Sunday, October 16, 2011

in my room playing a tourney on blackchippoker--plo8 $11 rebuy

there were 98 entrants, and now its down to 25 left, and im still in 6th place, top 9 get paid $80 up to $969. probably the best PLO8 tourney on the web for american players with rebuys. i only wish id had this kind of bankroll to invest online back in the days online poker was legal and available on the really big sites. but most of my life, i was very poor with a roll of $2500-5000. and i fear i wont stay over 10,000 long, im only at 11,000 and the only way ill keep it over 11,000 is to play almost nothing except for very tiny buyins and to give up my apt. i may have to return to vegas, and play nothing but 50c-1 NL at bills and live mostly at the IP year round to protect myself. if i cannot lose more than $300 a day i wont ever go broke or get down too low.

had a small win at the Grand Sierra last nite but only $45. i did win about $300 on VP machines or i wouldve been down a lot. and im disappointed scott didnt do good in todays tourney. even he cant figure out how to use my camera phone.

am quite pissed i cannot figure out how to open the garbage bags in the kitchen, i need to open one to put trash in it and i cannot figure out how it opens, and dont know what to do. also it looks like the pizza i bought is NOT microwaveable, and ill need to use the oven. and since everything else is furnished, i think they just forgot the dishwags and washcloths. they included all kinds of other towels, dishes and silverware, even a pizza pan. and i dont know how to use the dishwasher either, never used one. thats why i need a gf whod be willing to stay here with me.

now for the good news. blackchippoker has accepted my verification documents. and also i was told by a reno regular some good news about the atlantis, where i got banned at before years ago by the lady running the room. he said they got much better games than the Grand Sierra when the pot of gold isnt in town, and they have brand new poker management as of a year or so ago. he said he was banned too back in 2006 and his ban was lifted. actually what he said to me was the new manager was looking at the ban book, and said "wow we have 165 locals banned who cant play here" and threw out the entire ban book and started over from scratch. hes from tahoe and wouldnt know me from a previous room.

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  1. hey thats what some of these rooms in vegas need to do. cant believe i didnt manage this money better, and had i not taken such an overpriced apt, id been far more inclined to keep it. oh well i wont make them mistakes again. and i shouldve always been buying in $250 or $300 at $1-2 or $1-3