Sunday, October 2, 2011

bus depot

sitting here waiting for the 1.15pm bus to reno in 45 min and had to pay an extra $15 to change the date (greyhounds totally different than it used to be) and another $10 to pay for an extra bag. they never used to have them fees. will be so glad to be in downtown reno, already booked my room too. and my back is really killing me and very sore trying to walk sit or stand now, i had to carry my bags from motel 4 blocks up the street to the greyhound and tried to roll them as much as i could but they are still so heavy as soon as i sat them down my back seemed to give out and be really sore ever since. wonder if i threw it out or sprained it some way. roll is way down, but its still $13,000 but i had close to $1000 more not more than a few days ago. and i still need another iphone.


  1. In the poker world the common practice is to always chop.
    Aside from that you either ALWAYS chop or NEVER chop.
    You do not pick and choose.
    because of the rake in live poker is the reason most just chop everytime and move on.

    Usually bad things happen in blind vs blind spots anyway whether you have a great hand or not.

    I have to admit if I am in blind and someone will not chop I sometimes get a bit hot.
    An example the other day I was in bb with Q7s and folded to sb and I said chop? he said he had royal draw and wouldnt chop and he limped.
    So I try to make a play on him on a flop of T 6 2 rainbow when he bet $2 and I made it $10 and he called, This is where I should have known that because he had a royal draw pre that he know has TJ,TQ,TK or AT.
    But because I was hot about not chopping when he bet $10 back into me on the flop I made it $30 and he snap called.
    Luckily I was able to convince myself that he would not have folded to any bet on the river and I folded when he bet into me again for $15. He had ATs.

    Thats the 1st time in months I have got tilted in a hand and hope its several months before it happens again.

    If someone won't chop just give them the $1 or $2 or whatever if you don't have a hand and move on.

  2. normally im willing to chop, especially in cali with the high rakes, or if not chopping i certainly raise to pick up the blind and avoid the drop. but i was stuck a ton and pissed and thats why when i finally got a monster hand i didnt want to chop and i knew the owner was wealthy and shouldnt mind. only thing that upset me was the kid refusing to chop after that just because i didnt chop with the owner, not because he had a hand that merited playing. i often chop good hands if im not horrendously stuck and on tilt. i think i just wanted an excuse to leave last nite and wanted to make sure they made me leave. what i dont like is guys who tell other people that they should always chop or never chop its really none of their business. alot of people chop non jackpot hands, and wont chop jackpot hands such as aj aq ak aa kk qq jj etc. no one should get mad, i dont get mad on if someone chops or not chops, (although i might move seats) what i get mad about is if someone dont chop simply because they are trying to force the above standard rule of always or never chopping which i fundamentally disaree with.

  3. and i was also angry he thought i was the fish, earlier he wondered how much id need to be stuck to miss my bus and keep playing.

  4. sevencard2003 said......i dont get mad on if someone chops or not chops, (although i might move seats) what i get mad about is if someone dont chop simply because they are trying to force the above standard rule of always or never chopping which i fundamentally disaree with

    Let me get this straight. Let's say you are in the BB, and SB doesn't want to chop because he got AK, you happened to have crap. Next round, he now wants to chop, when you pick up AA in the BB. You are not going to get upset? I find that very hard to believe.

    Selectively chopping is not fair. Why should anyone let you have your blinds back when you have a bad hand, and let you play when you have a good hand?

    Tony, instead of causing a scene and behaving like a jackass, try this. Shift you weight slightly forward, and push up using your leg muscles.

  5. Tony last time I played poker with you one guy wanted to kick your ass and you hadn't done anything wrong. In fact he wanted to fight two other guys too. Run into a guy like him and things will go bad if you shove his chips over. Be careful out there. You never know who u might be sitting next to.

    Good luck in Reno. Stay away from the effin machines.

  6. your last post should have been titled "good news: i didnt get my ass kicked even though i deserved it"

  7. If you never look at your cards before it is your turn to act then the decision to chop is always made before you know what you have. I then throw my cards away so I never know if it was A-A or 7-2, since at that point it is just useless information.

  8. "I'll see you in hell before I see you in Reno"
    Shawshank Redemption

  9. Tony this trip to Reno is going to be a real money maker for you if you avoid machines.

  10. Tony if you want another phone for cheap then check ebay/craigslist/kijiji and expect to pay around 150 for a good condition used iphone3

  11. The machines are unavoidable for Tony Lester, Tony should be praying that young man did not kick his ass and put him in the hospital for knocking his chips over.

  12. Tony:

    Have you apologized to VegasDWP for losing his phone? Yes, it was given to you, so it was not technically his any longer.

    Still, I would be steamed if I gave someone a gift and they didn't care enough about it to take care of it...


  13. this is why i hate connecting doors in motels so much, i just dreamed the person next door to me opened the connecting door and came in and held me down with 1 hand, and started choking me til i was dying and now i must go right back to sleep, thank God my room at harrahs dont have a connecting door to another room

  14. so im at this casino, and i dream im standing by a trash can, and all of a sudden a guy in a suit and tie comes up and stands over me looking thru the trash in such a way where i cannot get away, and i ask him if he works there and he dont respond, so i yell for a security guy i see walking around and the security guy tells me he is the manager. so wtf didnt he respond? anyway keep waking up bad dreams hopefully i can still go back to sleep

  15. "i feel desperate when stuck and am willing to do things i normally wouldnt for $2."

    "[i] paid $40 for a massage knowing it was my last chance at $1 a minute rates."

    Tony, I once again offer up my table-side massage services. I normally charge $1.50 per minute; but I'll charge you .75 cents since, in addition to getting to massage you, I'll also learn a shit-ton about poker just sweating you (like picking when's a good spot to shove and how to maintain even keel). Trust me, male on male massage is NOT gay.

    If you'r interested, let me know - you can find me on the other side of them hotel room connecting doors.

  16. I am not a professional dream interpreter (although I did play one on tv), but I believe that your dreams indicate you have acted like an ass and are fearful that you will be held accountable for your actions.

    In the future, treat others as you would like to be treated and you will not have bad dreams. Most people are tolerant of your foolish behavior, you need to be tolerant of those that do not measure up to what you think is correct.

    Be a man for a change and hold yourself responsible for your actions. If you don't you will eventually run into a guy that will and it won't be pretty.

    Good luck,


    PS. This blog sucks. Please comment on why, after a multitude of negative comments on this format, you do not move this to an interactive, user friendly forum? If it is because you are a control freak, relax. As a self professed "professional journalist" you must be prepared to accept criticism.

  17. He is probably earning .50-$1.00 a day on the ads on here and doesn't want to give that up. Thats probably why he will not move this blog, and also so he has control on comments.