Sunday, October 30, 2011

finally a good day for a change.

managed to make it home tonite $180 ahead, rolls back to $10,600. still a long long ways from what it once was, but not too bad compared to the way things used to be, thats quite a lot of money for reno.

and as usual im sitting here on blackchippoker, with a balance of around $250, should try and find a way to cash some out but dont want to wait, need to find someone to sell it to. also need to sell the iphone. i seen an ad on craigslist offering to buy iphones any condition, but im afraid they might offer very little. i did send them an email.

i have no idea who JSR is and what he looks like, but as far as i know he wasnt at the GSR tonite, and thats the only place i really go. and ill be there the same time tonite too.

now i need to know something from any vegas regular planning to spend alot of time at the IP this winter. i have 3 days i cannot get free in NOV and 27 days i can. (i looked at the harrahs reno availabilily calendar by logging in with my players card). im assuming that vegas is the same way for nov and dec as reno is, that is, TONS of free days. now in vegas u can always seem to get 5 free nites in a row, then u must either check out, or pay regular prices for the next 2 nites. (which is how they avoid people living there longterm).

problem is here in reno, i went to book it for nov 5 (when my apt expires) and it would only let me do 3 days free even though the calendar showed the whole month free. more than 3 id be charged. does reno have a policy of only 3 days in a row that i dont know about?? wonder if theres a way to stay long term in reno. do any of u IP regulars see a way? and is it letting any of u stay longer in vegas? i wonder if u had to be OUT how long before u could check back in? i guess i should just take another apt, rent is extra cheap and safe here compared to anywhere else in the country.

am worried ive given this girl the impression im either nuts or very high maintenance will explain later after i talk to her again.

and who wants to buy $200 on BCP for $160 or $150 for $125? u guys really should deposit a bit on here and check it out. sometimes even the $100 sng is running. wish one of u was in reno and would sell the iphone for me.

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