Wednesday, October 5, 2011

found an apt in reno

well i ended up not taking any of those 3 places, took a place a bit closer to the Grand Sierra thats a little nicer, furnished including all utilities, has both an upstairs and a downstairs, and is in a good area and first thing i need to do is call vegas and have my mail sent up to me. paid $1200 including the deposit for a months rent. would be able to take pics soon as i get another iphone. also i met a guy last nite from avp who asked me if i was tony but i cannot remember his avp name. might of have the word bow in it cannot be sure.

and then after i took it, went by the Siena on my way back to harrahs to pack my bags, and won $775 playing BJ. rolls still about $13,800 and of course i still got to look around on craigslist for an iphone, its just getting somewhere to stay was the more important priority. they even allow cats for an additional deposit. and now i can go to a real grocery store and load up the fridge and freezer. been told probably the walmarts the best grocery store within the area.


  1. dude's AVP name is bowwowwow I think....

  2. i dont really remember the name at all but why do u think its him?

  3. also i met a girl at the BJ table in the Siena playing BJ and gave her my facebook name to add me. she said it wouldnt be much fun with me gone playing by herself. earlier before she sat down, another guy was at the table who i could tell from his betting patterns was obv counting the cards.

    Siena has great BJ games, single deck pays 3-2 and u can double ANY 2 unlike most of renos rules. shouldnt that be easily beatable?

  4. Nice step getting semi permanent housing. Hopefully things work out up their for you.

  5. theyre still working hard on getting my apt ready since i moved in without advance notice, fixing the door, going to get a lamp, getting me a mailbox key etc. and they offer wifi but the signal really sucks, they were gonna check on it and the tv isnt gonna be usable til they get something done with the cable tomorrow. if the wifi worked would save me $80 a month.

  6. Tony, I'm glad you've found a bit of stability in a nice place where you feel safe. But be careful of the BJ - as others have tried to tell you, the game is -EV regardless of how favorable the rules might seem.

    It's OK you lost the phone ... I'm not angry or anything - shit happens. Hope you manage to get yourself another one. I have to think prices on pre-owned iPhone 3GS would be coming down with the release of the 4S - keep an eye on Ebay.

    Good luck.


  7. id never use ebay to buy a phone of course, certainly wouldnt want to deal with the worry of one having to wait to be shipped then never coming and hoping my mailbox gets it, id always use craigslist instead and buy LOCAL ONLY. btw i finally got a call back from the place i ended up not taking and my old landlord gave me a good name and they approved my application, so thats good to know for future reference

  8. Goodluck Tony, glad to see you got yourself an apt for at least one month, you should get plenty of quality rest and sleep, you will be more alert at the poker tables not so cranky or short on patience. Anyway good luck hope things work out for you.

  9. Tony you might be able to get one at Walmart at a good price. Now that u aren't relying on comps for housing there's no need to mess with machines.

  10. Interesting that you asked about the cat deposit. You need a cat, Tony. I bet you're great with animals.

    Glad you got something around the GS since there's no NL in downtown. Have you signed up for the GS player card yet? What are the poker comps? Doesn't look like they have anything like a Diamond Lounge though.

  11. i have a lot to post and it will take an hour or 2 before its posted. so give me a little time. and the house is nice and warm maybe i turned the heat up too much, no temp controls u just adjust a switch in each room is all. and zippy at least i wont any money on VBJ at the grand sierra, for it was the ONLY casino in reno that had the big boobed dealers on a big screen as in vegas with the correct payouts, and they got rid of the machine and now NOWHERE IN RENO HAS THEM MACHINES

  12. Tony,

    Remember, the casino is in the business of making money, not giving it away. If the game was beatable in the long run they wouldn't be dealing it.

    Think long and hard before getting a pet. If you decide to move in a few months, how are you going to do so with a pet. Pets are long term commitments, you can't get them by the month like an apartment.

    Stay off the machines, even with big tits, they are -EV.

    Now that you have a place to stay, and soon free wi-fi, take some time and learn how to make this blog more user friendly. It really, really sucks!

    Good luck,


  13. ahhhh, we learn the truth. It's the big-boobed dealers on the big screen in VBJ that's Tony's weakpoint. Well Tony, big-boobed dealers get us all don't they? If some hottie with a low-cut top sits in seat 4 when I'm in seat 1, I get very distracted, so I totally understand.

    Reno's totally different from Vegas so I hope you stay a while and learn all the differences. Even if you don't win long-term, it's a learning experience in life, so hang in there. You already mastered Lyons, and then Vegas, and dabbled in Cali, and now Reno. It'll take some time, but life is all about experiences, and Reno ain't so bad. Take the bus to Tahoe, one of the prettiest places in America.

    When you're on your deathbed, you're going to regret the things you DIDN'T do, not the things you tried and failed at. Do it all, and move on. I'm happy you got an apartment to stay, and it's near the GS. Stick it out a few months, and see what happens. Don't play machines if they don't give you the comps you got in Vegas. At least this place isn't as bad a Siegel Suites in Vegas with the nonlocking door and cockroaches and crackwhores breaking in yelling at you.

    You like machines, I get that. I like drugs & alcohol. But I don't do 'em all the time or I'd be a failure in life, special occasions only. Before you say "ooohhhh, drugs are bad", you've met me, played with me, and I'm not so bad, am I? Everything in moderation, and you'll be okay.