Wednesday, October 5, 2011

in my room at harrahs on my final comped nite

rolls still over $14,200 but it will go down tomorrow of course when i rent a place. looked at 3 apts today in old hi-rise building downtown reno where no one can walk past my window. i made sure i ONLY looked at places which have some units where i can have a bathroom and a kitchen (or at least a fridge and microwave all to myself). so tomorrow before noon i need to rent a place at any of them 3 properties. 2 of them pretty much rent to anyone with the money to pay, without needing a credit check and rental history, 1 place does want that, and they are checking with my old landlord of a year ago in lyons ks to get her opinion of me as a tenant, and i passed the credit check because the only bad credit was old medical bills. guess everything else has gone off after 7 yrs. and the place thats more strict i also showed them a bank statement so they could see my bank account is quite a bit over $10,000. im not 100% sure where i want to stay. one has a complete kitchen but its sure old place and looks old inside the apt. another place is only $400 instead of the $580 for the above one, but its extra tiny room. the final place is the nicest looking and largest room and its $550 but not a complete kitchen all are within about 2-4 blocks of downtown reno casinos. the place thats $400 charges extra if u want all utilities included.

of course all of them charge extra or deny it if u invite a woman over after 10pm. and i almost got stuck $1500 today, ended up $45 ahead due to getting a BJ on a final hand with a $600 plus bet. it all started out from losing $350 at poker, then trying to get even on VP in the hilimit lounge, then the rest from playing BJ.

still need to look around on craigslist for a phone too. and the woman i wanted to see in vegas i never did other than once because i couldnt afford to give her money went to st louis and isnt answering messages and i dont know if shes there to stay or what. she kept asking me last week where in vegas she had to go to take a shuttle in cali because she works in vegas half the time and in la half the time to support her kids. should i rent one of them 3 places tomorrow or should i look around for all the ones on mill av closer to the grand sierra? or should i look for much nicer and more expensive ones so i wont need to someday relocate again to a much nicer place?


  1. In Reno for 24 hours and already you are into the BJ table games and video poker.

    Don't worry about renting an apartment in Reno Tony. I doubt that you will be there long enough before you donk off a huge loss martingaling BJ or VBJ after a lsoing session, and a blow up on the poker table. Then like you do every other time, you will pack your bags and run away to try and find that mythical game where you never lose.

    If you are renting an apartment, why can't you invite whoever you like at what ever time you like to come over and visit you? If some one was putting that kind of restrictions on me if I was trying to rent an apartment off them, I'd tell them to stick their apartment up their ass.

    No point in telling you to simply stick to poker. You have been told hundreds of times before.
    I really had hoped that this time you would hit the magic $15,000, and go on to build your bank balance just playing poker. Oh well, the dream and hope that you would do well was there for a short time.

    This format really sucks Tony. If you changed over to an interactive format, you readership might rise above 29.

  2. as upset as you get over being stuck 1 big blind, i can only imagine how you will feel when you are stuck a month's rent.

  3. This is sooooooo easy Tony! Take each of your options and write them down on a 2x2 inch piece of paper (which place to rent, wait to rent nicer place, etc) and fold them up into nice tight neat little squares and then put them all in your cupped hands and shake them up and then toss them on your bed. You just pick one up and unfold it and go with that as your answer....

  4. If this is the $580 a month rental you are mentioning I really like this place!

    Apartment Living IS Better By the River!!! Located in Downtown Reno's flourishing Riverwalk District, our well-kept historic brick building is surrounded by Theaters, Restaurants, Shops, Wingfield Park and West Street Market. Walk to baseball games and the Rink on the River. FREE Sierra Spirit busline is just steps away. Near-by transportation to Lake Tahoe's renowned ski resorts is available. FREE bus service available throughout downtown and to UNR! Must see to appreciate this one-of-a-kind Reno building!!

    Within minutes of UNR and a quick drive to TMCC. On FREE Sierra Spirit busline-No need to pay for college parking!. A great study envirornment for the serious student. We have a variety of units available for 6-months lease or month to month.

    SAVE $20 per Month when you sign a 6 month lease- (as low as $560 per month)
    All utilities, TVs with expanded cable and WiFi access are included FREE. On-site laundry - Low Deposits

  5. Why rent, when you will be out within two weeks. I;m going to Vegas next week, and i reckon i you will be there before i leave.

  6. This format is the best Tony! Please keep it this way

  7. Why do you want to stay in Reno, instead of going back to Vegas? I don't understand...

  8. Why is it that the only decision you can make on your own is "yeah losing $2k on vbj trying to get unstuck $80 from poker is a great idea, self! You can always win it back!"

  9. vegas dwp of course im sorry i lost ur phone, and reno is far cheaper and far less crime than vegas. the huge new jail means they are incarcerating people left and right instead of releasing everyone. and they have a great poker room at the Grand Sierra. its too inconvenient to get back to vegas from reno anyway if u dont like to fly. i probably will be back in vegas sooner or later. just not now. having 13k in reno is like having 20k in vegas.

  10. "...far less crime than vegas. the huge new jail means they are incarcerating people left and right..."

    that is actually pretty funny

  11. well stack what i mean is they are locking u up for the smallest offenses instead of letting u go early for big offenses like they do in cali.

  12. (Tony states) having 13k in reno is like having 20k in vegas.

    Maybe this would be true if you actually spent money in vegas on rent and other costs of living. You were the queen of comps and had little costs in Vegas.