Saturday, October 15, 2011

in my bedroom

won $160 at the casino and came home. there dont seem to be any 24 hour open kinkos in reno like there are in alot of big cities. still i need to get them docs scanned as quick as possible and i need to be awake during the day to get that mailbox key i never got from the landlord. also i never got around to giving the post office an official change of address nor did i renew my PO box in vegas. although i think i should because i might move back to vegas. i think they still are wondering since they sent me an email reminding me its due for oct as of the 12th. and if i was to try and get a NV id, i dont think theyd accept me, but the first thing id need to do is get me a birth certificate from canada. no one is ever issued an ID without a birth certificate. and i cannot remember if i ever had a NV id in the past, i know i once had an OH id, i dont remember about NV. i didnt have a louisiana id til 2004, when i got it about 2 months after losing an ID at the miami airport and being homeless all that time since i couldnt rent an apartment. (until that one guy in gulfport MS rented me a room in his trailer where i waited to get a copy of my canadian birth certificate) back then the rent was cheap $75 a week, and  id left ac nj winter of 1993 with my last $700 so i wouldnt be homeless in the winter, and slept outside in FL the whole time, til it was april and i went to biloxi with $1300 id grown it to by then. thats about the time i started spending a lot of time in the library on the internet and learned about the net for the first time was down in florida. and i never did hear what happened to the married woman named susan Gibson down in fl who was gonna meet me then later changed her mind.

one funny thing about this apt, if all the linens are supplied and furnished, as is all the kitchen supplies, why isnt there any small size washcloths and dishrags? only a few large towels am wondering if they overlooked that. thats another question i wanna ask all other kitchen supplies, even dishsoap, a closet vacuum etc was supplied.

oh well at least i can hang out in my room on blackchippoker. the $25 i deposited is now at $103, and ive not got near all the bonus yet. and i will need to buy milk, (u cant buy a months supply of that at once) and i feel my month will be up before i eat up nearly all the freezer food and other food, i spent way too much at that grocery store when i stocked up on food.

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