Monday, October 31, 2011

home relaxing online.

ended up winning $168 at poker, then went out and blew $80 on 50play VP. by then the game had broken up. and the girl never came over to the casino tonite, the whole casino was pretty much dead.

was getting ready to leave and walking by the BJ tables i seen a guy who was playing poker earlier. (an old man.) now he knew i was counting, but he wouldnt count himself. and he said on the way to the bathroom i probably shouldnt let them know and keep quiet. i knew he wasnt before he told me because he didnt raise his bets at the right times, or play 16vs10 correctly.

anyway, i get ahead over $300 and mention how the decks loaded with nothing but face cards. and a few minutes later the pit boss comes over and tells me to play a different game instead of BJ, craps, VP, just not anymore BJ. at least i got out of there ahead.

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