Sunday, September 11, 2011

waiting for a cab i just called

here in my room in cali and i didnt notice this yesterday because i like the location and safety of this place but the room seems to be loaded with ants as some of u mightve seen from my facebook page. slept 7 hours and ready to head over to commerce now, and i locked up $9000 yesterday not in a safety deposit box, but a players bank at the cage so i wont have to be carrying cash around, along with still having some in the bank and on netspend debit cards. so now im only carrying a few hundred. starting off last nite playing 4-8 stud, lost, then went and played $100 NL and was doing good til the very end when i gave back over $250 of winnings, then went back to stud and lost less than $100 overall when i left. and i never once played anything higher. probably shouldve though?

at the end of the week, unless i take time out to go to oceanside and barona, i think ill just head north via amtrak.

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  1. I'm not sure why I really feel like asking this cuz I'm sure there is a good chance it won't even get answered.

    Tony, what do you feel are your flaws when playing cards? (I'm talking actually skillful games, not blackjack.) Be as detailed as you can and even give hand examples if possible.