Thursday, October 27, 2011

back in my room to sleep what a horrible nite, mostly my own fault of course, and yes im gonna post 1 HH

in bed relaxing in my room on blackchippoker, 1c ante, 2c bring in, PL stud. and the max buyin is $10. im currently at $38 by far the largest chip stack on the table. lots of regulars here, a bunch of whom are WOMEN.

i got an email today offering mystery free play at the peppermill so i went to check it out. turned out i first had to get 10 points, which i thought could be done by running $10 thru but thats not the case at all, it took me well over $200 before i finally got 10 points. and i lost about $25 and got back $25 in free play, at least i didnt get the $5 free play. so after that was done i checked out the poker room.

ended up sitting in a $2-3 NL game and i originally bought in for $229 out of $529, and started losing most of it and rebought $300. and here comes the HH i want to talk about. i got Q9 clubs preflop and called $3 to see the flop. (as far as i can remember there was no raise.) this happened many hours earlier. flop comes 45 clubs and Jdiamonds. there is 4-5 of us. guy in front of me bets, i only call, i think it was about $12. 2 others called also. turn is A of clubs. i have 2nd best flush not counting the straight flush. guy bets about $20, i raise to about $50, and the guy in the middle of the table, who has me covered, heard me talking about the straight flush, (id asked the dealer for a 10) and i was saying id rather it be a 10 (truthfully for open ender if not club) and i was saying that way i wouldnt have to worry about him having a 23 of clubs. he asked me if i had the 2-3 clubs, and then called. i sensed he had a strong hand, not sure how strong, but decided i wanted to try and reach the showdown without risking all. then the old man who was raising allin without having it who wasnt much good and couldnt see well, he shoves for about $125. and i worry about him having the better flush. but he often didnt have as good as hand as he thought, so i call, and sure enough the guy behind me calls too. river comes blank, i check and the guy bets $100. glad i knew not to bet and he didnt bet more. i call with about $80 more behind and sure enough hes got JK clubs bigger flush.

i thought i played the hand well knowing i might not be good and getting away as cheaply as i did. how can i fold?

so i left, went out and played the VP spin machine with a min bet of 2c and a max bet of 20 lines 10 credits a line of $1 each for $200 a hand. ( a martingalers dream machine). thats why i should NOT play at peppermill. and i started off winning over $100 slowly, but then gave it all back.

so i moved to the big split VP and started off with 5c 2 credits and progressed to 40credits of $2 each for $80. and thats the same machine i lost so huge on last week i was there. always lose big there. got stuck quite a bit, took $500 out of the ATM to play, took $500 out a second time a bit later and was almost out about $1375. then hit a really nice hand worth about $1000, and at one point was only down $185. but by the time id returned to the poker room i was out $449 again.

i sat down in a $4-8 Omaha game so loose and pots so big and other players so bad ud think i was in california. but i kept having to fold almost all hands for about 2 hours, then i moved seats to have position on the one other guy besides me with an overs button (that we never got to use even once) and suddenly started getting all kind of monster hands with aak3 suited, aa2q suited, a345, a945 double suited, etc. earlier id never get nothing but 289K. but it missed the board even time and when i went back to the VP machine half asleep i was out $620 again.

lost a few more hundred, and arrived at home out about $950. not happy with how the night went at all. there goes a months rent. ill never ever get this back to $15,000 am so far away. and i dont feel i have enough to travel out of reno back into cali or vegas without it.

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