Tuesday, October 18, 2011

in my apt playing on blackchippoker, oct 18

am sitting here playing $10 DON sngs. and my original $25 deposit is now at $297 since ive received the entire $125 in bonus money now. only thing is ive not given it enough play yet to cash out thats still a little ways off.

ended up winning $92 (after cab ride) at the Grand Sierra and starting today it will be more like a ghost town in there since the pot of gold is over. i was stuck about $200 or so early on (all from poker) and eventually got it back and a profit, but had to do a lot of bluffing. and then once i rivered the nut flush when i needed it and got paid off.

am not sure yet what ill be doing come nov 5 and dont ask cause i dont know.

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