

  3. cheap places to stay that are safe really don't exsist outside vegas.

    good luck on finding whatever it is you are looking for in life.

  4. Tony, go back to Vegas. You need to be in a location you are used to. You are too unstable for this much change and it will soon be a full blown tilt.