Friday, October 21, 2011

in my room playing 3 sngs or mtts on blackchippoker.

well i managed to recover a little of the money on BCP, its now up to $155. and will be higher if i place in at least one of these 3 tournies. $10 DON, $20 DON, and the $5 MTT. came home early cause i felt really tired for some odd reason, maybe cause i woke up before 5pm this evening and slept LESS.

i figured id won enough, i bought in for $100 lost it (too hard for me play short stacked for some odd reason) rebought $231 more. never played ANY VP machines. started winning, had to do a little bluffing, had to make some big folds, and have enough sense to leave when i got very tired, although now that im home in bed im not near as tired as i was. i just ended up winning both DON sngs, the MTT is still going on, and my online balance is at $212. better than when it was down to under $80 a day ago once. i am about 65% of the way to being able to cashout the entire balance. remember, thats all off a $25 deposit and i would suggest some of u guys allow me to sign u up so u can get the $125 extra bonus off the $25. and although i still worry i have more groceries than i can eat by nov 5, i do need to buy milk and lunchmeat and snack food. its really nice how they set out a buffet in the GSR poker room at 9.30pm every nite. usually it includes mashed potatoes and sources of meat. means i dont need to make sure im full for the rest of the night before i leave the house. and also allows me to spend my $2 an hour comps for the $1.50 a minute massage which i did a few times.

and i havent put anywhere near enough money in them machines for a big mailer, remember i only bet the $125 a hand on the last and final bet. (when u martingale a VP machine) u almost never bet the max, alot of bets are the min. i did finally get around to renewing my PO box in vegas because i feel like theres a chance i might be back.

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