Monday, October 3, 2011

from harrahs

just got a haircut and shave at harrahs reno in the salon, and i paid for it with diamond club $$ for $35 and also a $5 tip in cash. went up the street to the Siena earlier (slightly better BJ rules than most of reno) and won $50 at BJ, almost got stuck about $1000. table BJ of course, single deck, couldnt find a shoe game there which i prefer. too hard the count the cards at a single deck when they watch how u bet and shuffle whenever they feel like it, much easier at a shoe where they have better rules and must wait for the cut card to shuffle on u. am now ready to head on over to the pot of gold. missed yesterdays plo8 event. but today is the half stud half razz at 5pm. still never did get a chance to try out the electronic tables at the silver legacy, wanted to see how they work but the floorman said the game seldom goes except for some tournies during the day sometimes. its the only 50c $1 NL game in reno if it just would go. won about $26 in circus $2-6 last nite. hear the city transit station has moved, am gonna leave my room and look for it now.


  1. Tell us how you would have felt if you had ended up stuck for $1000 and not managed to get unstuck?

  2. Back in Nevada for 10 minutes and already playing BJ huh? This can only end badly.

  3. You PREFER six-deck games? You must be the only one in Nevada. How deep is the penetration in a single-deck game? How many deals per deck? What are the rules for this single deck?

    I went to the Siena when it was still the Holiday about 16 years ago.

    How's the Diamond Lounge in Reno?

  4. Congrats on going back to your old habits, even though I'm sure you played some table bj in cali.

    Btw, I'll be in Vegas on thursday if you end up going back there.

  5. Tony,

    It has started already. Almost losing 1K on blackjack. Why can't you just stick to poker? Are you that much of an action junkie that you just have to play any game? You do not have an advantage at BJ, regardless what you think, although it is better than playing machines.

    Nice to hear that you got a shave and a haircut. Now just remember to shave and shower every time before you leave your room and you might have a shot with a lady.

    You know, just saying you need a new phone in your blog won't make it happen. You got lucky last time that one reader was kind enough to give you a phone. I doubt that this will happen again. Make a decision and buy a damn phone and quit crying about it.

    Still no comment on this format? You have received more criticism about this blog, not content just format, but still remain hard headed. Why?

    Good luck,


  6. lester i think everyone already knows how id felt no need to say. and chad no it didnt end badly. and zippy why wouldnt i? a single deck might only get 35% penetration and they can shuffle anytime u raise the bet unlike a shoe. not been to the diamond lounge yet or know their hours am not around and hungry at them hours. i know hardly anythings open middle of the nite when i do want to eat. Luckmaster i played NO BJ in cali. snevman im not tech smart enough to fix the format and no one ever logged into my blog for me who could set it up and the OD and grouchie dropped out of sight.