Thursday, October 13, 2011

in my apt playing on blackchippoker

i opened an acct today on blackchippoker. i deposited $25 with a debit bankofamerica card. and used the rakebrain (rakeback site) code of 125BOOST. i was given an instant $25 on the spot, which cannot be used to cashout yet. and there should be $100 more added later. now im wondering im gonna have to show ID before i cashout and my ID is from louisiana although i do not live there. is that gonna create any problems and how do i go about proving im in reno when i dont pay any utility bills? louisiana is one of the 7 states they ban. is pokergrump already signed up?

and of course ill go over to the casino, would go nuts sitting in this room all the way up to nov 5, but definitely cannot afford to renew this apt, getting it was a mistake. and yes ive got to not waste anymore money on them machines i wouldve played better poker yesterday had i not been stuck. im missing out on a slot tourney at circus i was invited to oct 20-22 in which 20 of the 60 people invited get to win $1200, and that kind of bothers me, since the odds are so good. (ev$400)

if i stayed in reno, or went back to vegas, or even probably went to tahoe or laughlin, i could get so many free nites at harrahs in fri and saturdays on my calender this year in nov and dec i really dont need an apt except on a few weekend nites and days they have sonething going on. what i really need to be concerned about right now is making sure i play my best and not waste any money foolishly. i let that AQ vs 28 hand upset me too much but what can i do but get it allin preflop?

i shouldnt have called with the 77 but i was in a hurry to get my money back so i could leave. id already annouced i was only straddling cause it was my last hand, hadnt done so all nite. everyone only called, (3 of us called) and i raised my $5 straddle up to $40. and then one of the callers made it $125 and i shoved cause i didnt want to contribute half, then have to fold on the flop, but flop was 993. of course he had aa. shouldve just folded preflop and never raised the straddle in the first place, then id not been put to a decision.

sat in 1 $20 DON sng with vook and won it. and i keep forgetting to ask the landlord for that mailbox key

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