Sunday, October 9, 2011

back in my room to sleep

ended up winning $275 for the day, but i shouldve won a whole lot more, for i ended up losing $271 in the machines, so i should be up over $500 for the day had i stayed off them. theyve been playing quite a bit of PLO8 here and ive been doing good at it. also a lot of the PLO8 guys are from oregon and they claim in Bend OR it goes almost everyday, and im not sure if Bend is on the Amtrak route, will have to look it up. i dont know what ill do Nov 5, although it would make sense to stop paying close to $1000 a month in rent when i can get a place for much less.

and ive got to get busy on trying to sell the iphone. a lot of work involved but i need to get that done. does anyone else want to sell it for me on commission whose here in reno? ran into miamicane tonite at the casino. also in Bend OR is one of them NO rake places, just the $100 a month membership fee. i just need to make sure i always keep my roll quite a bit over $10,000 that way all my options will remain open to me. which is why i dont want to play too high and take chances, and why i havent played anymore tournies although i should since thats what i did my best on. this is a very good event to make money in u wouldnt believe all the hundreds of poker players this event is bringing into the casino.

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