Monday, October 10, 2011

in bed for the nite, not a bad day

bought in for $63 on a VP machine, listened to Christian songs on utube on my new cell, and eventually left the machine with $65. went into the poker room, no PL08 game today, so i sat at a $1-2 NL table with $65. scott (miamicane) still says i should play $2-5 or some tourneys, he might be right. lost that, and i find it hard to win with such a low stack, and i rebought $100. so i was in for $163, and eventually i left with $163 plus an additional $1 for everyday the US hostages were held in Iran during the Jimmy Carter administration. so i had a pretty good day, rolls back to around $12,400. also this bed and pillows one of the nicest ones ive ever slept in.

seems like most of AVP etc think the merge network is best to play on instead of bodog. at least vook and miamicane. would like to hear what it is u like about it.

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